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Ok I sorted it out (I had to disable a feature to get it to work) but I am having a problem with the product display page, the blocks/pictures are all on top of eachother. shows what I mean, I haven’t changed a thing for the product page. Please email me matt at to resolve this as I have to have this up and running. The rest of my site is good to go but there is a problem with the product page.

I managed to find a solution to this (my old theme had product pages set to 2 columns which broke the product page. I still have a number of questions that I need to talk to support about though right away as my checkout is blank as well as a few other issues I am having.

Hello madaman13, we received your emails and we will investigate your issues in deep in Monday.

Hello Madaman13, can you please send us a message using this form and describe the issues that a re still not resolved?

Hi, I am trying to install the theme, but I get a lot of 404’s when I try to change the settings. I decided to do a fresh install of Magento, with a new copy of avanti, but still the same problems. Can you help me out?

Hello, we saw your email, please could you send us a link to the website in order to examine the problem? You can use the form here to keep it private:

On Monday morning our Second Line Support will get back to you.

Hello ShopShark,

I bought your template I have a lot of problems with his configuration.

1. The csv file for import is broken and my Magento 1.7.2 does not allow my to import in because of mistakes in heather of the file, emptu columns etc. 2. I am making Bulgarian translation of the store and the subscribe button text is out of the subscribe field see 3. All the image files doesn’t appear on the frontend after import – where are the sliders?

Please help

Hello Miroslav, 30 min ago our first line support send you an email, right now the second line support is reviewing the issues you have with CVs etc. We will get back to you very shortly.

Rumiana G.

hello I didn`t receive any mail

Please check in your spam folder

Subject: Re: Problem with csv file import Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 08:57:48 +0300 From: ShopShark Support <>

Hi there, in the marketing material it is said that the SKU can be hidden on the product pages. I must have overlooked it in the documentation and in the admin as well, because I cannot seem to find it. Did I overlook it, or we have to hide the SKU the “hard” way? Thanks.

This feature was added in the last update. Please download the latest version.

Hi again. I did download the latest version and still cannot find it. Please the way. Thanks.

You should go in System->Configuration->ShopShark->ThemeOptions->Product Page Options and set “Show Product SKU” to your preferred state.

You should also recompile and refresh the cache after uploading the new files.

First – This is more than a theme. This fixes so many tiny little issues I’ve had with Magento. And on top of that, it’s attractive! I might not tell anyone else about it, though. I don’t want them knowing how easy it was!

Second, a couple of things with the Slider:

- Is it possible to use taller than 335 pixels in height for the slider without cropping? I'm assuming this is handled in CSS. (And I know breaking the seal voids my warranty and I shouldn't fold, staple, bend, or mutilate the CSS.)

- Is it possible to make the image in the slider clickable as well? Sometimes my vendors are very specific about what images I can use and how their content can be displayed. Making the slider image clickable will allow me to just use their file. (You and I know that actual text is better for SEO & screen readers, but they paid a lot for that font they type their text in and need to get all their money’s worth out of it apparently.)

Those two small things are NOT dealbreakers for Avanti, guys. It’s super easy to use & install.

Thanks a lot, sharonluggage! It is always nice to receive positive feedback.

About controlling the slider height – yes, it is possible. With the latest update (1.2.3) we added custom option for that in the control panel. You can override the default size of 335px and put a custom height of the slider. Please check which version you are using. If you didn’t change manually the theme files you can simply overwrite the old files with the new one, then recompile and refresh the cache to upgrade.

About the slide itself being clickable: We will consider adding this option in the next update. It is definitely possible with a little modification of the layout of the banner. If you ask a developer to do it for you, it shouldn’t be much trouble.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Hello guys,

Appreciate what you did – it is a great theme and I really enjoy it. Hope my future clients will as well.

Though, I have one technical issue now, when I click on a product, instead of getting to a product page with all related attributes I get a page with pics and the following text:

“Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /home/vhosts/ on line 45”

Please, could you help with it? Appreciate a lot you help in advance,



Please check if you did everything explained in section 2.12 Brand Logo On Product Page. Either you did not create/add the brand attribute to the attribute set of your products, or your setting in the Avanti control panel is not correct.


We have purchased your theme and wanted to change some styles in the PSD however there is only one header and style set up (logo left and pink background strip) – the other layouts showed in your preview store do not seem to exist in the design files? We wanted to use (Fashion 2) set-up.

Can you please provide the PSD that has this set-up within as shown in the preview and you say is available.


Hello Chris, sorry for the delay, the designer has built the entire layout “fashion2 ” with CSS, i ask them to prepare the PSD just for you, at the end of the day you will receive on your email.

Perfect. Thanks.

Hello Chris, an email with the PSD file was just sent to you.

Nice theme. I may purchase it. One question: The product reviews are shown directly on the product page. What does it look like if there are many, many reviews (say, 20+ reviews)? Are they all listed one by one on the product page?

Thanks. I sent the email and will await your reply by email.

I have just reply to you, we will try to sort out this as first priority.

The fix is sent to your email…

the description on my website has broke Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /home4/sheishi/public_html/ on line 45

I have 33,000 products loaded to the template, the programmers who uploaded the products said it broke inside the template .

Can you help?

Also custom category does not show up on the backend where categories are created – where do i find that to delete it


Refreshed the cache and activated theme as in documentation – still no luck still reading the description on my website has broke Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /home4/sheishi/public_html/ on line 45


and reindexed

its working thanks for all your help

Hi There,

We have just purchased the theme and when we click on “configuration” it loads the theme options but when we save or edit any of the options it goes to a 404 page. Also when we click on “theme options” on the left hand menu bar it goes to a 404 page. Can someone please assist? We have emptied the cache via magento and nothing seems to change.


You should log out and log-in again. This will reload the access rules for the backend and let you use the theme configuration.

Hi, I really like this theme a lot. Before I put the BUY button, I have a question to ask. I am running a E-commerce store with Chinese language, so if I need to translate some English into Chinese in your theme, is it possible? Or the language is just all embedded into the magento’s platform and I only need to use a Chinese language pack for Magento? Waiting for your answer, Thank you!

The embedded font used for the main menu, titles, etc. Does not support Chinese. It only supports extended Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. You can still use Avanti in Chinese, but you have to switch to another font. You’ll need to modify few lines in the CSS (our support can help you with that).

Hi, i want to make an menu … by brands

You can achieve that by using the custom menu item. Please refer to the section 2.14 in the documentation. You’ll have to manually create the links to display all the products from a brand in the followin format:

where Brandname is the label of the manufacturer attribute as described in section 2.12.1 in the documentation.

Hi, i have a bug in my MAGENTO templates

Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /home/infoconc/www/boutique2/app/design/frontend/default/avanti/template/catalog/product/view.phtml on line 46

Cordially Frederic

You have probably enabled the brand logo option in the Theme Configuration, but didn’t complete the other steps as described in section 2.12 in the documentation. Please, complete all the steps in section 2.12 or disable the brand logo option in System -> Configuration -> Theme Config -> Product Page Options

thank for your response. I work now :)

Hi, i have a bug in product look this The old price is not visible

Ok, thx

Go in System -> Configuration -> Design -> HTML Head and put the following in the Miscellaneous Scripts field:

<style type=”text/css”> .products-grid.columns3 .price-box { width: 100%; } .price-excluding-tax, .price-including-tax { display: inline; } </style>

If the problem is not solved, please send an email using the form here:

Yes, if good. Thank for you job.

hello, i want to add social media tumbler and instagram


Hi, Tumbler and instagram are not included as font icons, we will include in the next font update.

hi, only 3 banners are working rest of them show blank

even check the manufacturer listing thanks

any update

Hello, the second line support is working on all the requests, they will get back to you with the fix a soon as possible.

Hello this template is for Spanish language? thanks

We would love to have, unfortunately we don’t have any discount coupon, sorry.

You are welcome


Please look at this page:

How do I 1) Sort the subcategories (brand names on the left) by name, 2) Instead of having the page list down all the subcategories, how can I switch to a dropdown combo box? 2) How do I remove the grey box on the top right of this subcategory page which is currently listing all the subcategories and going out of range?


You have create categories with the name of the brands, you must do the opposite. you must create a category named “brands” and 2.nd insert the brands inside the category named “Brands” so you solve also the issue with your long list

I actually have already set ‘Fragrance for Men’ followed by subcategories with brand names. Isn’t that the same?


1. To change the order of the categories in the left sidebar go in Catalog -> Manage Categories, then using the tree structure on the left rearrange the categories using drag and drop. Simply drag a category to the place you want it. There is no automatic way to sort them alphabetically.

2. Switch the parent category to anchor. Go in Catalog -> Manage Categories -> <category> -> Display Settings -> Is Anchor -> Yes. Then go in every subcategory in General Information -> Include in Navigation Menu -> Yes. This will make the left menu expandable and show the subcategories in the main menu.

3. If you switch the category to anchor (pt. 2) the subcategories will not be displayed in the grey box.

Error Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /index.php/admin/system_config/save/key/b2d78ff1eb57e2354ff14dee0637355e/section/mygeneral/ on this server.

Can you please describe the problem in an email, using the form here:


Ok Thanks!

Hello Globalseo, this is the first line support, please could send us an email a soon as you can, we will try to sort out all the comments before the next couple of hrs. Tomorrow and Monday we will run out of resources caused by the holiday season and for sure we will have delays in sorting out second line support request. Thanks.