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quick one for the WP version when its launched. when adding vehicle stock to the database can one enter it via the car’s UK registration mark so the system automatically populates the car technical data or is a plugin needed for this?


You would have to customize this feature, it is not included (at this point) out of the box. If there is a public API or something for it and you feel it would be beneficial to a lot of users, feel free to send us an email to sales@themesuite.com with a Feature Request and our developers will have a look at possibly adding it. I can tell you it won’t be in the initial release (which should be available any time now)

Thanks! :)

what i mean is Vehicle Registration Mark lookups for UK registered vehicles.


Please see our other response :) Thanks!

When can we expect the WordPress version to be available?


Yes, it is fully functional right out of the box. It’s also worth mentioning that it is fully customizable, so you can rename categories and filters to whatever you want. :)


Is it a once off payment? Do you have any idea as to when this will be available for purchase? I am very excited


Yes it will be a one-time payment. It could be anytime, we have no control over when TF accepts it unfortunately. We do have the product number etc, so we know it will be accepted, but it’s just a matter of when (if they dream up anything else they want changed) :)

I need the Automotive Wordpress Theme but it say that it is no longer available. Can you help me?


It’s not that it’s no longer available, it just hasn’t been released by ThemeForest yet. That is the URL it will be located at, the item # is setup in their system now, we just need to wait for them to release it to the public. Thanks!


Thanks, We await with interest :)

Hi, I have purchased your theme but i am getting error on various pages. http://newworldroofing.ca/about.html [an error occurred while processing this directive] , Please look into this and let me know the solution thanks

Thanks for your purchase, but the link you provided isn’t our template :)


You don’t have the permissions set properly on your web host for those directories/files. Set the files to 644 and the folders to 755 and the problem will go away.

Thanks! :)

Any updates with the WP version?


8th revision is ‘Queued for Review’.

Do you have a feature breakdown for the wp version?

  • Fully Responsive Framework – mobile optimized, built using the latest Bootstrap 3 technology
  • Automotive Listings – easy to add, edit, and remove as your inventory changes
  • Filterable Inventory – listings are all filterable & sortable through fully customizable categories
  • Customized Contact Forms with Recaptcha – we have built-in multiple customizable forms
  • Multi Vehicle Comparison – side-by-side comparison of 2, 3, or 4 vehicles at a time
  • Similar Vehicles – includes a customized widget for displaying similar listings
  • Pre-Built Visual Composer Page Layouts – tons of pages for the ultimate design flexibility
  • Animated Multi-Tier Sticky Header – fully functional header with great scroll animation
  • W3C Validated & SEO Optimized HTML5 Code – 100% error-free optimized coding
  • Boxed, Boxed Margin, & Full Layouts – includes wide, boxed, & boxed margin layouts
  • jQuery Inventory Layouts – end-users can switch views of vehicle listings on the fly
  • Finance Calculator – includes an integrated loan calculator to calculate payments
  • Unlimited Color Schemes – millions of unique color schemes to ensure flexibility
  • Social Sharing Integrated – increase your customer engagement with ease
  • Printable Brochures for Inventory Listings – one click PDF page creation
  • Simple & Semantic – easy to understand semantic classes, descriptive blocks, and hierarchy
  • Easy to Customize – customization is a breeze with beautiful code indentation & commenting
  • Dedicated Support Website – we are here to help, simply visit our dedicated support page
  • Extensive Documentation – easy full coverage manual and step-by-step instruction guide
  • Retina Display Support – ready to serve up high-resolution images to Apple Retina Displays
  • SEO Enhanced – proper implementation of the new markup language and code structure
  • 32 Photoshop PSD’s Included – includes the actual source PSD files used in creating
  • Visual Composer Included – you will save $28 on the drag & drop page builder plugin
  • Slider Revolution Included – you will save $18 on the best-selling responsive slider
  • Fully WooCommerce Compatible – add eCommerce functionality easily with this plugin
  • 100% WPML Multilingual Plugin Ready – fully tested and certified by the WPML team
  • PO Language File Included – theme is completely setup with translation strings
  • 6 Masonry Gallery Layouts – for images, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, and iFrame external sites
  • Google Maps Integration – for Contact pages, Inventory Listings and more
  • Lifetime Free Updates – includes unlimited free updates for the life of the product
Edmunds provides a great API for pulling VIN #’s in the USA. http://developer.edmunds.com If you guys could add this to populate the vehicle details that would be amazing!

If this feature could be added you would definitely have a purchase from me. We recently purchased a word press theme for our car lot. Not as beautiful as this design but the VIN lookup of the other theme was the ultimate decision maker.


Yes, we are definitely looking into adding it. We are just in the middle of building a custom CSV import module so people can import from CSV’s, once we finish that we will look into it further (hopefully over the next couple of days). Thanks! :)

Leyte Purchased

What changes are needed to replace the text logo with an image logo so the logo position is maintained and the size responsive?



Before: <a class="”navbar-brand”" href="”index.html”"> <span class="”logo”"> <span class="”primary_text”">Automotive</span> <span class="”secondary_text”">Template</span> </span> </a>

After: <a class="”navbar-brand”" href="”index.html”"> <span class="”logo”"> <img src="”logo.png”" /> </span> </a>

You may also need to adjust the padding depending on the size of you logo… if you are unsure how to do this just open a Support Ticket with a link to your website and we can assist you further with it :)

Can I refund this one thought it was the Wordpress one cortez in Chicago I bought both HTML and Wordpress just need the wordpress


When you purchase a theme off of an author, you are really purchasing it off Envato, and Envato pays the author a commission on the sale. You will need to submit a request to Envato, we have no way of providing refunds, because we don’t actually receive any of your money for 4-6 weeks. Sorry we couldn’t help you with this, it would be nice if they gave us the option to provide refunds! :)


We’ve purchased the template and found some of the images pointing to another domain, e.g. http://demo.themesuite.com/automotive/images/slide-show1.jpg May I ask if those images are free license for use?

Did you use another account to purchase? We don’t show your username ‘martinwong’ as having purchased any of our products… To answer your question, no, any images linked to our website demo are only there for placeholders. It is assumed you will replace these images with your own. Thanks! :)


Yes we have another account for team purchase. Thank you for your reply!


I am trying to get the forms to work, but it’s not. I got the captcha setup correctly, edit the contact_process.php file, but it’s not firering any of the forms. Can you let me know whats wrong, please check this link for exemple: http://bezalelmedia.com/clients/utr/hino-serie-155-2015.php



You need to edit the ajax_form.php for these forms. The contact_process.php is for the Contact page. :)


Excellent, thank you !! The ajax file I was missing. thanks again.

My site was up and running without any issue. But when i tried to change the header image of Inventory page, the whole page went blank .. I tried removing the header image and nothing works now …


and the other issue is I want to get rid of this … “Plus Taxes & Licensing” in listin page http://prntscr.com/5egkv8

Help me asap …

thank u so much ….


You posted this comment on the HTML Template page, but did you purchase the WordPress version? (It says you haven’t purchased the HTML Template). If you are using the WordPress version it affects my answer to your Plus Taxes & Licensing question… you can just change it under Listing Options > Automotive Settings. If it’s HTML, obviously you can just delete the text :) Regarding your header image problem, are you sure you don’t have any open tags? Have you validated the page to make sure? That is sort of what it seems like to me but without seeing the page it is impossible to say. If you could open a Support Ticket with your website information we would be happy to look at it for you!


Actually im using the wordpress theme and i checked Automotive listings… could not find anything to get rid of that Tax thing …


Are you using the latest version of the theme? We only added this feature a couple of releases ago.. :)

Pre-Sales Question

I have checked both the WP and html version of this theme and while I like it, I am very concerned about the load time of all of the pages. For many seconds all I see is the top loading bar.

Is there a reason your demos are so slow?


Any chance you could provide us with the Operating System and Browser version you are using? We have tried to replicate this issue but so far have not been able to… if you have any other information that would be helpful! Thanks :)


Most recent version of Chrome on Win 7.


Super, thank you for the information! :)

I am trying to figure out your inventory control management. I am looking at the inventory listing file but there seems to be no php form correlation to the “search our inventory” drop down tables on the main index html? am I missing something here?


You purchased the HTML Template (which is just an HTML template that is designed to be custom integrated into your existing database). If you want an out-of-the-box solution with a database you need to purchase the Automotive WordPress Version :)

6ixgun Purchased

Hi, sorry I tried to open a ticket on the Envato support system that process was completely worthless…

Do you know how to fix or prevent the “testimonials” slider from jumping around ? If we change any of the text in the pre-filled testimonials sliders on any page – it goes into an error mode – where the content does not scroll smoothly – but rather repeats itself instead of displaying correctly. Is there are fixed # of characters the testimonials must have in order to display right ? This is very frustrating as it we cannot go live with our site until this is fixed It seems that this is a common jQuery plugin problem because I’ve seen this error on other templates as well.

Any help you can provide would be great – if you need a like to see the problem let me know. Thanks !


Hi 6ixgun,

Our Support Page is located at http://support.themesuite.com – if you could open a ticket with your website URL that would be super, we would be happy to have a look at it for you. It’s hard to know what the problem is without seeing it, as you say it is likely something simple but off hand I’m not sure. Thanks! :)

Ludatha Purchased

Great theme, only major issue I have is my site has many forms, not just the contact form, and I had to strip out all the form css to get them displaying properly, and labels seem to have checkboxes on them?


You are welcome to open a Support Ticket with your website details if you would like us to have a look at this for you. :) Thanks!

xerracol Purchased

Dear author, Im having problems with the recaptcha ajax forms… it always said: The reCAPTCHA wasn’t entered correctly. Go back and try it again

I’ve tried everything… can you please help me…


Please open a Support Ticket – http://support.themesuite.com with your website details. Thanks :)

xerracol Purchased

Done… I just send a ticket… But if you see, there is the same issue in the demo version.



Thanks, we will get this updated! :)

Images not showing up on mobile devices. (Try to browse with Tablet or phones browsers.)

Any suggest for quick fix ?



Without looking at it it’s really hard to say, we haven’t run into this before. Could you open up a Support Ticket with your website details so we can have a look at it for you? Thanks! :)


Please open this demo template with mobile devices (tablet browser, phone prowser) and you will see car images will not show up. Here is the screenshots of your template with my mobile browser please see the images.

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=minf9w&s=8 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2qx9dn6&s=8 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=eg9vr5&s=8

Thanks for pointing this out! The Retina script needed to be updated, it is working properly now if you want to try it again. Thanks! :)