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Hi, I don’t find how to don’t show the price twice in a car page, I mean, when I select a car, I see the price at the top, at the right of the car name, and in the list under the price. How can I take it from there. I’ve been looking in the listing categories section but I found nothing. Thanks

There is no real easy way to do this, that’s just the way it works. You could do some customization to remove it if it is a problem for you. Thanks :)

ok, thank you. Great template


zeharom Purchased

Okay. I am CEO an other company… you know my pocket have money…. i choice your products…. coin other side: If i received money in my life in my life from my costumers iam frendly frendly dear dear dear….. and all question try reply because i dont want lost my rich costumer… This is normal i think. I dont want diturb you. just i dont know stoped animation or dont working good. Other words your template is wrong…. i paid but dont working. Android 40% Iphone 60% the mobile population…. you need try before seel template this is my opinion…OR you need sign ATTENTION!!!! IPONE or IPAD dont working animation!!! Please dont send me order… we dont want seel template…. I feel cheated. but this is my problem…. I like your templates, nice dessign five stars…. Just unfortunetly having lot bug…. Yo need use an android and iphone because necessery….

Thank you for your comments, if you are experiencing a specific problem please send us this detailed information via Support Ticket along with your website details and a proper description of the problem so we can have a look at it for you. We have tested it on iPhones/iPads/Android and it works fine, so if you are having a specific problem please let us know and we would be happy to help you. The comments page on ThemeForest is not our Support Forum.

Please keep in mind that customization requests are not problems. If setting up the website is too technical, you may be more comfortable hiring a freelancer to assist you.


zazamuk Purchased

When inserting a youtube iframe embedded video in the flexslider, the height of the video is not responsive.

To make the height of the video responsive you will need to wrap the iframe tag in a div with the class video_container and then you’ll need to add this CSS to a stylesheet used on the page:
.flexslider .slides li .video_container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 25px; height: 0; } .flexslider .slides li .video_container iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }


vlad_gb Purchased

Dear support,

Thank you for the theme.

I have just bought the theme, but unfortunatelly i have a problem with the rev slider. It’s just not starting at all. I have updated all the css & js libraries, merged all the links but it won’t work.

You can take a look, in order to get an image:

Can you please tell me what should i do? Or maybe if i can write you a mail on the support mail address.

Best regards,

Looks like you got it working? (It is working on my end) :) If you are still having an issue please open a Support Ticket and we would be happy to look at it for you. Thanks! :)

Hi there! Great theme, but index-footer-2.html contents: <section class=”content”> <footer> </section> </footer> Can you correct it and send me the new version of the file?

Thanks for pointing this out, we have fixed it and are updating it on ThemeForest today. :)

This actually only affected our demo site, the customer HTML is not affected if you download the latest version. You can open a Support Ticket with your website details and we would be happy to have a look at your copy :) Thanks!


NubCake Purchased

The latest update appears to have broken the images, could you fix these please? Examples:Car, Slide Dynamic Header, etc


NubCake Purchased

Much appreciated :)

This has been fixed, thanks for pointing this out!


seekat Purchased

Hi, great theme. I bought the html theme, and i donĀ“t know how make that the contact form works. In the documentation only tell: “open up contact_process.php and change the variable $to_Email to equal your email.” But it don’t work. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

Please open a Support Ticket with temporary FTP details to your website so we can have a look at this for you. Thanks! :)

The support really works great and they have reviewed my website on the same day that i open the ticket. They have given the answer immediately. It was my fault, I deleted the php that made it work. But still, they have helped me solve the problem. Sorry, and thanks a lot.

No problem! :)

Menu Link loads 2 times on iPhone, safari browser. Please refer below mentioned link for the reference.

Also, I have noticed the same issue in your template too.


Please open a Support Ticket with your website details and a link to this video so we can have a look at this for you. Thanks! :)

Excellent and Awesome Customer Support!!! Thanks very much… I recommend themesuite to everybody!

Thanks for the kind words! :)

RECENT VEHICLES when you click on arrow left and right after a few times , it get suck , it does not work anymore

Haven’t run into this before off hand. Please open a Support Ticket with your website details so we can have a look at this for you. Thanks! :)

My website is still in development environment. If you click a few times on the left or right arrow when there is no more contents to slide over , it gets stuck .If you click back it does not slider back anymore

Hopefully you can appreciate that it is very difficult to narrow down a problem that you have never run into before, on a website that you can’t look at to do any troubleshooting.

If you are using the latest version of the theme and the latest version of the plugin then you can be fairly confident that it isn’t a problem with our theme or plugin. We are happy to help you narrow down the problem, but it is next to impossible to do without seeing the website that is exhibiting the problem.

Quite possibly the problem is with your development environment.

Hi! Still great theme) How to make the sidebar in the blog-post.html to be on the right (not left) side. Is it ok just to use the classes of page-sidebar.html? Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words! That should work, but if not you are welcome to open a support ticket at – Thanks! :)

I have lost my password to login in your support panel. Have try to reset password but don’t get any mail with any reset link. Have try to register with another username, it fail with error.. Please advise how i may login back to your support panel.

thanks, i manage to solve my issue.. ;)

Sounds good kaajal, glad you figured it out :)


xerracol Purchased

Greate theme, keep up the good work. Regards from Colombia

Thank you :)


xerracol Purchased

Dear author, there is an small glitch while you load the homepage, and the slider images are all show… Please see this capture from the demo page:

Can this be solved?

This is likely due to a slow internet connection, you can see it is still loading in the bottom left corner. This is an issue with the Slider Revolution plugin, you could contact their support and ask them though. Thanks! :)


xerracol Purchased

Dear author. Im using the lattes version of the them, but still get tha gliths issue like in the demo page. Just contact the Slider autor, and they wrote me this:


please update to the latest revision and contact your theme author as this seems like some CSS from the theme interfering here.

Kind Regards,


Please let me know how can I solve this… There is no issue in the WP version.

Please open a Support Ticket with your website details so we can have a look at this for you.


josegt Purchased

Hello, how can i put icon for instagran on footer?

This is a great suggestion, we are going to release an update later today with 2 new social icons (Instagram & Yelp). Thanks! :)

Hi, excellent template! but how can I change the map location?

Before: <a class="navbar-brand" href="index.html"> <span class="logo"> <span class="primary_text">Automotive</span> <span class="secondary_text">Template</span> </span> </a>

After: <a class="navbar-brand" href="index.html"> <span class="logo"> <img src="logo.png" /> </span> </a>

Thanks for the help, but when i changed the text for the logo (image), the menu went under the logo. The logo is 150×53 px., it’s almost the same size as the default logo.

Please open a Support Ticket with your website details so we can assist you with this. Thanks! :)


Rusty11 Purchased

Hello, thank you for the great theme. Really good work! I have just one question. How can I disable responsiveness? I’ve made there some changes and I prefer to have it without responsivity function. Please help me with that :). I’m using plain html version. Have a nice day! Rusty

Hi Rusty – You are only doing step 1 of disabling responsive that is listed on the website, there are 3 more steps that must be done to disable the responsiveness (here’s an example on bootstrap of them following the rest of the steps: ).


Rusty11 Purchased

Yeah, unfortunately I know :(. I’ve tried to look at it and after the two days of googling I’m totaly desperate. Please can you help me with that or tell me what exactly do I need to change?

Thank you very much!!!!

Hi Rusty – Unfortunately we are unable to do free customization work for customers, if you would like a quote for us to do the work for you please email As you have discovered it’s not just a matter of us telling you to change a couple of things and it’s done, it’s a fairly involved job. :)