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Hi, this is crush. Dont work re-listable


AND, if this possible > pls look at your mail adress (redteamux@gmail.com)

Mail about Avalon theme… Please answer me..

And i have a question.

Avalon VS Avant. :(

I have to take a decision. Which is better ?

Please help me :(

i use on iPad 2 general…

Date picker, (no there now) Clock picker, (no there now) Drag-Drop menu, (no there now) Tree view, (no there now) to do list, (no there now) TAG add/edit, (no there now)

Do you will update these all scripts ?

if you add this all script, i want buy and fast buy :( i need your help….

Please answer me.

Fantastic…!!!!!!! We are looking to buy this theme. But we have one doubt related to the ckeditor. Can we upload images or the formulas which includes numerators, denominators or anything like this. If this requires plugins then can you updates these plugins for us ? We should be able to copy and paste any type of text from Microsoft Word to the ckeditor. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank You


CKEditor has an Equation Editor plugin that you can use. http://ckeditor.com/addon/eqneditor

You can add the plugins and the styles will be added from the plugins as well.

You guys ROCK – This is the best template I have come across on Themeforest and I have bought several – most are bloated/dis-organized, you guys have done a fantastic job! :D


Thank you :)