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You can use a static homepage by following these instructions.

Create a page, name it homepage or whatever you want and set its properties as follow:

Page Attributes

- Template: Full Width

- Parent = (no parent)

Page options

- Sidebar Position: Homepage Sidebar

- Page slideshow type: select the slider you want to use

- Page slideshow category: select the category you want to use


- select Update

Go in settings/reading/ static page, and select it as your home page.

You can code the “Our client” thing by yourself or use the following example: (put it at the bottom of your home page in the HTML tab)

[heading_text]Our Clients[/heading_text] <a href="/our_clients"><img title="client_logo_01" src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/client_logo_01.png" alt="" width="130" height="74" /></a>

Thanks for sharing JayDXL :)


From selecting over 200 templates I finally decided on this one – great work!

I would like to keep the scripts and files that needs to be loaded at a minimum. Can you tell me what parts can be deleted once I decided for a slider/color combination?

Thank you

Thomas Herold


could you please more detail regarding your question?

thanks for choosing my theme :)

I think I have figured this out on my own. Not all scripts and css files are needed when I choose to have only the Nivo slider. What js scripts and css file are not necessary to load?

For example camera.css?


hi, you can find this in functions/theme-functions.php file in imediapixel_add_javascripts and imediapixel_add_stylesheet function to remove unused js library and the stylesheet.



I’ve noticed that the Avanix search widget (searchbox.php) doesn’t submit a search the same way the wp built-in search widget does.

I’m using Polylang and it can’t override the Avanix search widget to add a slash at the end of the search link, leading it to switch the whole website back to the default language.

Is it possible to get Avanix search widget to perform a search the same way the built-in search does?

For consistency reason, I really need to stick with it.


Hi, yes the built-in avanix search widget used the same function just like the WordPress native search widget.

refer to the forum, looks like you have modified the polylang plugin functionality.


(works only with polylang)

Fixed it by adding language detection in the avanix theme (replace line 4 in searchbox.php with the code below)

<?php $currentlang = get_bloginfo('language'); if($currentlang=="en-US"): ?><form method="get" id="search" action="<?php echo home_url(''); ?>/"> <?php elseif($currentlang=="zh-CN"): ?><form method="get" id="search" action="<?php echo home_url('zh'); ?>/"> <?php elseif($currentlang=="fr-FR"): ?><form method="get" id="search" action="<?php echo home_url('fr'); ?>/"> <?php endif; ?>

Hi, I’ve been reported by visitors that my wp avanix based website took forever to load on mobile devices with EDGE /3g connections. After some research and test, I found out the culprits. Some pictures in /images/ are abnormally huge.

They are full of Photoshop metadata (bug?)

I had them fixed by opening and saving for the web. ;)

ok thanks for your information, I did not realized if there’s huge images size, I will fix this for the next release.



I can’t seem to get the blog section to run correctly. I set up a page, chosing “Blog” as template. I have one article in one category and I also did the correct setup in the theme options but nothing is displayed on my blog page. It seems as if chosing “Blog” as template for the page is not applied. I can only get wordpress to show the artikel if I link to the blog category directly but then I don’t have any sidebar which I would like to use.

Any ideas what might be the problem?


Hi, please do not set your blog page in Settings => Reading => Posts page option, just leave it as WordPress default.


I did not set it in Setting => Reading => Posts. This is the page that is supposed to show the blog, but it just doesn’t display anything:

You can see the one existing article in the footer under “Aktuelles”. Apart from that, there is no sidebar in the article itself. I would like to have a sidebar there too.

I really don’t know why the content of the blog just wouldn’t show up on the Dogblog page…

ok you can contact me from my profile page with your site login regarding your issue, let me check directly at your site.


Hi – first of all, I love your work. I uploaded and customized this site without incident on my own server to test before implementing, but now that I am redoing on a new server, I am running into this issue on the main page:

 Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/blockweb/public_html/wp-content/themes/avanix/functions/inc/resizer.php on line 138

Nothing is showing up below the menu bar – no slider, no main page, no footer. the other pages are working, but the news widget is also throwing back this error. Can you help me adjust?

Please send your site login infor from my profile page, let me check direclty at your site.


I am having the same issue as oemmeo, the blog page does not show a list of the blog posts (even after setting the proper category in theme options and leaving Wordpress defaults for settings > reading > posts)

Also, after upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2, the “Latest News” section in the footer no longer displays the most recent blog post.

Already replied your email.


My translations are not working. I translated the default.po and to dutch and also saved them as nl-NL.po and but the tekst is not getting dutch. How can i fix this?

just change nl-NL.po to nl_NL.po.


@SWATJester How did you solve the problem?

you can contact me from my profile page regarding your issue.


I’ve alread conacted you twice through your profile page but didn’t get a reply yet…


How can I make the sub pages list here: be in the same order they are in the menus? I don’t want it to be alphabetically, but in any order that I want.


Hi, unfortunately the sidebar page list ordered by menu order and menu title parameter and there’s no similarity with the main menu option.


Hello, I have sent an email yesterday and another one today but still no response. I would really appreciate if you tell me why the responsive functionality is not disabled on my iPhone after I removed the code that’s responsible the responsive design on theme-functions.php under line number 152. I would appreciate your quick response. I sent you the link and you can try on an Iphone if you can. It shows part of the page and not the whole thing.

I have replied your last email.


I was wondering would could be fixed in the theme that would allow the connections plugin to work without the RAW shortcode. It’s a necessary plugin for the site I built and something in the theme is really messing with its formatting. I first spoke to Steven Zahm the plugin author on this topic and his last statement to me was as follows:

“I’m not trying to shift this to the theme but the [raw] shortcode breaks the output of every plugin that outputs to the page. The [raw] shortcode that themes include is truly a hack and a bad one at that. Take note of the moderator note here and read the page the moderator links to: Themeforest is even rejecting themes that does this.”

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

I have found a few other plugins that simply do not work with this theme… Great looking theme, amazing in fact but according to several plugin authors it needs some cleaning up with its code to allow things to work properly. Unfortunately I have already purchased the theme and built the site and it’s been approved by the client so I cannot move from it now.

basically you just need to remove below code in functions/theme-functions.php file for paragraph formatting removal :
function theme_formatter($content) {
    $new_content = '';
    $pattern_full = '{(\[raw\].*?\[/raw\])}is';
    $pattern_contents = '{\[raw\](.*?)\[/raw\]}is';
    $pieces = preg_split($pattern_full, $content, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);

    foreach ($pieces as $piece) {
        if (preg_match($pattern_contents, $piece, $matches)) {
            $new_content .= $matches[1];
        } else {
            $new_content .= wptexturize(wpautop($piece));

    return $new_content;
remove_filter('the_content',    'wpautop');
remove_filter('the_content',    'wptexturize');
add_filter('the_content', 'theme_formatter', 99);


I have problems with the management of the slideshow. When I change the parameters in theme options I disable the display on the frontend. I have wordpress 3.5.1 italy

Hi, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


here is the link As you can see the slideshow is not visible.


Hello, did you have assigned your page to available homepage slider (flex slider, nivo slider or camera slider) page template ?


I downloaded your theme and went to look at the documentation and found that it is missing the pictures to show certain aspects of the installation. Is there anyway to fix this?

Hi, you need to reset your images for each section in Featured Image box, since some of sections in sample data still linking to the demo site.


I can not create thumbnails as in the attached link (title 8 portfolio – portfolio title 5)


Hello, regarding your issue, please try below step :

  1. Click Media Library
  2. Select Upload to this post option from the dropdown
  3. Upload your multiple image as portfolio item gallery slider
  4. When upload process finish, just close the upload window box


Missing “[pagelist parent_page=”about” num=4 orderby=”date” column=4 fullwidth=”true” text_limit=20]”

text limit can’t include, Please Help. Thanks

Bug Number items to display per page on portfolio filterable, can’t set 3,6 or 9. Please help. Thanks

Hi, regarding your issue, please contact me from my themeforest profile page with your site login, let me check directly at your site.