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Hi, how make module “What Client’s says” on http://theme-fusion.com/avada/. How make rotate client’s opinion?


Hi :) Its a slider shortcode. Insert as many {testimonial} as you like inside the {testimonials} shortcode. Below is our demo code, it has 5 testimonials. You can copy and paste this into the HTML editor and change out the text. All the shortcode buttons are located in the visual editor of your page options as well. Just click the one you want and populate the content. Or you can use the below :)


[testimonial name="Borchard" company="Crucio Theme"]To anybody thinking of buying this theme – buy it! The theme itself is amazing, and on top of that, the support is outstanding! I wanted some features put in, and the theme developer was more than willing to help me out![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Flygirly" company="Imperio Theme"]I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support. Is has been a great experience. I love this template and more so because you provided excellent support and feedback.Thank you for such a great template! A must have![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="FWN" company="Crucio Theme"]Thank You for the speedy reply and the addition to the next update ThemeFusion, now purchased![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="Utcrayons" company="Imperio Theme"]It’s my first time buying on here and I’m very please, so easy to customize! Cheers for your help again, very satisfied customer!!!![/testimonial]

[testimonial name="isaed" company="Imperio Theme"]Themes like yours make people want to upgrade their business quality to fit in such beauty … really thanks and all the best luck in sales.[/testimonial]



Hello: I´ve puercahsed the Avada, and i`ve created an account in the “Theme-fusion” forum in order to get support.

But i can not find an answer to my question:

I’ve uploaded the XML correctly … but I can’t find the template the way to make an:


This pages are’nt in the template.

I´ve studied the Avada Documentation and the unique options that shows are Portfolio are:

To setup a portfolio page, create a new page and select “Portfolio One” to “Portfolio Four” from page template.

Please help.



Hi :)

thanks for making a support account, if you cant find the answer through a search, then the best thing to do is to create a new forum topic and we will answer it for you. But for now, I can answer this here for you.

The single and half projects are in the post options of each portfolio post. All you need to do is select the one you want. See the screenshot below, these options are on your portfolio post page. You can select full or half for each post, as well as fill in the other credentials.

See this below screenshot, at the top of the options it says “Width Content Columns” and has a dropdown field, you can select full or half there.


As for the actual PHP files, the single portfolio post page file is called “single-avada_portfolio.php”. But you dont need to mess with that, all you have to do is select it in the post options as the screenshot shows.


youthman Purchased

Hi, thank you for a great theme. My client had an existing website that was standard html but had wordpress already setup just for their blog. In the redesign, I used Wordpress to create the pages and purchased your theme. When I was ready to live with the site, I followed the directions for “Using a pre-existing subdirectory install” at http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory (as I have often done before) I noticed Contact Us link was no longer working in my nav menu. I got the 404 page not found error so I ended up creating a new page but now the contact us form will still not display.

The website is www.lossanalyticsinc.com but the actual wordpress files are located at www.lossanalyticsinc.com/blog/ directory. Is there something I need to change in the contact page template coding?

EDIT : Silly me forgot to set the template to “Contact” when I created the new page. Still not sure why I can’t get the original page to load http://lossanalyticsinc.com/contact/ but that’s ok. It was the only page that did not work in when I followed the steps outlined above for “Using a pre-existing subdirectory install”. Regardless, I fixed it by creating a new page. Thanks again for a great theme.


Ah I see, yes that makes sense. Glad you got it figured out! And thanks for the comments, please dont forget to rate our theme! It helps us greatly :)

Is there a way to build a home page that has a sidebar on it in the area below the slider, with this theme? I’m seeing no sample home pages with that element, and I’m seeing no page builder component, so I’m unsure whether it’s possible.


Yes you can do that. Just select the default template which gives you a sidebar, then you can select to show a slider up top above it. The sidebar wont start until below the slider but you can have it on the home page no problem.

Love the theme. Questions:

1. How do I remove the javascript popup window from the portfolio pieces? 2. How do I get the site tagline to appear in the browser window/tab?



Hi, we answered this in your other comment as well, the answer is below. If you need further assistance with that, please visit our forum. These comments are mainly for minor things and pre sales questions. Support forum link is http://theme-fusion.com.

To remove light box functionality, you have to delete the following code from main.js


 var mediaQuery = 'desk';

 if (Modernizr.mq('only screen and (max-width: 600px)') || Modernizr.mq('only screen and (max-height: 520px)')) {

  mediaQuery = 'mobile';

Post the other question about tagline on the forum as well, thanks we appreciate it!

Is this not the forum? How do I get the site tagline to appear in the browser window/tab?


No, these are the comments on Themeforest which are not suppose to be for support, only for pre sales questions. If its an easy support question then I tend to answer it here, but 95% of things are suppose to be directed to our forum. Each author has their own from of support, actually some dont do it at all, but we have taken time and effort to setup the forum for our user. Info to sign up is in the big READ ME FIRST .pdf file at root level of your download, and I’ve also pasted the info below.

The main reasons why we (and others) provide support on a forum, is because these comments are not menat for that, they are not searchable, other users cant reply to a comment (only make a newone) and its difficult to post screenshots and code fixes. A forum is meant for this kind of thing. Plus I’m the front end designer, I do not know a lot of the answers people ask here, our developers are the ones who check the forum so you will get much better help there.

To access our forum, you need to create a free account. To create an account, you need to use 3 things.

1. The same themeforest username that you bought avada with

2. the same email address that is associated with your themeforest username

3. Your purchase code located in the license certificate.

Go to this link below and create a free account.

See this link to find your purchase code

And This is The Forum Link

When you login, it may take you to a wordpress admin page, simply click the “visit site” and head over to the forum or video tutorials. Be sure to read our policies and guidelines first, we answer threads twice a day Mon-Fri, weekends are not tended to as much.


Hello ThemeFusion,

I was wondering if this theme will work with any of the “drag and drop” page builders that are out there for Wordpress such as Impact or Minimax?

Great looking theme!


We have not tested it with either of those and since they are 3rd party plugins we cant guarantee they will work out of th box. Most likely they wont, drag and drop page builders have to be deeply integrated into a theme to work flawlessly.

The good news is we are building our own custom page builder and will eventually integrate it into Avada. But that is many months down the road. Right now our pages are easily built with shortcodes, and its very quick to setup. I’m in the process of making a few video tutorials that show it in action, you’ll see its very fast and easy to do.


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Quick Question:

I love the portfolio filter option, flows very smooth… Is it possible to filter more than one subclass at a time? For example, on your preview page; being able to filter wordpress and photography together.


Dr. Dapper


HI :)

Well, you cant push two buttons at a time, but the solution to that is to simply add all those portfolio posts to both of those categories. So if you have 12 items on the page, 5 of them have “wordpress” and “photography” assigned to them, so when you hit either of those buttons up top, all items will show.


I am having an issue with my Twitter feed, ‘loading new tweets’, I have had a look through these previous comments and ive found I have version 1.0.8 and you recommend updating the latest version. Do I just download your theme again and re-install it for the updates? Also will it effect my site? ie set things back to default such as the colours, logo, footer etc?

Kind Regards Dave


Its no pain, no worries :)

Just put your userid, do not put ”@”.

Just put idesign4u1 in the name field.

And if it does not work, input envato to test it out.


Really appreciate your help. All working now thank you.


Wonderful, we’re happy to help!

Please dont forget to rate our theme for us, we would greatly appreciate it!

Hi There!,

Love the theme! Just one hopefully simple question. Is it possible to change the layout of the homepage? I want it to be like this

Logo | Menu


img | img | img | text | text | text |

project slider



I hope that that’s possible. And I hope you understand what I am trying to explain haha. Thanks!


You can change the home layout but I do not se what you want it to look like, all the comment says is “footer”.

Can you provide a screenshot of what you want please?


I had drawn my layout but I guess it got removed or something like that? But I actually just wanted to post that I am an idiot. I forgot to check the shortcodes. Thanks anyway! Already gave a rating!


No worries! Yes our pages are mainly built using shortcodes so you can mix and match the home page layouts or add any other shortcode you desire.

Thanks so much for the rating, we appreciate it!


Great theme! Love it! Is there any chance we will see an update for the layerslider wp now that it’s been updated from v2 to v3?



Yes you will :) ITs already been implemented into Avada 2.0 and we are releasing an update in the next 5-7 days.

We are taking our time with it because we have added an entirely new theme options control panel, a new slider, layer slider 3.0, new features, fixes, etc. ITs a BIG update and its close to being done!

Look for it by the end of this week or next week.



I seriously cannot wait for this. I look forward to the update for a truly innovate theme.

Keep up the great work!


Thank you for the comments!

We are putting the finishing touches on it this week and will also be doing testing. Ideally we will have it submitted in 5-6 days but you never know with a thing like this, we most certainty don’t want to rush it and will take all precautions to make sure its ready to go when we release it.

Cant wait to share it with everyone!

Thanks again!

Hi. Is it possible to put email signup code in where the text is for the video slide? I want to make it an optin / lead gen page.


Its possible to build forms in the layer slider, it can take any form of HTML content.

Hi. Is this theme ready for work with a multilanguage plugin?



Yes its compatible with WPML and qTranslate, and POEdit. We provide the translation files as well as a few languages that are already translated from our amazing user base :)


evenwold Purchased

Hi. On my index page I have set the sidebar to “none”. But it is still there. How do I remove it? You can see it here: http://retningsnummer.net


It sounds like you are using the “default” template which always contains a sidebar on it. In your page options, make sure you have “full width” selected in the “template” field of the “page attributes” box. Its on the right hand side.


xianp Purchased

Hi ThemeFusion. Love the theme, bought it a few weeks back. One quick question though.. There a “Related Articles” section on blog pages… but no posts appear in that box. It remains ampty.. Do I need a plugin for this?

I couldnt find any details on this in de documentation and this comment section…



Hi :)

No plugin required, the related posts widget works with categories. In your blog posts, you need to create categories and assign your posts to them. Any posts that have the same categories assigned will show up in the “related posts” widget when viewing a post.

Make sense? Let me know if you have troubles with it. Thanks!

xianp Purchased

Hi ThemeFusion, thanks for the quick reply. I think I found it… I haven’t set any featured images yet for my posts… And when I look at the Demo theme it shows the featured images in the Related posts box. I think thats the issue.

I’ll have to work it out myself in that case, I don’t have great images for all of my posts, so those will be missing from the related posts area then.

Thanks annyway!


Yeah the featured images are what is used for the posts and for the related posts widget and other shortcodes. Same thing for portfolio images.

Let us know if we can help! Thanks!

Love your Theme, it’s working great.

I just wanna know how I can change the icon for the testimonials, right now it’s a silhouette of a business man, I need it to be of a woman.

Thanks :-)


Hi There :)

Thanks for the comments. If you can wait another 4-7 days for our new update you will be set. Our new update allows for the testimonials to be a man or a woman, all you have to do is input “male” or “female” into the shortcode and the correct icon will show. Its very nice and easy :)

That update will be ready later this week. If you dont want to wait, then you can replace that icon in the “Avada > images” folder with a girl icon and it should update as long as you name it the same.

Thanks and dont forget to rate our theme for us!


Thank you, excellent customer service and I already gave you 5 stars of course :-) looking forward to the update and I’ll change the pic in the images folder until then.


Wonderful, thank you so much! Update coming soon!

I can not find a way to put a still image at the top to see a portfolio, I always see a slideshow featuring images to 900 wide and occupying the screen. Furthermore, this slideshow is always limited to 6 images and can not find where I can say I display all images contained within this portfolio. thanks


Hi There :)

For the 6 image limit, make sure you have our latest version of Avad, which is v1.1.2. If you are older than that, then please update it. Then in theme options you can select how many “post slideshows images” are allowed, the default is set to 6, just change that to a higher number.

For the image at the top, inisde each portfolio post you can choose wether you want athe “full” width or “half” width layout. It defaults to full width so just select half width in the post options. Scroll down on the portfolio post page in your WP admin and you will see the option there, the box says “Portfolio Options” and inside is a “Width Content Columns” option, you can select half or full in the dropdown list.


tgolas Purchased

Excited about the big update you mention above. Any chance it will include a single-category post list widget?



Hmmm, well we have modified our “recent news” shortcode to allow for a specific category to show instead of just all posts. So yes, it will include that :)

Right now the recent news shortcode on our home page shows all posts in all categories, our new update will allow you to input the category slug and only show posts in that category. The recent works shortcode will do the same thing as well.

Its a nice update, and we are putting the finishing touches on it this week. Almost ready! Once it is, we will include important info for those updating. It includes an entirely new Theme options Panel which means your theme options will reset upon updating. Unfortunately there is no way around that, but just be sure you check your settings and backup and custom CSS you entered, that way you can quickly insert it again in the new control panel. It will include all the same options as before, but also a whole lot more. Users should be very happy with it!


tgolas Purchased

Yay! Can’t wait!


Me either, its going to be great :) Putting finishing touches on it this week and will be testing it as well.

Coming soon!

Indeed I have version v1.1.1, my question now is how do I update the theme? I have to download it again. And I do not want to lose the code modifications I made in the present. thanks


Oh, if you’ve made code modifications to the PHP files or any other code files then its going to be hard to update unless you tracked exactly what you did.

You can check our changelog.txt file that comes with your download (its on our item page too at the bottom) to see waht files were changed and only replace those. But if you’ve modified the PHP files then updates are not going to be easy, there is no way around that. MOst users just input content in the the WP admin, which will not be lost during an update BUt the PHP files and other coded files are always replaced during an upgrade, they have to be unless you just check the changelog and only replace the ones you need to.

If you’ve just entered your content in the visual or HTML editor then you’ll be fine, that content is not lost. Its only the coded files that will be replaced.

Hope that helps, thanks!