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First of all congrats for the theme.

How can I put a fix Width on buttons?

Thank you!

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Hi, we’ve inherited a site that was built with this theme from another agency. We cannot figure out where the change the information in header-v4. It looks like the theme is heavily stripped down. We’ve updated the header-v4 file in framework/headers and framework, nothing changes. The previous agency also have got rid of the blog page template, and adding a file for the blog page doesn’t work either. The theme version is 2.1.1.

Hello, I just purchased your theme and have NOT activated it yet. But wanted to ask a few questions in the mean time.

Q1-I noticed the demos link when looking through the samples theme and would like to know when will you have some “new demo” samples available and will they be available to import into this theme.

Q2-The header section are you able to set it to a fixed width so it doesn’t resize when scrolling.

Q3- In the revolution slider video you mentioned adding separate layers for text blocks. I would like to know can you center text in a single block of text without having to add multiple layers.

thanks James

I just bought this theme a short while ago but I dont get this type of slider


What am I missing?


I’ve updated to the latest version of the theme (v3.6.1) on WordPress 4.0 and have notice that you have removed the Full Width page template. This page template was handy as you were able to use a full width container that would stretch across the entire width of the browser window while the rest of the content remained at the same width of the menu.

What in the new version would give the same effect as this? I would like the content to remain the same width as the header and footer as well as to be able to make use of full width containers.



Just a quick presale question. Is there the option in woocommerce to…say I am selling a t-shirt but have the same shirt in 3 different color options. Can the buyer select what color they would like, or do I have to make 3 different product pages? Thanks for your time.

Hi, Nice theme and good work!!! I have a few questions and comments

1- On many pages, I have a long blank space at the bottom of my pages after the footer… Why is that and how can I remove it?

2- Is there a way to modify the contact form either to add field or to change label value

3- Is there a way to use modele “100% width” and “portfolio 4 columns” in same page

4- Is there a way to fix a min-height on the flipbox to have all the flip box on same line having the same height

5- The new visual builder is great, but it really miss a way to create custom blocs… Like your custom template, but only for a bloc of code and allowing it to insert at end of page instead of overwrite the full page content…

6- in visual builder, when using the +/- to enlarge column bloc. It should allow us to swith from 5/6 to full width when using the +

i see trending label over Avada-Banner. What does it mean?

thanks Firat

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Where did the full width page template go in the 3.6 update? A lot of my pages are not formatting properly now?

Secondly: the portfolio filter is still not working as you can see here: http://dev.laserlightforhairgrowth.com/laser-light-therapy-before-and-after/

Thirdly: When i try using updated fusion options ui in a post or page it is not working at all and redirects me to a page not found when i click on one a tab?



Hi, If I changed “Main Menu Font Color – First Level” to White, it also changed Side Navigation font color to White, which makes white font on white background. How can I change font color of Side Navigation? Thanks.

Hi, how are you?

We’d be glad to purchase the theme in the event you can assure me it works with languages like Portuguese, Spanish, French and even Russian. We had the opportunity to play with this theme using the English language on a friend’s server, and when trying to use words from other languages like those I mention, we had problems displaying the characters on some specific parts of the theme, as accented words and ‘special characters’ would not be stored correctly in the database.

It is important to mention that the database is using UTF8mb4, and the MySQL server is default to UTF8mb4 as well, PHP is configured as UTF-8 compliant, and everything is properly setup. Everything works fine in the WordPress itself when it is with the theme deactivated, but when we activate it and, for example, try to load some parts of theme with special characters inserted on it, the words with accents are displayed correctly. Thereafter, I suppose it may be an issue with character encoding on the theme, as WordPress and other applications alone works fine without these issues.

Again, most of it works absolutely fine and correctly…
And it is a great theme for sure!
You did a great job! :)

What may be going on? How hard would it be to fix it? Any advice on it please? Could you please share some comments on this regard in a manner we can purchase and use the theme?

As a side note, I’ve found these other great articles, which may be of some help on further development of this theme as well other projects you may run:
1. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/06/06/all-about-unicode-utf8-character-sets/
2. http://iconoun.com/articles/collisions/
3. http://infopotato.com/documentation/core/utf8
4. https://www.bluebox.net/insight/blog-article/getting-out-of-mysql-character-set-hell
5. http://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-html-encoding-declarations

And this thread as well:

Kind regards,

Pre-Sales question: I have a client who wants an image slider at the top of the (blog) home page that show the featured images from last 5 (or some other number) of blog posts. Is this possible to create without having to manually select the images and rotate one out and the new one in each time there’s a new post?

Is it really compatible with WordPress 4.0 and Portuguese language? I bought UNIK theme and after upgrading to 4.0 it has not worked anymore. I lost my money :(