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Why am I getting these errors from the galleria?

Could not extract width/height from image: Traced measures: width:0px, height: 0px. Image not loaded in 30 seconds:

This might be caused by a bug from galleria script, but with no additional information we are not able to provide a fix.

Please head to our support forums – – open a thread about this and also post a link to your page site where this is happening. Also let us know on what browsers this issue is happening.

There is the possibility to change the yellow color with another color?

Yes the theme comes with a couple of predefined decorations using blue, green, orange and red colors and you also have color picker to choose any color you like for the theme elements – you can check the screenshots with theme’s options here –


I have a couple quick questions before I (hopefully) purchase this theme.

1. On the grid portfolio pages, is there a way to have a short descriptions (a couple of sentences) below the project title, rather than just a few words like on the demo?

2. Also, is it possible to have multiple portfolios rather than just 1 filterable portfolio?



Thank you for your interest in your theme.

1) This can be done only by making some theme customizations to the portfolio(a html “container” should be added under the portfolio image where you will be inserting your lines of text). We can provide this customization free of charge on our support forum(, if you decide to buy. You can head to our forum, create a thread with this request(state what portfolio type you want to use) and will post the instructions.

2) Yes. Like we stated in the item description(“unlimited portfolios of the same type”), you can create multiple portfolios of the same type and for each of these portfolios you can enable / disable filtering.


Is possible the widget: GW Lastest Posts show the thundnail image of the post? In the left like 50×50 75×75 or similar…?

Sorry my bad english

Not sure I understand your question. The GW Latest Posts widget already shows the thumbnail of the associated post, like demonstrated in the demo – (see the “latest from blog” widget)

Please head to our support forum( ) and provide a more detailed description to your request. Also include a link to your site.

Yes is this! BUT …

Is not working if you put this widget in the footer. Just in the left or right sidebar is working.

You can edit to show in the footer the image… Just appear the text.

View there: is called “noticias” just appear text and I have been put the “featured image”

Indeed we had removed it from the footer because the is not enough width for a footer widget to contain both the image thumb and title / date. If you really need it in the footer too, open style.css from theme’s root and delete this code:

.fbox .wpost-image { display:none; }

For more support requests, please head to our support forum.

With some other modifications is working

.fbox .wpost-content { width:65%; with 100% dont show the image And I edit the margin .wpost-image img { float:left; margin:5px 13px 0 0; display:block;

Thanks now is working.

are all your themes as easy to use as this one? Seriously this has been the easiest theme to work with and customize so far. Great work.


Thanks for nice comments! Indeed the theme is really straightforward to work with! And all our future themes will be like this.

About the other themes that we released in the past, unfortunately no, they are on an older framework and a bit more complicated to setup(I’m referring to blog and portfolio sections, the theme options panel is the same / almost the same). However we have serious plans to update all our themes and make them just as user friendly as Avantgarde. We’ve already started updating Royalty in this direction, but we’re not quite there with it yet. After Royalty, we will upgrade Aquitaine, Media Consult, Innova Construct and Acapella, most likely in this order. By July we hope to have them all up to date and also release a new business theme :)

For update releases you can check our twitter account where we make announcements about our themes and future plans. Also for questions / issues, you can go to our support forum –

You can get the text of the slideshow? There is this option?

Hello i just purchased your theme. I would like to know what is the cost for you to install it on my wordpress site. I luck the time and knowledge on how to set it up.

How do you adjust the padding in the header? I need my logo to be aligned to the left and the menu to the right. The logo and menu seem to have about 45px pad from table edge on left and right which is causing the main menu to overlap the logo.


what should I set to the home page as it appears to me the example, ie the slide and the last or most recent publications?

If you are referring to slides order, you can control this by changing the creation date for each slide post. The first slide will be the most recent created.

I mean that my website does not appear on the item page, only displays the slider

I still don’t understand, at least not until I see a link to your site. Also, we are not offering support here, so please head to our support forum – – and provide more details and a link to your site.

Hi, I’m interested to buy it, but I whould llike to know if for the gallery, I can only use default wordpress galery shortcode to create a simple (does it will look good. ?)

and does your theme font support accented character ?

Thanks !

Supposing you are referring to galleria, then the galleria shortcode is the one that is illustrated on this page: (see the galleria shortcode)

About fonts, the body font arial supports all kinds of accents, while the font used on headers, league gothic supports a limited number of glyphs. For full glyphs list, please see: (click on character map)

Quick questions..before I buy. :) Is it easy to change the background to an image I want to use or plain color? Can you make the logo bigger?? Thank you for your help!! Love it!!

The background is changed from Appearance -> Background in your wordpress dashboard. So the theme uses the native wordpress background feature, so it’s a really easy thing to do.

About the logo yes, you can use a bigger one.

If you decide to buy and have issues / questions we can assist you on our support forum –

Hey, I have bought the theme and am using portfolio 3 to display my work. I use the GW portfolio widget in footer widget area 1. Where you choose which portfolio to display in the widget, My only options in the drop down are port1 &port2.

Is there a way to display port3 in the widget?

Thanks Welby

The portfolio 3 section was added after the theme was released in a update and we forgot to add the option to pull entries from portfolio 3 in the portfolio widget.

Just drop us an email via our contact form from our themeforest profile and we will send you the modified widgets.php that you need to paste over the old one to have the option to pull entries from portfolio 3 too.

Hello Welby,

We have just sent you the new widgets.php file.

Kind regards and thanks for noticing us about this, a theme update will be released to include this change.

Goldenworks team.

Hey guys, thankyou so much for your quick reply and prompt resolution. replacing the widgets.php did work perfectly.

I have been very happy with the theme and this service.

If you would like to see the results:



I have a few questions:

1. In the gallery, how can I make the photo fill the entire box?

2. How can I change the color of the background color on the HOVER on the navigation. It’s currently dark gray and Red Text. I would like White Text.

3.In the footer, the Gallery widget looks weird and the images are not the same size, how can I fix that?

4. Lastly, is there a way to take to take the text/headlines OFF of the homepage slider?

I look forward to your response.

Thanks, Stephanie

Hello Stephanie,

We are offering support only on our support forum – , so please head there and create a thread about your questions.

I can answer here to 2 & 3 that are the same issue: for some reason the automatic wordpress built in resize mechanism does not work for you. You must try to regenerate your thumbnails, which is done using this plugin –

After activating and running the plugin, refresh your site to see if the images are resized properly. If the problem persists, drop us an email via our contact form from our themeforest profile with login details to your site so we can have a look. Also, let us know if you made changes to the theme files.

1. I have created new slider and added images. However, my images will not show. It keeps showing the default slide image and saying no images are added. However, my headline and subtext are showing.

2. Is it possible to change the default size of the slider image box so that the width is not so long

3. The slide images will not center in the slider box so that I have the 2 colored bars on the side just like in the theme demo. How do I fix that.

4. Finally, do I have to use shortcodes to be able to insert the 3 columns below the introductory text on the home page?

I am trying to use the Portfolio 2 &3 however, the filtering function is not working. My categories will display on the individual pages, but the sort/filter will not show or work on the main portfolio page. In addition, how can I display video flv files so that they can begin to play when the image is clicked on. The wma and quicktime versions of the file are too large.

We have answered to your issue on the forums 3 days ago and also sent you an email yesterday. Let us know if still have problems with portfolio filtering.

To start: Great theme!

1 question:

on my homepage there is a portfolio with pictures. Whene you click on the picture its enlarging.

There is the option to put a videolink to it, but is there also the possibility to link it to an other page on your website?

works great! thank you

Here i am again;)

on the home page it works great! but when i go to the ‘works what we do’ page, there is displayed portfolio 1. When i click on the image there is an error. Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist. Can you help me with that. I want to link the pictures to a different page.


You should remove rel=”prettyphoto[port-3]” from taxonomy-portfolio1_categories.php too, since this is the file that is used by portfolio type 1.

Also for more support questions please come to our support forums – since we are not offering support in the comments section of the themes anymore for about 1 year.

Hi, When trying to upload a background image, the upload fails and I am presented with a Server Error page.

Could you please find out what is causing this problem.


How do I get rid of the sidebar on the homepage?

In Appearance -> Theme Options -> General tab you have an option to enable or disable the sidebar for homepage, look for:

Do you wish to have sidebar on homepage ? Yes / No

Also, for more support questions or issues with the theme, please come to our support forums –

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team

Hi How do i change FS slider so it displays more than 10 images

We have responded in the forum to your question. The slider supports 30 slides and this limit can be increased by editing the posts_per_page parameter from slider.php that is found in includes folder.