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Hi friends, i have two questions,

1.- I try change the currencies symbol for Guatemala, the correct symbol is “Q” but the theme chance for de “q”. 2.- I need translate the search form, exactly the word “Make” “Year” “Model”, etc, and i need translate the result, can you help me?

Really i need translate all the theme, please is urgent.

Thank you, we already received your request through our support system and will answer in up to 12 hours.

Is it possible to update the visual composer plugin? Current: 4.4.2 Latest: 4.5.1

There are quite a few bug issues fixed since current installed version.

Yes, we are working on theme update and it will be released in the nearest time. Thank you for using our theme!

Good night can you please respond to my ticket i send you you guys.

This is the 3 time i submitted it and still i received no email. I would like a refund please. This them is not working for me and you support system does not work. i’m fedup.

OK i did did what you suggested and i added mstring or what ever its called to the server. Thanks for the help.

We are happy ho help our customers. Sorry for the inconvenience you had with our support system.

Good Day can i get the last listing to show up in grid format instead of the vertical scroll? Like 24 listings in the home page with the button to go to the next page and so on.

Hi, cooltrini!

First of all, please use our support system http://winterjuice.com/support/?envato_item_id=6745337 instead of creating numerous messages here.

Secondly, I can’t understand what exactly listing are you talking about. Please specify the link.

Thirdly, all our “long” listings (like http://autodealer.winterjuice.com/catalog/) have pagination with “View on page:” control, which can be decreased or increased according to your expectations of the page length.

Thank you!

A ticket was sent, please when you have time take a look.

Their is also a bug in the promote payment feature, its even present in you demo, when you try to go to make a payment its saying

Array ( [TIMESTAMP] => 2015%2d05%2d25T03%3a10%3a09Z [CORRELATIONID] => 3213ee5873470 [ACK] => Failure [VERSION] => 112 [BUILD] => 16751317 [L_ERRORCODE0] => 10002 [L_SHORTMESSAGE0] => Security%20error [L_LONGMESSAGE0] => Security%20header%20is%20not%20valid [L_SEVERITYCODE0] => Error )

Also why is their not a payment method for when someone is listing a vehicle.

1) expire listings after XXX days (they are set to DRAFT, and only after new payment they are set as PUBLISHED)

2) make optional “pay by car” or “pay per subscription”

Thank you, we will check ASAP.

Dear cooltrini, we have checked all your points.

1) “Their is also a bug in the promote payment feature…” – yes, sorry for that, we are struggling with this bug and it will be fixed in the nearest release.

2) “Also why is their not a payment method for when someone is listing a vehicle.” adding such kind of a paid services is not an easy trick. Most likely, business with such advanced monetization policy a) will be rare b) will have an ability to pay for customization.

1) “expire listings after XXX days” – please clarify what are you talking about.

2) “make optional “pay by car” or “pay per subscription”” – please provide us a more detailed description of functionality and we will think about a possibility to include them into future releases.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Just a pre-sales question: Is the template translation ready—can we edit .po files to translate parts of the interface to make it more adapted to local South African conditions?

Regards Francois Wessels

Dear franwess, thank you for your interest to our theme!

1) It’s unable to translate the theme by editing *.po files. You need 3-rd party plugins (wpml, xili) to do this. 2) Unfortunately, we don’t support ranges. Maybe we will add them in the next releases.

Winterjuice support team

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply—if a look at this screenshot what is the functionality regarding price indicated here?


Kind regards @franwess

Dear franwess,

2 input fields for the price are minimum and maximum price for filtration.

Thank you for your question

Good night again, i’m looking back at all the comments and i’m seeing alot of customers asking for some feature request which should actually be in the script. What i noticed is that alot of these request we like a 8 months to a year ago and you kept on saying it on my to do list. Can you really say when features are you planing to implement instead of this guessing game and also the payment feature is in beta and has not changed or upgraded for months now. I’m quite frighten of the fact that i’ve bought another theme where the owners fail to update their themes on a timely manner.

Sorry, but right now we can’t specify any exact deadlines.

About payment feature – we ha found the solution, but we need 2-3 days to release the update.

Some users cannot register even when its set to board, when they fill out the registration form and click register nothing happens, Whats up with this?

Dear cooltrini, our support system works and we receive some number of tickets every day. Unfortunately, I still didn’t get a new request from you.

I just now again tried 2 times using to different emails and still nothing.

One of these tryouts was successful and we replied you.

Hi WJ Team, is it possible to create for me a PHP code or even better a shortcode that will return the number of published cars in the catalog by brand. I want to make a list with the brand logo and number of available cars next to it. For Example
AUDI LOGO – 5 cars available
VW LOGO – 15 cars available

I tried to look and modify the get_cars_count function but it’s too complicated because of all the parameters.

Hi Office Express,

Unfortunately, we have very limited capacity of web-developers right now and I’m not sure, if we can perform this customization for you during the nearest future.

Then, can you please just tell me which is the function that returns the number of cars in the catalog. For example on your demo http://autodealer.winterjuice.com/catalog/bmw we can see Cars (21 results). Which function returns 21? Thanks

Please register the support ticket and we will help you to do it. This conversation is too big for Envato comments.

Thank you.

Pre-Sales Question: Will the user be able to enter in a Vin number and have all the other information automatically populated into a listing?

My client doesn’t want to have to manually enter each of the items by make, model, and year.

i.e. If I enter VIN# 45676451, it will automatically know that the car is a 2006 Grand Jeep Cherokee and fill in those fields on the form.

Unfortunately, our template doesn’t have such function. If you will find template for ~USD 50, able to do this – please let us know, we will buy it and investigate how it works :)

can your script be customized to this or already support 1. User login before getting access to the site 2. Only administrator can add cars , no agents. 3. I want to be the only one to sell cars on the site so user register for free before accessing the site 4. User can add cars to favorite to be viewed later 5. A search bar like the size of google search so that example user just type toyota and it brings only vehicles by name toyota

No, seems like our template can’t cover points 1,3,4,5. For sure, it can be customized to satisfy your needs, but customization can be expensive and time-consuming.

Dear customers, we had released

Auto Dealer Version 2.1

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.2.2
  • Visual Composer updated to version 4.5.2
  • Implemented better WPML support.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added WPML Auto Dealer language switcher widget.
  • Added new widget area (sidebar) aside copyright text. We suggest use it for adding WPML language bar by Auto Dealer.
  • Fixed WPML issues.
  • Fixed WPML relations.
  • Fixed WPML translation 404 error.
  • Fixed WPML catalogue trnslation page redirects.
  • Fixed WPML language bar with new widget.
  • Fixed minor WPML issues.
  • Fixed minor translation issues.
  • Fixed installation module for some platforms.
  • Fixed core model.
  • Fixed update model.
  • Fixed PayPal unexpected stop issues.
  • Reduced memory usage for PayPal.
  • Fixed issue #3522 related to theme search engine
  • Fixed issue #3522 related to ajax calls in catalog for manufacturers (makes)
  • Implemented minor fixes

Hope you will enjoy it!

Sincerely yours, Winrejuice team

Hi Winterjuice! How can I create a child theme of WJ-Autodealer? With the known procedure it does not work!

Thank you

Hi theovillas,

Unfortunately, Autodealer doesn’t support such functionality as the child theme. Sorry, if this caused some inconvenience to you.

Hope you will enjoy using our theme!

Winterjuice support team

WJ, after update image upload when adding new car, does not work for me. I checked permission for usr_data and it’s ok, set to full read and write access. Can you please help.

Thank you for notification. We will check this and come back ASAP.

Dear customer,

We have checked everything on our test server and can not reproduce this problem. So we need more details from you.

1) Please let’s move our conversation to our support system http://winterjuice.com/support/?envato_item_id=6745337 . Please specify “Issue #3709 details” in the subject.

2) Please provide us an access to your WP admin panel in the ticket so we can check the problem on your server.

Thank you in advance,

Winterjuice support team

Has translated into Portuguese in Brazil

If it is a question, then the answer is no – we don’t have ready Portuguese translation. But you can use translation plugin (like WPML, XILI etc.).

If it is a statement – cool, you are the first, who have done it! :)

This theme have a ads section?

Thank you for the question. We don’t have a separate section for ads. But our users usually easily finds the proper place on the page to place it.

Hey can this template be modified such that only dealers log in or must register when listing a vehicle, but any other seller just list a vehicle directly by pressing the list button and then directed to adding vehicle form.,.just like auto car dealer template Html “i want to sell car” button

1) Users also can add cars.

2) Let us check.

3) If by”contents used in display” you mean “images used in the demo” the answer is no. Anybody can add content to the demo page. And, of course, you will not get it. But you will receive enough cars with images by importing demo data (included in the theme pack).

Thank you for your questions!

About 404 error. You were right, it was the bug in this component. We had fixed it.

Thank you! :)

thanks…so when importing demo data and cars images will i pay for them again after purchasing the theme?....how can i make an order through moneybookers?

Can you provide WordPress module/Plugin from this page (Sell your vehicle option) http://winterjuice.com/html/autodealer/07_add.html ??

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we don’t understand what exactly do you expect from us. We don’t how we can cut this functionality from our theme because t is tightly interconnected with other parts. Can you please describe us in few sentences how do you see the result?

Sincerely yours,

Winterjuice team.

Thanks for reply pls refer

The chosen one, but doesn’t have the sell option. http://themeforest.net/item/automotive-car-dealership-business-html-template/8030193 Note it : (Imprtent page is ) http://demo.themesuite.com/automotive-wp/?page_id=179 Unfortunately, It has the sell option in your templates. so I’d to insert to my chosen one .please suggest me http://themeforest.net/item/auto-dealer-car-dealer-html-template/full_screen_preview/5342910?ref=wpfreeware&ref=wpfreeware&clickthrough_id=464394095&redirect_back=true

my requirement is i need tab : Buy /Sell for example : www.autolanka.com

Sorry, but we do not customize templates made by other authors. It’s better for you to ask this question in http://themeforest.net/item/automotive-car-dealership-business-html-template/8030193/comments if the author can customize his template.