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nualap Purchased

Hi, I would like to position breadcrumbs below the block that contains the title. I know that there is not a theme option to do that, but which file I have to customize for this breadcrumbs position?

thanks so much!

Hey @nualap!

The breadcrumbs are inserted via the /Avada/includes/custom_functions.php file around line 484. You would need to customize this function to change the position of the breadcrumbs or the page title. It’s not recommended that you make changes to the core theme files, so I would suggest creating a child theme and using the functions.php file to override the default function with your own. You can do this by creating a function with the same name, in this case “avada_get_page_title_bar_contents”.

If you require assistance with customizing the theme, you may wish to get in touch with one of our customization partners via the following page:




Pre sale question.

1) Can I create blog pages?

Hey @kwilliamroman!

Yes, Avada comes with a ‘Blog’ shortcode that can be inserted on any page to display a list/archive of your posts. You can find some examples of the different blog layouts on our live demo:

There are many more examples of the blog shortcode throughout our other demos, the above examples are only from our classic demo.

I hope we get to see you join the ever-growing Avada community!



The forum theme backup file is missing on avada support site.. i need it..

Hey @chrystianbourassa!

Hmm, you’re absolutely right. These demo’s have only recently been updated to reflect the latest Avada 4.0 changes and it seems this particular demo was missed. I will make a note for our development team so we can get this demo uploaded as soon as possible.

I apologize for the inconvenience.



Hello, does this theme require Premium Plugins that need to be bought separately for it to be complete in functionality?

Hey @complexs!

Avada comes with two premium plugins in Revolution Slider and Layer Slider. Both of these plugins are included as part of the Avada package and you can use them without purchasing a personal license.

However, these are standalone plugins and they may have some features that required a personal license to access. For example, I believe Revolution Slider has a ‘chalkboard’ feature that requires a personal license.

Having said that, the core functionality and most of the plugin features are accessible via your purchase of Avada without the need for a personal license. You can read more about these premium plugins and how they’re packaged with Avada here:



Updated to 4.0.2, now ‘Fusion builder’ is excruciatingly slow, I often get a 500 internal error page, or it takes 30 seconds to load up. On a good day, it takes about 15 seconds to load. I made sure my memory and php is up to scratch too. Is this normal? and if there is any way to speed this up as it’s inefficient for site building.. hope to hear from you with regards to this.

Hey @kudesign!

The time the page builder takes to load is proportional to the amount of content on the page, on top of your particular web host and active plugins. At the moment, there are no quick fixes to decrease the load time of the page builder other than upgrading to a host with better overall performance and reducing the number of active plugins.

If you’re encountering internal server error’s, this would indicate that your server is either running out of memory or hitting the maximum execution time. The only solution here is to increase those respective values.

Having said the above, we are hard at work on the next version of our page builder which has been built from the ground up. Performance was one of the major points that we have addressed, on top a new interface and a bunch of new features. This version of the page builder will be released with Avada 4.1. We’re doing our best to get this ready as soon as possible, however there is no ETA at this point in time.



thanks Ryan, I am on dreamhost, with mysql on vps, in many ways I believe it’s one of the better server hosts in the industry. The culprit is in the sluggish fusion builder, in which requires much of the server resources. Much appreciate the effort your team is putting into making a better builder in the next release! look forward to it!!

Is there a lazy load option built into avada? I’m having issues with images in my rev slider layer not being shown. when looking at the html source, instead of the image SRC is the word array, example: URL, all I see is ‘img src=”Array’

does anyone have any experience dealing with this issue?

Hey @business-driven!

Avada does not come with lazy loading built in, this would need to be added via a plugin. In regards to the issue with your Revolution Slider images, can you please confirm that you’re using Avada 4.0.2, Fusion Core 2.9.2 and Revolution Slider 5.2.5?

If you are, we’re going to need to take a closer look at your installation to know what’s going on. Can you please head on over to our support center to submit a ticket? A member of our team will be assigned and respond as soon as possible.

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hi, on I have been looking at avada demo and some youtube tutorials..

i know that you can add a custom background for HEADERS,FOOTER, PAGE TITLE BAR for each “POST” .. but i don’t see anything for categories and tags..

what i mean is using this theme, can i set custom header background for categories and tags?

Hey @gl0gic!

At the moment we don’t have these options built in for the post type archives (categories, tags etc), however it can be added via custom CSS. Since each category and tag has it’s own body classes, you can specify a different background image in your CSS for each one.

If this is a feature you would like to see added to Avada, please email your suggestions in to with “Avada Suggestion” in the title so that it can be reviewed by our development team.




I am trying to make the images in the fusion slider or the revolution slider fit to show full image on mobiles.

this is the site =

it looks great on desktop and laptop ans widescreen mobile, but portrait mobile the images are cut off left and right sides..

Fusion slider i have set up as full screen. to fit full width and height.

revolution slider also set to full responsive

but can seem to please the client with the view on mobile.

any help would be great .. Thanks

Hey @disenoideas!

As this comments section is intended for pre-sale questions only, I am going to need to ask that you submit a ticket via our support center. A member of our team will be assigned and respond as soon as possible.

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I updated last version of Avada, but Fusion Builder doesn´t work…disappeared from the page editing panel! Fusion Core is active…i dont understand what´s the problem. How to reload instalation?

Best Regards,


Hey Francisco!

It sounds like it has been disabled via your Theme Options -> Advanced -> Theme Features -> Fusion Builder. Can you please take a look at those settings and ensure that it is currently enabled for me?



It was enable, so i tried turn off and save; turn on and save again. Now it works! Solved!:)

Thank You Ryan!

Awesome! Thank you for letting us know :)

Question, I would like to buy Avada? Can I use it then also for my wife’s website or do I have to buy a second license? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hey! Great theme guys, I am really happy with it!

Just a question, I have created a MegaMenu item, using the widget area in order to include a brands list. It works like a charm in desktop version, you can see it in action at and clicking on “Marcas” (“Brands” in Spanish). The problem is that in mobile version the content of the menu item disapears completely, and I can’t see any brand. At first I thought that it was a problem of the widget itself, but changing the widget for something pretty basic (like a “Hello world” text) it doesn’t work either…

Any tips about that? Is it a known issue?

Thanks in advance!