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Hi, great theme!

Question is, I can not work next page function in portfolio page. When I click to page 2 link and then it said 404 page not found error. Can you help me what is the problem?


Please make sure that “Blog pages show at most” option from Settings -> Reading is not higher than the posts per page you have for your portfolio.

By default, “Blog pages show at most” is set to 10 so if you create a portfolio with 4 entries per page, then you will get the 404 page.

It’s an old wordpress bug and unfortunately we haven’t found a way to fix it from happening the themes.

First of al really nice theme! Is there any way of getting the blog page as static homepage?

I am afraid this is not possible, since all blog and portfolio sections are categories and wordpress doesn’t have an option to set a category listing as homepage unfortunately.

The only ways are to either create a blog page template(it requires some programming to implement it) and then set it as homepage or to use the latest posts shortcodes in your homepage content to list the last x blog entries(and also disable the slider inclusion for homepage). This second solution is rather simple but it’s a big limitation here: the latest posts shortcode is not capable of displaying the blog pagination.

I keep getting a error for this theme. Its saying its missing a style sheet.

This is the error I keep getting.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I’m from France, so sorry if my english is bad. Thanks for this wonderful theme, i love it BUT i have 2 problems with it :

- How can you change the text “HOME” in the Breadcrumbs ?

- Can you change the name of the link “portfolio_1” by something else like by “realisations” in my case ?

Thanks in advance

1) To change the “HOME” text go to lib/addons/, open gw-breadcrumbs.php and edit the “home” text from this line of code:

_e('Home', 'framework');

2) Please try this solution –

Also, please head to our support forum whether you have more questions / issues.

Hi, how do i specify the homepage to be full width and keep the slider on the homepage only, if i select my home page to be homepage the content don’t fit across correctly, if i select full width it works im using the default homepage like in demo

In Appearance -> Options -> General tab make sure that the option “Do you wish to have sidebar on homepage ?” is set to “No”, which is the default setting.

If you have more questions / issues, please head to our forums –

The theme keeps adding random p tags in my pages. I have already disabled the wpautop in the default-filters.php. Any advise?

The theme doesn’t add p tags in pages. Wordpress by default does this. We have offered you the fix in the forums.

Hi guys, I know you have said so many times about the 404 Page Not Found Error on the Portfolio Page and I have followed everything. I don’t even need a blog in this site. in Settings>Reading (for the blog settings) what should front page equal? Posts page=? Blog Pages show at most = ? Syndication feeds… = ? Using Portfolio 2 (I have 4 paintings in a category) Front page = ? Posts page = ? Blog pages shows at most= ? Syndication feeds … = ? Sorry for all the questions but I have spent nearly a week trying to do this and I am now desperate and frustrated.

It’s explained very well in the documentation about this setting and you will also find a basic example there. It has no relevance whether or not you are using a blog.

However there’s a possibility that you will still have this issue even if you set the “blog posts show at most x posts” correctly, for reasons I haven’t found so far.

The best thing to do is to send us an email via our contact form from our profile with a link to your site, backend access(user / pass) and also please specify how many pages would you want to your portfolio(and what type of portfolio you are using). We will have a closer look and try to find a solution.

may ? change this theme’s language to turkish?

Yes this can be done. The theme is fully localized for easy translation in any language. Also in the theme documentation we have included a chapter – “Theme translation / localization” that explains how to do this.

Hi, great theme but for me the skinning doesn’t work? I used the xml to pull everything in and played around with the skinning options but still nothing. At present I have it set to default, can you work out why the colours i choose don’t appear in the css?

Thank you for your help!

You haven’t installed you theme properly. Please follow the instructions we provided on our forums:

Also, for more support requests or other issues you may encounter with the theme, please head to our support forums.

thanks, no idea what happened but i did a full wipe and it worked 3rd time round


The theme does not show accents correctly. How can I solve the problem of the é è â ã etc …

Sorry my bad english

I think you are referring to the fact that these characters don’t work only in header titles. This happens because the font used in this theme, league gothic doesn’t have these glyphs. The only fix is to remove the font inclusion – open style.css from theme’s root and delete this code:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'LeagueGothicRegular';
    src: url('lib/fonts/League_Gothic-webfont.eot');
    src: url('lib/fonts/League_Gothic-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
         url('lib/fonts/League_Gothic-webfont.woff') format('woff'),
         url('lib/fonts/League_Gothic-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
         url('lib/fonts/League_Gothic-webfont.svg#LeagueGothicRegular') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;

Also, in the same file you might want to make a search in the same file after “LeagueGothicRegular” and delete it anywhere it shows up in the font-family declaration.

Ok great theme thanks its awesome but i have been working about 2 days now someonehow the “honey cumb” looking things i want on my site but i have no clue how to get it on here. here is my site please help getting really fustrated im pretty new to wordpress i used other wesite making site so please hep

Please consult the theme documentation about how to setup the portfolio type 1. It’s quite easy and straightforward and in the same way the blog and the other portfolios are created.

Also for more questions please head to our forums –

I’m trying to insert any of the portifolios in my homepage using shortcodes but all of them are not displaying correct, images got out of place, and in portifolio 1 things are bigger than in the demo example. Is there a way to display it correctly?

I wonder what I did wrong.

For support please head to our forums – and also provide a link to your website so we can see what is wrong with your setup.

Hi, sorry for my bad english, I have a problem with the theme after I installed appears that Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_pagenavi() in /home/cordws/public_html/wp-content/themes/avantgarde/avantgarde/lib/addons/wp-pagenavi.php on line 31

How can I fix that?


The theme comes with wp-pagenavi plugin integrated. Your error is caused by the fact that you already have wp-pagenavi plugin activated in your plugins section. Please disable / remove the plugin from your server and the theme should work fine.

Hello. I am having a issue with posting the shortcodes. Can you explain how I can get them to work?

There isn’t too much to explain about using shortcodes. You just paste the shortcode model from the documentation inside your wordpress editor and adapt it with your real content.

Could you please head to our support forums – and tell us in more detail what shortcodes don’t work ? Also, please provide a link to your site too so we can have a look.

I dont understand how to apply the icons like in the original theme.

Hi Starshade, I am building the site here:

Curretly I am experiencing a few issues.

1.) Why am I getting the comments form on the home page?

2.) Why isn’t my shortcode working under “Clients that make us proud”

3.) Where is there documentation on how to get the portfolio posts on the home page in those funky honey comb boxes? I am assuming this has to be shortcode pasted in the home page content editor?



1) When you create your home page, make sure you uncheck the “Allow comments” checkbox from the discussion box under your page editor.

2) The “Clients that make us proud” section doesn’t support shortcodes, just html code, like the one that generates the clients logo. If you wish to use shortcodes, you should paste those only in your page content editor.

3) Yes, in the shortcodes section, see the [latest_port1] shortcode – this will pull the latest x posts from your portfolio type 1(honey comb boxes).

Also, for more questions / issues, please head to our support forum:

Hi again, thanks for your previous reply. I have another question which I haven’t been able to answer through the forum.

I have set my tips and advice page to the full width template and then places the portfolio 2 shortcode in it. Firstly, the grid doesn’t go three across, only two. Secondly, I have created categories and placed three portfolio 2 posts in various categories, however, the filter by function like you have on your theme template doesn’t appear. Is there somewhere where I activate this?

The portfolio filter works only in the portfolio categories pages, not by using latest posts shortcodes. Also you have an older version of the theme where a template with 3 portfolio entries in a row didn’t exist(except for portfolio type 1).

Please update the theme to the latest version(a portfolio 3 will appear in the menu that you should use – the portfolio will look exactly like this – and I suppose this is what you will be needing). One more note here, in Appearance -> Theme Options, Portfolio tab, there is option to enable / disable the portfolio filtering for type 2 (and type 3 in newer versions) and this setting is activated by default.

Also please follow closely the theme documentation when setting up the portfolios(most importantly, see the category hierarchy).

If you the issues persist with setting up the portfolios, please drop us and email with user / pass to your site(via our contact form from our profile – so we can have a look and correct your settings.

And please make to head to our forums( and post your issues there since we are not offering support in the comments section of the theme.

This is what I am having an issue with. I am trying to post the area were the Service shortcode is. The following path is

[service title=”service title” desc=”text description” icon=”absolute_path_to_icon”]

How do I define the path to “absolute_path_to_icon”?

I got it now, but now I dont understand how to stack them side by side like on the example website. I dont understand [intone_half] / [intone_half_last]

Everything you need to know it’s in the documentation…

Interior one half short shortcodes are used like this:

[intone_half] content [/intone_half] 
[intone_half_last] content [/intone_half_last]
Also, like I stated before, please stop posting support requests here and head to our forums. We stopped a long time ago offering support in the comments section of our themes.

How do I get the subhead to appear under each nav entry? In the demo theme, under “Home” is “get started” and under “Elements” is “theme features”. I would like to add the same to my site.

Regards, jhsizemore


It’s explained step by step in the documentation, please consult the menu setup section to learn how to activate your description textarea for menu items.