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Do you have a template page that is a “page of posts”? Or can you tell me how to make one using one of the existing template pages?

P.S. My client purchased this theme and I already have it installed.

No, this theme doesn’t use any page templates. It just lists categories of posts. Please consult the documentation that comes with the theme to learn how to set it up.

Looking to purchase this…Would it be possible to have the ability for a youtube or vimeo video on the homepage slider?


Thanks for interest, but unfortunately the theme doesn’t have this feature. It can be done with a couple of code customizations.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team

Can I put emphasis on the words Brazilian league gothic? How do I update the source?

I suppose you are referring to specific glyphs for brazilian language. I am not sure how these look, but for a full character map for League Gothic you can look here:

Then click on “Character Map”. I hope this informatin helps.

Good Evening,

I have just purchased this theme this past week, and I was wondering- does it come with the background PSDs, or the backgrounds anywhere at all..? I can’t seem to find them, and I really wanted to edit and use the triangle ‘avant garde’ background!

Please let me know when you can :)

Thank you so much! I love this theme very much so far.

The theme doesn’t come with the triangles background but we can send it to you. Just drop us an email via our contact form from our themeforest profile ( with your request so we can know where(email address) to send the psd background.

We’ve sent you the download link. Check your email.

Goldenworks team.

Hey thanks for this theme.

i got one question: the porfolio area on the home page, for every single item there is a title, a picture and this ”+” sign.

The titel and the ”+” linking to the portfolio. if the user is klicking this preview picture, the picture will open.

is it possible to link the preview picture, also linking to the portfolio like titel and ”+” sign?!

can you send me the code?

here is a screenshot:

thanx for reply.


I suppose this is what you are looking for:

If you have more questions please come to our support forum, since we are not offering support in the comments section of the theme.

hey, thx for reply. but no, i do not wanna open this thumb picture in a lightbox. i’m searching for a solution, if i klick on this thumb ยป open the portfolio page (like klick on +)

The solution from that thread does exactly what are you inquiring – it forces the portfolio image to link to the portfolio post detail, not display the image in a lightbox. It will have the same behavior as clicking on ”+”. So I don’t see where is the misunderstanding.

Make the changes suggested from the support forum and let us know how it works.


Loving the theme. Quick question. How to set a custom sidebar to contact template page? Cannot seem to do this despite the instructions given …

Matti Tinkerer Small World Media


We are responding to requests on our support forums. We saw that you already registered and posted the question, so we will proceed to answer there.

Can I make blog posts, full width? How can I do this?

Hello Dansaa,

Yes you can do this if you follow these instructions:

Hello – purchased this template and also having problem saving Theme Options like any others posted in forum. Also, tried to post in forum by setting up an account last night and still have not received confirmation email with login.


The solution to fix the theme options issue is found here:

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

How can I make my website look exactly like the template? I want all the files, data, etc.? Can someone please assist me with going in and entering everything? Thanks!

Hello lolabrown,

We have emailed you. The theme comes with included demo xml that you should import. You also have a detailed documentation that explains step by step how to setup the theme.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hello, the theme is awsome, I was just wondering is there any simple way to move all projects from portfolio 2 to portfolio 1 or 3?

Hello dodimir,

This is not possible I’m afraid. The only way is to copy / paste each portfolio post title & content from a portfolio section to another.

thnx for answer!

Hi, great theme by the way,

just one thing I couldn’t quite get my head around, is it possible to centre align the main menu underneath my logo? rather than the default above the logo and right aligned, thanks for your time.

Hello akitohearnshaw,

Unfortunately your request requires too much customization that is not covered by our support. We can help you move the menu underneath the logo(left or right aligned) but center aligning it will require a lot more css changes.

If you need help wit moving it under the logo please create a thread on our support forum –

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

I am so happy with my new site ( using this template. The developer’s support was excellent. I highly recommend this theme and them!!

dear starshade,

3 months back, my company management bought this theme from USA, i dont know details of ID from which they bought…. but right now i am developing website using this theme.

1 question: can i make default sidebar on a parent page, which can show the title of child pages in sidebar box… thats it …... a simple sidebar…

plz help to create this html code in sidebar.php

Hello princeaddriano,

We can’t help you since we are not offering support to unverified clients.

We will give you one tip though: The theme supports the custom sidebars plugin ( ) so you can add any content to any sidebar. Create a sidebar that will be displayed on all your child pages. Then create a new menu from Appearance -> Menus where you will add all your child pages. Then from Appearance -> Widgets drag & drop the Custom Menu widget to the sidebar that you initially created for your child pages.

That’s how it is done without editing any theme files.

i have exactly done this before you replied, coz i spent some time to resolve this issue, and found thats the only option left to do so…

well, thanks for replying…..

i want to insert date above heaer (at right side)

i insert this line in header.php <?php echo date('l jS F Y'); ?>

now i have to insert class in style.css but i dont know in which line u put class.

can anyone help ?

I would like to add a “Projects” section to my portfolio so that when a viewer clicks on that section of the portfolio, all the images and project description related to that project will show up. How do I do that.

If you are referring to the option of having the portfolio image link to the portfolio post detail then yes, this is possible. However we are offering support only on our support forum – – so please open a thread with your request and our staff will handle it. Also let us know what portfolio type you are using.

Are there any updates to the theme?

Yes we released a couple of updates – the latest theme version is 1.5.

Hi, Any plans to make this a responsive theme? Thanks.


Thank you for interest, but at the moment there are no plans for a responsive version.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi, Awsome theme! Is it possible to make Portfolio images non-clickable (or just disable the enlarge image and open the page of the project when click), because many people click only on the image, and not on the title, and so never visit the page project… Thanks ! (I have problems to register on the goldenworks forum)

Hello katzorkatz,

Please have a look at those 2 threads in our forum:


About being unable to register to the support forum, please drop us an email via our contact form from our themeforest profile ( ) with the user and email address that you used when you registered to the forum and we will send you the password.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Doesn’t support mobile devices, get with the times man.