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Very nice theme! How can I have control over the fonts?

Hello JanOlsson!

Thanks for comment! The body can be changed by editing the style.css(font size, font-family). Also, since the header font is included via @font-face, if you want to change it, you will have to replace the @font-face package.

It might sound complicated, but it’s not. If you need any help, you are welcome to head to our support forums and where we can provide you a step by step guide.

Among other new features, our update program consists of adding an option to choose from a couple of fonts from google fonts library that can be selected and activated directly from theme’s admin panel. Control over theme body fonts directly from admin panel will also be included.

The color choice is familiar, but the theme is original and very sharp. Good work! One of the best theme’s i have seen in some time!

Thanks a lot for your comment! :)

great theme….:P i must say u pulling me to get it purchase…but sooner i will :P

Thanks for comment! Glad you like the theme! :)

Great template, fresh look.

Thanks! :)

Very nice looking theme! Definitely bookmarked!

Thanks! :)

Hi, I’ve just bought the theme which is very nice and match perfectly with what I was looking for my current work.

But, I didn’t get how to dispay Last portfolio works on homepage like in your example and how to disable a comment section, which appears on every page.

Do you got a solution ?



Thanks for purchase!

The latest portfolio entries from homepage are pulled using one of the 2 portfolio shortcodes.

Make sure you have added a couple of portfolio entries correctly(see the documentation) and in your homepage content, paste this code:

[lastest_port1 qty='5']

This one will print the latest 5 portfolio entries.

About disabling the comments, each time you create / edit a post / page, make sure you uncheck the “Allow comments.” checkbox from “Discussion” box.

If the discussion box is not present when you add / edit your page / post, then go the Screen Options(you can always find it in the left top area of your wordpress admin) and make sure the “Discussion” checkbox is checked.

Also, we are not offering support in the comments section anymore for some time. If you have more issues with the theme, please head to our forums –

Kind regards,


Great Work! Awesome!

Good Luck! :)

Thanks! :)

Good Luck For Best Sales :)

Thank you :)

Hi I would like to purchase this them but not for wordpress. Is there a way to get just the HTML ?



At the moment there is no html version available and we don’t know yet whether we’ll release one or no. Unfortunately we can’t be of any help about this…

Nice theme…can you please outline how difficult it would be to completely overhaul the yellow accent color to another color (e.g. straight css or more to it than that)?

You are few clicks away to do this. Have a look at the skinning options panel screenshot:

1) There is an option there labeled “Skin color”. Simply change this option using the built in color picker(choose any color) and that’s it.

2) One more thing to know would be that the theme contains 3 png files used inside portfolio type 1 and sidebar widgets(all those triangles) that can’t be changed via color picker. You will have to change the colors of these graphics manually to the color of your choice(inside the theme package you will find the separate graphics that need to be edited).

If you find the step 2) difficult, there’s no problem. Just head to our forums(, post the color code you want to use and we will create these 3 pngs for you and tell you exactly where to paste them inside the theme.

Let us know if you have more questions.

Perfect…thanks for quick, clear response.

Can “Our works 2” example be put on home page instead of the other look? Thanks.

Yes it can be done. You can pull latest portfolio entries using the lastest_port1(for portfolio type 1 / our works 1) or lastest_port2(for portfolio type 2 / our works 2) anywhere in the theme, homepage included. The only thing to note here is that you will need to activate the sidebar for homepage(easily done from theme options panel) since the portfolio 2 layout fits well inside a page with sidebar.

Will be buying but need to know if I can have the big slider and a sidebar on the half of the homepage beneath it. Thanks!

Hello mrflournoy,

Yes you can do this by simply choosing to enable the sidebar for homepage in the theme’s custom panel.

Beautiful theme! I’m considering it for a project but would like to know if i’m able to replace the 5 portfolio items currently on the homepage with blog content – the 5 most recent posts – but still in the same style. Is this possible?

Much thanks for your answer.

Yes it’s possible. You can pull your latest 5 blog posts via the built in “latest posts” shortcode. Just a thing to note here, the blog posts won’t fill the whole width of the theme, it will look just like on the blog page, so you will have to enable the sidebar for homepage(this is done via 1 simple option from the theme’s custom panel).

Just to let everyone who have problems with pulling latest portfolio entries via shortcode, the correct shortcode usage is:

[latest_port1 qty=”5”]

and not lastest_port1. We wrote it incorrectly in the documentation and we apologize for this.

Same thing goes for portfolio type 2.

We just sent a correct updated documentation to the themeforest staff to replace the old one.

Kind regards,


I am also interested in just the basic HTML design. I cannot understand that this is not possible? It’s just the basics.


Please understand that just the basic html doesn’t exist. When we created the theme, as we were writing html and css we were integrating it directly in our wordpress framework. There was no standalone html version in the first place.

The only way to get the html would be to buy the wordpress theme and after you replicated the demo, extract the html code manually using the browser’s “view source” option.

However to properly do this and arrange your code you need to be good at html / css and also have a lot of patience doing it, because it requires some time.

At the moment we haven’t decided whether we will release a separate html version of the theme. Also, we might, as a bonus, to just include the separate html in the wordpress version of the theme.

Hi guys! Purchased this last night and really looking forward to using it. Have a quick question. In some other of the latest ThemeForest portfolio style, when you launch a lightbox gallery, they have included Tweet 7 Like buttons under the images where they enlarge. I think in the social sharing world, this is a great idea. Would this be possible in your lightbox gallery do you think?

Thank you and congratulations again.


I am not sure to what are you referring. Are you talking about social media icons that some themes have on their blog / portfolio detail ? For example, on this page would you like to have social media icons like here for example – ?

If that’s the case, then no worries, since we’re working on a new update for Avantgarde and we will add such social media icons at the end of each article – with options in backend to enable / disable them.

Just to let everyone know, we have just updated the theme to v1.2 :)

Check out the Avantgarde description for details.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Sorry for not being clear. What I meant was something like this – When you scroll down to their Recent Projects section and launch the image into the Lightbox, the larger image has Facebook Like and Tweet buttons below it. I just thought this was a great little feature and wondered if it would be possible to achieve something similar?

I understand your request now. Yes it’s possible, even though it’s unlikely to include the tweet / like buttons in an update. Please head to forums –, create a new thread and we will give you the code that create the share buttons and also tell you where you need to insert those.

Also, update to the latest version 1.2, we’ve included social media sharing icons to the blog / portfolios detail pages.

Hi Great theme—

Client wants to put blog posts in the cool body section (current works I believe) is that possible? or is it just portfolio class posts? - Also do the sliders act insite only—(like to pages and blogs) or can they send traffic off site to purchase books etc.

Thank you so much!

Not sure I understand your question perfectly but, if you want to replace the portfolio section from homepage with a section like latest 4(or any other number of posts) blog posts then yes, you can insert those latest blog posts on any page, homepage included via a simple shortcode.

Also you can activate the slider on all theme pages if you need to do so via from Theme Options panel.

Let us know whether you have more questions.

Hi, great theme! question, how can you add the contact bar in the footer sidebar?(like you did in the live preview)

We haven’t added any contact bar in the footer. If you are referring to the button that links to the contact page from the footer widget, then insert in a text widget this code:

<a class="more-link" href="absolute_path_to_your_contact_page">fill our form »</a>