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Pertamax, great theme….. GLWS

Thanks gan, GLWS for you too! :)

Looks great. Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks Chris :)

Nice theme but there is no styling on forms? Text boxes etc as well as buttons just appear totally transparent!

Hello, could you please tell me in what section that you mean?


List style short codes doesn’t seem to work ;)

Be sure you have created unordered list content first that format from WordPress editor, then just wrap your unordered content inside the shortcode, eg.

  ...your unordered list content here


...also the copywrite footer doesn’t appears

ok I will update the theme soon regarding this issue.


I noticed that about the copyright as well.

Upon further investigation, looking at your demo it seems as if you need to put a certain ID on text areas and text boxes before they show. People with no HTML knowledge or people using form generator plugins aren’t going to be able to fix this, please update!

ok , thanks for your information will update the theme soon.

How can we add the sliders at Home page?

Hello, you can refer to documentation for detail.


Great work as always. Hope this theme does well for you.

1. How can I get a page description to display in the main menu? I am referring to sections similar to “Who We Are?” under “About”.

2. Is it possible to display custom descriptions under “page lists” as opposed to having the theme grap content from the actual pages?

3. The description at the top of the “Homepage Options” section, under “Theme Options”, suggests that the theme has 4 feature list areas, which doesn’t seem to be the case. If it is not an error, please add the additional section to the theme. Otherwise, it would be best to remove this to avoid confusion.

4. Hopefully the copyright issue will be fixed soon.



1) you can manage this from menu items description box, go to Appearance => menus menu, at the top right of the page, there’s screen options, just click it and check description option, now expand each your menu items, and add your subtitle in description box, you can refer to documentation for detail

2) for now it’s retrieved from your page content in certain words number, you need to modify the code if you want to display the custom excerpt from your pages

3) ohh sorry for typo, the features list only available in 3 boxes

4) already updated theme regarding this issue, you can redownload from your themeforest download link.


Hi – New to Wordpress. Is there a way of removing the ‘Add a Comment’ section on the Blog page? I’ve unticked all the options in the Wordpress ‘Discussion Settings’ but the comment option still appears. Many thanks

Hi, if you want to remove the comment section, please open single.php file, find and remove below code :

comments_template('', true);  


some more issues…

- I can’t find where to translate the “call us” and the “read more” from the slider.

- Does the contact form support utf8 chars?


- you can translate the avanix theme from the .po file (languages/default.po) file, please refer to documentation how to translate the theme

- yes it’s support utf8, or you can use plugin like as replacement.


How can I remove the RSS feed icon at the top of the page? And where to insert social icons in the same area?

open header.php file, find and remove below code :

<li><a href="#"><img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/images/rss.png" alt="" /></a></li>


I don’t want to put any Page Heading Image in General Page Options. But if I keep it blank, a default image is shown as Page Heading Image. If I put a garbage text, it does not show anything, but it leaves same size empty space.

How can I set option to ignore Page Heading Image?

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

.pageheading,.pageheading img { display: none;}


But if I change that CSS , it will hide the display image in all the pages, right? I think it should be ment like this: “if image link is given in Page Heading Image in General Page Options, then header image will be show. If that option is kept BLANK , header image will not be shown.”
Isn’t it possible? In this way I can control which page I want header, which page I don’t. Also, everytime I don’t have to change CSS if I change my mind.

ohh ok I see now, just contact me from my profile page with your site login, let me modify directly at your site.


Also I appreciate if you help me with the followings

1. How to edit/control About Us and Latest News section at the bottom of the page? 2. How to get a page without side bar (content should be spanned over full width of the page)?


1) you can place a text widget in bottom 1 widget place and place latest news widget in bottom2 widget place, you can manage this from Appearance => Widgets menu.

2) you can assign your page to Full Width page template.




I am having trouble in creating portfolio with a single image. I don’t want any slideshow for one particular portfolio item, rather just want a single image to be displayed on top. So I put that image link in “Preview Link” option, but what I get is just one empty box on top of that page?

Appreciate if you help me resolving the issue.

Hi, by default it’s has been coded for portfolio item with gallery, if you want to change this, just contact me from my profile page.


Did you put styles in for forms yet? I can’t see it mentioned in the 1.1 update log.

I used the white background color for each form elements, not sure what you mean, could you please more detail regarding your form styling question?


When using the Page list how exactly do I select the exact pages i want to be listed? how do I add by ID? because the content i want to display are from different parent pages. I want to add ! service from each parent page. And also a few pages i have tabs set and the short description of the pagelist shows the shortcodes for the tabs instead of the content in it

the page list shortcode will list all child pages from your main parent page, eg. if you have a services page with some child pages, then you can easily call the shortcode like below :

[pagelist parent_page="services" num=4 orderby="date" column=4 fullwidth="true" text_limit=20]

you can replace services in parent_page name with the parent page that contains some child pages, please refer to for detail.


I understand but what i am looking to do is pull 1 child page from each parent page, i have 3 parent pages i would like to pull 1 child from each. is that possible?


Got a few questions about the theme;

1) How many other icons are there? 2) Is it possible to rename “Our Clients” to “My Partners”? 3) Is it possible to add a News feed in the homepage maybe where this is situated?

For example a news feed of google or any other company.



1) it’s used free icons stock, you can search with “Oxygen icons set” from the google

2) yes it’s possible, you can manage this from the heading text shortcode

3) yes you can place rss widgets and place the widget in footer columns section.

Thanks for your insteres.


Nice Theme!

How i can change the “About us” information in the footer?

Hi, you can place text widget in bottom 1 widget place.


I don’t understand how to order slideshow slides. I have a specific order to show them. I cannot use order by: title, ID, date, author

Can you pls give me some direction? Thanks!

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


imediapixel: my client purchased the theme. I just sent you a copy of the license certificate which includes the Item Purchase Code (beginning with the number: 7b81df89)

Also, as a suggestion, answering questions like mine would be helpful to potential, future customers.

Hello, did you tried to manage this from theme options => slideshow => Slideshow Items Order option?