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steve3d Purchased

when could we get the Bootstrap 3.2 version update?


within a week or two. we are trying to sync BS3.2 release with a version of Avant that runs on Angular.js :)

micikas Purchased

Thank you, this is fantastic looking theme among all the bootstrap-like clones with all their unreadable grey text on grey background.

Good job!


Thanks for your kind words :)

Schilly Purchased

When using the Datatables it does not seem to trim the page… Instead it is showing the datatables properly but keeping a long empty page at the end….

Has anyone had this issue – if so, how did they fix it?

docs Purchased

Great theme! How do we get the updates?


You should recieve an email from themeforest once an update is published. Yu can then just re-download the package :)

Any news on the bootstrap 3.2 version?


Bootstrap 3.2 has just been published =)

I am interested in your theme. I want to buy this. But there is one more feature i am looking for. I want fixed left bar when scrolling page content and vice versa I want functionality as you provide in right side bar. Please Inform is there a possibility of this feature in Avant Theme aspa.

rufinus Purchased
maybe your demo site is not up2date, but bootstrap.js is still 3.0.0 http://redteamux.com/avant/assets/js/bootstrap.min.js

demo updated.

jshiau29 Purchased

What’s the best way to update an Application if I’ve already broken AVANT into PHP Snippets and pieces? Do I have to go through page by page? Or are you mainly just updating the CSS?



Mostly the CSS. We try not to mess with the markup.

Hope that helps.

mwsasser Purchased

I wish that Envato allow registered users to respond to each others questions. That said, hopefully this’ll help the person above and some others.

@jshiau29 – If you use a tool like WinMerge then you’ll be able to compare the changes from a newer version to your own. It’s free and I use the heck of of this tool for updates on an almost daily basis.

It allows you to select the directories. Then it finds all of the file changes and you can review them all before making updates. Hope this helps you.

@redteam – You might want to check up on this yourself so you feel good about recommending it. :-)


Hey! Thanks for the recommendations. We use ExamDiff Pro and it does have similar functionality.

The replying functionality is a bit off, I agree. However for our next theme (which is months in the making) we plan to move our support of off themeforest and make it into a knowledge base. Hopefully that will give the customers a much better handle with the theme and build engagement.

Cheers :)

The form-parsley has some change in the new version to use localization.