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FerFor Purchased


The first congratulations on this theme so good.

I have a problem with the reCapcha, to submit the form gives an error, please visit this link and send your form and you will appreciate it:


I hope your comments.

Thanks in advance.

fanib Purchased

Hey guys, after recent update I am totally lost… Here is what my thumbnails code was before in functions.php:

// Add post thumbnail functionality add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’); add_image_size(‘post-featured’, 728, 350, true); add_image_size(‘blog-large’, 728, 350, true); add_image_size(‘blog-medium’, 320, 154, true); add_image_size(‘tabs-img’, 52, 50, true); add_image_size(‘related-img’, 180, 87, true); add_image_size(‘portfolio-full’, 940, 400, true); add_image_size(‘portfolio-one’, 540, 272, true); add_image_size(‘portfolio-two’, 460, 221, true); add_image_size(‘portfolio-three’, 300, 214, true); add_image_size(‘portfolio-four’, 220, 161, true); add_image_size(‘portfolio-five’, 177, 142, true); add_image_size(‘portfolio-six’, 147, 118, true); add_image_size(‘recent-posts’, 700, 441, true); add_image_size(‘recent-works-thumbnail’, 66, 66, true);

With each update, I made the necessary changes. I had a post-featured custom size for the posts and some values changed to fit my site. Now I can’t find where to edit the values (sizes of thumbnails + to add new thumbnails) in the function.php Can you please tell me where to look? Many thanks!

dsc3333 Purchased

Hi, Send a message yesturday but didnt show up for some reason, so i will try again.

Some issues: 1) Im installing wooCommerse 2.3.8 but it gives me this warning message on your 3.8.3 Avada: “Avada/woocommerce/cart\cart.php version 2.3.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.3.8, ” 2.3.0 was like 8 version ago??

2) “Fixed” parallax background is not responsive like a background with “parralax = No Parralax”

3) Parallax feature causes page and scroll laaaaaaag: https://ihatetomatoes.net/simple-parallax-scrolling-tutorial/ This guy created silky smooth parallax scrolling, worth checking out and maybe use some of his teqniques.

3) “Heading” Builder element gives me only “left” and “right” formatiing. Where is the “center”?

Aprt from that you have many nice little features and a ton of customisations that prevent direct css/html patching code.

Hi! :)

How can I change the background colors of the search button to custom colors (normal and hover)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, How to get the sticky header logo and sticky menu on one line?