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Very nice theme. Good luck with sales and welcome to TF :)

Thank you, Marijan! More is coming soon :)

Wow! Very impressive theme. I would like to purchase it. Can you please let me know if you provide install service and if so what you charge to do it. Also what kind of support do you provide. Thank you very much! :)

We are organizing a special offer for ThemeForest members on that and we will send you the information shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to ThemeForest, good luck with sales. :)

Best regards

Thank you!

awesome theme, but not responsive? I would buy it if it was.

Responsive design is included in the roadmap and we are going to upload that in couple of days. You will know exactly when this feature will be available. Thank you for your patience!

thanks and what about a quickview?

if we will by the theme will you provide the dummy data XML or DB????

so that we can get it populated???

We are going to provide that in couple of days. Thank you for your interest in the Avanti theme!

The theme comes with sample data??

Thanks in advance for your answer.

We will provide the sample data in couple of days. Thank you for your interest!

Do you have a HTML Version for the same

No, we are not providing HTML version in the moment.

Just wanted to say I think this is brilliant. It is nice to see developers adding genuinely unique features, your large thumbnails in the category browse pages are great and I love the way you have simplified the product page, really great work.

Thanks a lot! It is always nice to receive a positive feedback from other developers. Your work is very nice too.

Also interested in this theme. Please let me know when the responsive functionality is available. Very nice theme BTW, thanks.

We will publish the development roadmap until the end of the week, the next version of the theme will include responsive design. Thanks for the interest!

Hello, the lens can show in another way?

We will consider adding another option in the next version. Thank you for the feedback!

Very nice theme. Good luck with sales ;);)

Thank you!

I have purchased this, but would love to have it with the data, so that I can find my way around. Also now get a 404 error when I try to save config. Was able to activate theme however. What is your contact details ?

Welcome to the Avanti family!

To get the 404 error you probably didn’t refresh the cache as described in section 1.4 pt. 3 in the documentation. Please, follow the steps described there and if the problem persists, leave us another message. We will investigate further and give you the solution as fast as possible.

You can leave a message here or use the form in our profile page here:

do you have a one click install with demo contact on this theme?

No, but we are going to provide example product database tomorrow. It can be installed with few more clicks if you need it.

Hi! awesome theme , but please can you make it support RTL even if it cost me more .?


We will consider adding this feature in the roadmap. Thanks for the interest and check back soon for updates!

Awesome theme! Could you also include alternate product image on hover in your roadmap? thanks!

This feature is already included. You have two options: the “gallery” view (a small icon and thumbnails on hover; this is the default option) or alternate product image on hover. Use whatever fits best for your products.

Multilanguage ready???


Yes. Check the demo. The links “Fashion”, “Makeup”, “Fragrance” are store views, that are used also for multilanguage set-up. You can set-up different language, currency and theme settings (colors, banners, even different logo) for each store-view.

Is the demo content available yet?

Today we submit to Themeforest the demo content and the instructions for approval

Hi, where can is demo content?

The demo content will be available soon inside the package, we’ll let you know as soon as our package is approved.

The Avanti documentation updated with a section on how to download and import our demo products has been approved. You can find the link to the demo content inside the PDF.

Hi, i love your theme. I have a few questions:

1. For the home page, is there an option to remove the slider for feature products? And, it allows me to decide how many products i want to display. Eg. I want to display 16 products (4 rows x 4 products per row).

2. In the demo home page, it only features the “newest products”. Can it also feature “best selling products”, “sales products” and so on?

3. Can the Mosaic grid view also applicable to home page > feature products?

4. For the category page > Mosaic grid view, is the grid’s size adjustable?

5. Notice that all your product images come with transparent background, can you also upload some product images with background color (white and other colors)?

6. Notice that there are some spaces in left & right sides of the page in desktop view. Can I increase the page width in Admin, to reduce the spaces in left & right sides?

Look forward to your response. Thanks.

Hello Pinkhloe, we are still on a holiday. We will get back to you tomorrow 07. May.

Hello Pinkhloe, thanks for your patience!

Here are the answers of your questions:

1. Yes, you can enable/disable the product slider(s) on the home page. Currently two type of sliders are available: one showing the newest products (new products slider) and another showing the products with reduced price (sale products slider). In the current version it is not possible to change the layout from the admin panel (for example show 4×4 products), but we will probably add more options on that in the next versions of the theme.

2. “Sales Products” is possible, “Best Selling Products” is not in the current version. We will add “Best Selling Products” and “Featured Products” in the next versions.

3. Right now it is not. We will consider adding this option.

4. No, since the size of the small boxes should be exactly half the size of the big one. But we will add more preset options in the next versions (double the horizontal size, double the vertical size, 3 and 4 column for the standard grid, etc.)

5. Yes, you can, but it will create a double frame on the category and products pages. We are working on modified layout for customers having product images with white background, the option for that will be available in the admin panel.

6. No, you can’t. We are implementing some adaptive layout for bigger screens though which will be available at the end of the week with the responsive version.

Thanks for your interest and the great ideas on improving Avanti!

Thank you very much for your positive responses, I really can’t wait to see the improved version at the end of the week :)