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How can you add multiple custom menus? I would like all our menu drop downs to be like the custom one.

Yes, you can. Please refer to section 2.14 on page 42 in the documentation.

Can I create different pages to show items? For example “Top brown shoes” and manually add those items. Or “Must buy” and add what I think is good

Hiw will the non standart fonts work (for exemple the titels) in russian? Do the support it?

Can i check the admin for the theme? I want to see if the titles will work in russian

No, the custom fonts SCB Gothic (default design) and Sofia Pro (flower design) do not have the Cyrillic alphabet. You have to use another font. Or switch to “Clean Fashion” style which is using Georgia.

Hi, Can I create some additional boxes on front page for things like adverts and also, on the mobile theme iphone, the cart disappears can that be added?


Yes you can. There are few predefined positions explained in the Documentation. You can also add more yourself. The cart can be enabled on iPhone very easy, but it will need a little layout modification in order to fit the space. Please refer to a customization service. These are simple tasks.

Hello ShopShark,

Is there any demo webshop with Avanti theme where I could upload some of our products? I really like this theme but I would like to check our product pictures in it before we purchase it.

Please send an email using the form here:

We are going to set-up a demo for you and send you the details back.

We like to say thanks to the support team of ShopShark for their great help and fast reply.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, you have the no responsive theme for download ?

I would not responsive version is available after download

Salve, scusi, ma non abbiamo capito esattamente la sua richiesta. Sta chiedendo se e’ possibile avere una versione di Avanti senza responsive?

Se vuole puo’ acquistare Avanti e le manderemo il file necessario ad avere la versione di Avanti senza responsive.

si precisamente, grazie mille a presto

Congrats on the great theme. I bought it last week.

Is it possible to add a border around the website? Now I used a background which I centered and changed the background colour to match the tiled images. But the header and product boxes look rather weird. Is there any way to work around that? Or will the possibility perhaps be added to the next release?


Yes, you can add box like this by altering the CSS style. We will also consider adding option for that in the next release.

Great to hear! Thank you for your quick reply. Any idea on when the next release will be?

Ps: A font editor would be great too ;P

The next release will be around 25-th of June. Check regularly for updates.


I just purchased the theme, i unzipped and up loaded the content into the root, now when i go to log in i can no longer select menu items,

need help on this right away if possible i will provide site access, once you request it.



I fixed the other issue i was having, now i have the theme installed and working except, i see this when i try to visit a category,

thanks, for any help

ok in order to fix this i had to diable additional images in the category but now the sliders on the product page and home page do not work can you please help out here i have asked for help many times and been ignored. Thank you

Hello ogybling, we have sent you an email. You have to provide some more details.

hello there I like this theme can I use for the small business? I have a running website (online sushi delivery)but order system not really good please send me your email I can send you the like to view my website

Please send an email using the form here: or contact us at

Hi, we just installed the latest version of your Avanti Theme, but we had massive problems with our Product Detail-Page right form the start.

The product images are to big, the Layout is shifted and the most important thing is, that many Blocks are not displayed, the whole “Product Detail Description Block” on the bottom, the price information and so on. 70% of all article Information is not displayed and the Layout looks strange.

Can you provide quick help?

Here is an example Product view in our Shop: You will see the differences to the Avanti Demo.

System: We run an actual Magento Community Version.

Best regards

Looks like you have something old in the cache or did you modified the code of the theme yourself?

Hello I would like to know which MAgento Version is this theme compatible with?. Does it work with version?.

Hello, the Theme is working only on Magento, Magento, Magento

Hello, last week I asked you for demo access via the form on But no response. We need to check some features (which are not visible in the current demo – e.g. more pictures on product page) before purchase. Thanks.

Hello. We did send you two replies – one for each message. The demo is set for you and you have the log-in details in the replies. Please check your email thoroughly (check also the spam folder) or give us a different email.

Sorry, my email client marked it as spam. Now I found it. Thanks a lot, I will check it!

Hello. We bought your theme and now I see the shopping cart page doesn’t look like responsive design – the table is always wide. Can You help with the problem? Thanks.

Hello. Thank you for the feedback. It is a bug in the theme. We are going to fix it and send update ASAP. Thank you for your patience!

The fixed version is submitted for review. Should be available in few hours. If you didn’t edit anything over the files you can simply overwrite them.

Hello Sir,

Please, could you assist me with installing this theme (which I purchased yesterday) to my hosting plan?



Unfortunately, we are not providing installation services at the moment. Try installing yourself following the documentation. Avanti includes one click installation procedure.

Hi, I have downloaded the update, but could not find any notes on upgrading the theme.

Can you give some guidance?

If you didn’t change any of the files of Avanti yourself (change the layout or the style), then it is absolutely safe to just upload the new files over the old one.

The files that are changed from version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 are: /app/design/frontend/default/avanti/template/checkout/cart.phtml /app/design/frontend/default/avanti/template/checkout/cart/item/default.phtml /skin/frontend/default/avanti/css/styles.css

If you did apply changes to these files, please use a diff tool to identify the changes and apply them to your files.

An online diff tool is available here:

Can you tell me how to “activate” the sizes menu in the product page? I can’t seem to find it in the manual nor in the admin panel options.

I assume that I prob. need to make some more attributes.

If you need to keep every size (color, etc.) with different SKU and inventory, you need to create configurable product. Please refer to these guides:

Product types in Magento:

Creating configurable product:

If you need just the selector, without keeping track on the inventory, you can create custom options:

I am just wondering about this template and its focus on SEO. Has anything been changed on this template to increase SEO? Alot of other premium themes go into detail about changes in this department.

Hello Madman13, thank you for the question.

As far as we know SEO for ecommerce is harder, a fast website with a good Title + Text + Global Attribute h1/h2 are only the foundations and Avanti + (Magento URL Key) has already all these things but probably this is not enough compared with the other premium themes.

We can speak about SEO because we are a seo experts team too in the market from more than 10 years, you can check our themeforest Avanti page ranking on and for the very competitive long tail keyword “magento themes”.,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48293060,d.Yms&fp=fdf5f403bfdfeffb&biw=1920&bih=1009,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48293060,d.Yms&fp=70ba15beebacc186&biw=1920&bih=1009

I think and this is my opinion, have a good onsite structure it’s only the foundation but not enough for ranking an ecommerce website for a competitive keyword or a very profitable niche.

Hi there, Great work you have. Before I make a purchase, I have questions.

Please can the size (width and height)of the homepage slider be altered? If so, how is this done via the admin panel or via css?

Can the font type and colour be changed via admin panel too? Can we use google fonts?

Thank you

Hello duveramedia, sorry for the delay, customer support lines are not working on Saturday and Sunday, I have sent your request to the second line support, they will replay to you on Monday morning.

Hello duveramedia and thanks for the interest. The homepage slider have two predefined sizes that can be controlled from the admin panel: Standard (which fits the size of the main column), and “Wider” which is 150 pixel wider than the main column. In “Wider” mode it still does not create horizontal scrolling. Completely custom size can be achieved by changing the CSS. We will add the custom size option in the admin panel in the next version.

As for the fonts, right now Avanti does not have Google fonts available in the admin panel, but we will add this in the next version. You can change the font and color very easy by editing the CSS (as all the font declaration and colors are in a single place).

I bought it and installed over FTP but when I click on system configuration I get the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘ThemeOptions_ExtraConfig_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/elwireca/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 546

I really need to get this sorted out ASAP as I have to have this template up and running in the next day.

You have to recompile the Magento files. Go in System -> Tools -> Compilation.