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Hello. After upgrading missing tabs portfolio and listings as to restore them ?

Please open a Support Ticket with your website details so we can have a look at this for you. Thanks :)

Hi, I duplicated the map on the ‘Contact’ section underneath the original one, but I can’t make it visible, only the first map can be seen. What could I be doing wrong?

Hmmm, not sure off hand. If you want to open a Support Ticket we would be happy to have a look at it for you!


hsur Purchased

Hi! I’m having trouble with making the search system work (the one on the home), I couldn’t find any information about it on the ‘Documentation.url’ file. Is there any guide to make this tool work?

Oh sorry I didn’t notice this was for the HTML template! The HTML template is just that (plain HTML/CSS), you can use it however you want, but it’s just code and CSS styling to be integrated with whatever sort of backend database you already have. The WordPress version is fully functional out of the box as it has its own database. Sorry for the confusion, I should have noticed that before! And to answer your other question, yes, Visual Composer and the shortcodes are only for WordPress


hsur Purchased

Hmm… Then I may have made a mistake with getting the HTML version…Is there any chance to get the WordPress version with a discount by having purchased the HTML one? Like paying the difference, or something like that? And, by using the WordPress version, is it possible to host the website in my own server or it has to be done differently?

You would have to contact Envato about the credit towards the other product, they sell the products for us and just pay us a commission 4-6 weeks after the sale (we still have quite a while before we receive any of your money).

Regarding the hosting, you should still be able to host it on your server, but if you have any issues we do offer a 50% discount on optimized-hosting for all of our theme customers, you can contact us at if you are interested. Thanks! :)

Hi, I’ve been having a bit of an issue with the contact form, I uploaded the contact_process.php file to my hosting but when I try to send I get the ‘Could not send mail! Sorry..’ message… What could be missing?

This is quite possibly and issue with your hosting mail function. If you would like us to have a look at it please open a Support Ticket with your website details and we can look at it for you. Thanks! :)


I am interested in the Wordpress version. Why is it not available anymore?

There was a security vulnerability in Visual Composer that needed to be updated so any themes that included Visual Composer got temporarily disabled. We had actually previously updated it, however there is a ‘Compatible with’ flag that wasn’t set correctly so it got disabled. It has been resubmitted and is in the queue to be re-approved (should be available again shortly). Sorry for any inconvenience!

Good to know it will be available again. I bought your HTML template, I hope to get an option to upgrade to wordpress version when it gets back, else no worries.

Sounds good, shouldn’t be much longer :)

Hi , i want to buy wp edition of this theme. But wordpress pages not opening.Please help.

It’s still in the ThemeForest queue to be re-approved, all the themes that included Visual Composer got pulled offline due to a security issue. We had already updated it prior to them doing this, but they still pulled it offline. Waiting for it to be posted back online…. should be shortly, we have been waiting 6 hours already! Hopefully very shortly…


runtim Purchased

Print view is totally broke for individual listing view.

We are working on a fix for this, I’m not sure what changed right off hand because it did work before. We should have it fixed shortly. We did receive your support ticket and we will follow up with you there with the solution as soon as we are able to get it fixed. Thanks for pointing this out! :)


Can you tell me how can I translate those following text :

I am using WPML and Poedit, but so far I didn’t find where can I access to this kind of contents.

Thanks a lot


Hi Jeremy – I assume you are using the WordPress version, not the HTML Template where you posted this comment? To translate the listing categories you can by going to Listings > Listing Categories and changing the admin language using the top admin bar. :)


darakk Purchased

There is a serious problem with contact_progress.php script. Template to avoid

We are happy to assist you in resolving the customization issues you are having via your support ticket, however so that we do not confuse other potential customers, it is only fair to clarify that the contact_progress.php script does work perfectly out of the box.

For anyone else reading these comments, the customer has customized the script and this has caused the ‘serious problem’ he is referring to.


runtim Purchased

Please fix the print view for the pricing tables.

I just tested it and It prints fine for me on paper and in PDF format. If you want to open a Support Ticket with a screenshot of what is happening when you print we would be happy to assist you further. Thanks! :)

i bought the theme, i find lots of nice pics on it ,can i directly use your pic online?

No, as with any theme or template the photography is not included in the purchase price. Thanks for your purchase, and the question! :)

Hi, I have installed the slider revolution, But how can I import the template of the slider included in the Html file.

You are using the HTML Template, correct? If so then you don’t import slider templates, you just copy and paste the HTML code :)

This is a great theme, but the forms do not work at all. The label css renders the form useless. Do you have a fix for this please?

We sent you the CSS to fix this in your support ticket :) Please let us know if this fixes it!

Thankyou for the fix, and for the super fast response!


can you help me out why my contact form is not working properly ?

Thank you.

Hi alliedko,

There really isn’t any specific email settings for these contact forms, it should just automatically send mail to the email address you have set under Settings > General > Email Address.

There is a whole bunch of reasons WordPress may not be sending mail (none of which are any fault of the Automotive theme or plugin), but here is a few things to check:

1.) Check that you have your WordPress email address set under Settings > General > Email Address

2.) Check to see if WordPress send email through your web server (Try the ‘Forgot your password’ link on /wp-admin/

3.) Some hosting providers require special settings to be applied to your WordPress installation in order to send emails from WordPress. You may need to contact your hosting provider and work with them to ensure emails are being sent correctly from your WordPress installation. Some hosts don’t support PHP’s mail function. They often claim it’s to reduce spam since the PHP mail() function can be used to send email defining the from address as whatever you want without having to authenticate. You should be able to get confirmation from your hosting provider that php mail() is functioning correctly from your hosting account.

4.) If your hosting provider does not support wp_mail and the standard PHP mail() function, you can try to configure email sending from WordPress using SMTP (another type of mail service).

5.) Ensure Proper Return Address is Used: The From: address used in the Mail section of the CF7 interface can be important in determining if an email is able to be sent via the CF7 plugin. Some hosting requires that any emails being sent via WordPress are from a valid email address on your local domain.

6.) Check to make sure it is not going to spam.. Emails can be considered spam for a whole host of reasons and get rejected at many points in the email process in addition to your spam folder.

7.) Disable any additional plugins and test it again to ensure there are no conflicts.


i wonder why my listing is not working properly. When I sort by models car and im going to set jaguar then shows models and i go XJ its showing also XK.

Here you can see:|ASC

Thank you

It is likely something in the terms with the shortcode settings. If you want to open a Support Ticket we would be happy to have a look at it for you. Thanks! :)

hello i wanted to know how can i configure my automatic feed in this theme.

You would need the WordPress version to import it, there is no software or functionality associated with the HTML version…

thank you is that possible i can convert this version into Wordpress version?

Unfortunately we don’t receive any of your money for a about 90 days, and even then it is just a commission on the sale of the product (not the full amount). You would have to talk to Envato and see if they would grant you a refund or pro-rate the cost of the WordPress version (we don’t have any ability to do this for you). Here’s a link to the form you would need to fill out:

The contact form is working perfectly for me, but when I get an email from a customer the address is much longer including “reply-to” and i cannot reply to it. Instead I have to manually type the text into a new email. Is there a way around this?

I’m trying to visualize what you are seeing but I’m not quite understanding what it could be. Would you be able to open a Support Ticket and attach a screenshot so we can better advise you on this? Thanks! :)

The contact form is working perfectly for me, but when I get an email from a customer the address is much longer including “reply-to” and i cannot reply to it. Instead I have to manually type the text into a new email. Is there a way around this?

I’m trying to visualize what you are seeing but I’m not quite understanding what it could be. Would you be able to open a Support Ticket and attach a screenshot so we can better advise you on this? Thanks! :)

I’m looking for this ways. I hope this can be Good for me. I will Try it.

Sounds good, thanks for your interest :)

I have all the content uploaded and all green checks next to the requirements, however when i hit upload it does not get pass step one and then when i reload the page it says that 1.xml is missing. When you re upload the files it just does it again i have done it 5 times.

Please refer to this knowledgebase item: Some servers aren’t powerful enough to use the demo content installer and you may need to install the demo content manually. You will need to re-upload that file for the demo content as described in the above knowledgebase item.