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We love your theme, however when we add posts that post’s related posts thumbnails are repeated across. We compared our theme with the most recent theme and there are not any differences that would cause this to happen. Here is a link. Please help.


Hi there, I am aware of this issue, the thumbnails seem to “leak” into the next item if no image is found in the post, I haven’t found a solution for this problem yet but I’ll investigate.

Thanks for the feedback.

Cannot the news of the blog be shared in facebook?

Franklin, Can you hop onto the Griddr theme and provide support. People are going mental. Thanks.

There is an error that doesnt let me install the template, can you give any help? Have tried at least 9 times! Its kinda urgent…


I was interested in purchasing this template but I noticed it has been almost 2 months since you have provided support for your customers and the theme has not been updated since April, yet you come out with another new template. Too bad.

Hi there I apologise for that. I didn’t have time to update it in the past few months but no serious issue has been reported about the theme though in the time its been out.

I can’t retreive lost password in Radium Themes Support Site (mail with password reset didn’t come) so I can’t ask there, so I report here the issue:

After WordPress security autouprgade version to 3.8.3 in Layout Builder, when I create new (or edit old with that element) there is no custom field in Content element (when we choose custom content) to paste own HTML code. I can’t edit anything I’ve input there previously.

I have new version of WordPress on test site (3.8.3) and there custom content element field has disappered. On production site on 3.8.2 version (I haven’t updated to the new version yet) still works. So, be prepared to loose access to your previously created custom content (code, HTML etc.) in custom content field in Custom element of Layout Builder.

I hope the author will fix it as soon as possible.

Loss of the short code generator since upgrading WP to 3.9 is definitely causing us a headache. Shame too, we were planning to use the avalon theme for a several sites of “sister companies” – Any plans on fixing the issue soon?

Hello, I would like to change the main menu fonts color from grey to blue as well as the hover color


You will need to use css to customize that. I presume you know how to do that.

The menu class to target is .main_menu strong, .main_menu b { color: blue }

You can place the code in the theme options or add to the css files manually.


Thanks for reply, it works, also please provide me the codes to change the color of the INDICATOR at main menu, it is light blue but i need to change it to darkblue


The indicator is a small png image located in the theme images folder. You can edit it with photoshop and change the color that way.

The light blue line when you hover (if thats what you are referring to) : code is .main_menu .radium_mega>li>ul li:hover { border-bottom-color: #afceff;}.

Hello, please provide me the codes to change the color of the INDICATOR below main menu, it is light blue but i need to change it to darkblue

Cannot create an account on RadiumThemes support site as it is not displaying the Capcha.

Anyway – nothing is coming through from Twitter when putting in a feed. Is this anything to do with the theme?

Also since updating to the latest Wordpress – the short codes icon is not appearing in the editor.

I was hoping that with the money I paid for this template it would be updated regularly.

Many thanks



Apologies for missing this post.

The twitter api has changed. I agree that this theme needs an update. I’ll upload one as soon as possible.

WHat is this revolution slider that the theme supports? Is it this one?




That’s the plugin. Yes.

I wonder if you could tell me the dimensions of each box in the Avalon theme.

For example if I use 3 x Featured Areas on my home page – what size width is each box? Also is it possible to define the height?

Plus – are you going to update this theme?



Hi Gareth,

The width is calculated automatically by the grid. I believe it is 286px wide for each of the 3 columns. The height is also automatic. The only way to define the height is by adding css.

I do intend to update the theme to the new framework I have been working on.


Okay – it’s good to know you will be releasing a new version of the theme. I wonder if you would be so kind as to tell me the .css to define the box height please. It would save me a lot of hassle.

Different browsers are making the boxes different sizes.

Thanks you


You can try to target this css selector .element-featured .featured-area {}

Seriously needs an update now to include what people (and me) have asked for.


The short codes icon is not appearing in the editor, and the SC options and convenience were one of biggest reasons we bought this theme for our business… Please advise on a work-around or when a theme update will be available.

Thx, PEP

Any update FranklinM2?