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hello I have other problems with the template. it is impossible to choose Shipping displaying the amount is invisible on ipad

iphone and the crossed out price is misplaced.

Thank for you response

Hello, I have just reply your request to the second one support. Unfortunately we will be on a holiday until Monday. On Tuesday morning we will get back to you with the fix.

Hello Lesconcours, which version of iPad is this? We couldn’t recreate the problem in out testing environment…

Due to a high number of requests (+400) received in the last three days, including the explanation of how the template-Magento is working, minority bug fixing, implementation requests, the second and third line support will try to fulfill all requests received up to now within the next 24-36 hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience and in particular those who are waiting since last week. We will fulfill every request received so far as quickly as possible.

Is this some sort of joke? We have purchased this theme and numerous things do not work such as the product zoom, lightbox viewer, product image slider, we can’t add videos (which the theme says it can) and numerous other things that are messed up, we contact support and 4 weeks later nothing!!

How do we uninstall and get a refund?

Did you check your spam folder for the reply too? We did send you the solution 3 weeks ago. I am also re-sending it now.

You can get a refund any time by sending a ticket at Envato Support here:


I have an error message on my product page:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /home/emazeseo/public_html/app/design/frontend/default/avanti/template/catalog/product/view.phtml on line 46

Can you please help?


Please complete all the steps to enable the brand logo on product pages as it is described in section 2.12 on page 36 in the documentation. Or disable the brand logo in System -> Configuration -> Theme Options -> Product Page Options -> Show Brand Image -> Disable.

Thanks now I cannot see the field quantity, please check the url:

Thanks for your help

Hello coheneric5, this is the first line.

I i would like to ask you if already somebody from the second line support wrote to you, because i don’t see this on my database.

If not, somebody will get back to you shortly, please let me know.


pLEASE LET ME KNOW WHY? I put a category ID and I enable it.

Did you set a valid date for “Set Product as New from Date” or “Set Product as New to Date” in the general options for the products you want displayed in this slider? Go in Catalog -> Manage products -> [choose some product] -> General Options -> Set Product as New to Date -> put some date in the future. Save the product. Until the date in the future is reached, this product will be shown in the new products slider on the home page.

I also would like to add instagram to the socials. Do you know when will the next update be? Is there a way I can edit the icons myself, I ask because I can’t seem to find the location of icons, if not no worries, I can wait. Cheers.

Hello Oisaaco, the designers are working building these icons as fonts and will be available with the next release. All the icons are fonts we didn’t use the sprites for the icons.

bye, i’have installed your theme yesterday but i have a problem like another person in theese discussion: when i save config of theme configuration appears 404 Error, i have just refresh the cache like you explain in pdf…can you help me?

Hello worket76, please could you send us and email t to with your FTP and Admin pwd and we will help you to sort this out.

Please, after installation, log out from the backend and log in again. This is caused by the permissions for the backend sections being cached (so you need to clear this cache).

i have this error when i tried upload a image

error: error in [unknown object].fireEvent():

event name: open_browser_callback

error message: MediabrowserUtility is not defined

Can you please send us an email at with a link to your website and backend access. We are going to investigate it further. Thanks!

ok thanks. I resolved it


Did you set a date in the “Show as new from date” or “Show as new to date” fields in the product options?

nothing. What Can I do??

Hello ShopShark,

I bought your template and I have problems with CSV upload. How can I fix that.

Error message: “File is totally invalid. Please fix errors and re-upload file Checked rows: 79, checked entities: 7, invalid rows: 79, total errors: 100”

Hi Maugus

As for the CSV demo products import, you have probably missed few steps in the guide. You are missing some product attributes needed for the CSV import. Please check again the guide and complete all the steps. If you still have trouble, please send a message to


You can import the products into the store using CSV, one thing must be taken in consideration, the CSV should have the default Magento loading profile.

A lot of times the reason for the unsuccessful import is the difference between the format of the CSV data in the file and the one that the default Magento import profile expects.

The real procedure is:

1. login to your admin panel and go to system > import/export > profiles.

2. Now click on the import all product

3. choose upload file and select your CSV file and press continue and edit .

4-After that click on the “Run Profile” and select the imported file .

5-finally click on the run profile in Popup simple but the main problem came when your CSV doesn’t match with the magento CSV format.

A simple system to match your CSV with Magento is:

Step 1 – Add a new product manually (It’s important that you fill out all fields that you know you are going to need for all the products you import.)

Step 2 – Export Your Products Go to System >> Import/Export >> Profiles. Now click on Export All Products then Run Profile. Click on the “Run Profile in Popup” button. Once the export is completed, go to your var/export directory on your Magento install and you will find the .csv file there for you to download.

Step 3 – Analyze The .CSV File Now if you look at your .csv export file you will see the field names that you need to match up. Now just start filling yours in and creating your csv file ready for import. This step is extremely important. Otherwise Magento cannot match what you are trying to import and the importing will fail. At a most basic level, here are the fields that I imported:

Step 4 – Import Your New .CSV File Now go to System >> Import/Export >> Profiles. Now click on Import All Products. Change “Type” under Data Format to CSV/Tab Separated. Now click on Upload File, and browse for your .csv file and click “Save and Continue Editing”. Now go to “Run Profile” and select your file from the dropdown menu. Click the button underneath to run the import.

i cant see the quick install file ? other themes have that with sample data. where do i download that ?

Unfortunately no quick installation for Avanti Theme, if you need we can set up a demo for you on our server.

Not all the themes are with quick installation.

if you can provide a backup of your theme with database..i can do it…thanks for the help..

the thing is when i do manual installation ..i f i change any settings in the back-end configuration i loose all the images in the front-end.

hi i have problem in make the menu bar how can i add a menu?

You should create a subcategory under the “Default” category. Please, check this guide:

I am having problems adding a product and getting displayed under the selected category.

Can you please send a request at with explanation and possibly screenshot of the problem?

How do I disable brands showing under Fragrances for men – large pink box on right

Thanking you, Chad

thanks :)

Open the file /app/design/frontend/default/milano/layout/cms.xml

On line 32 you’ll find the following:

<block type="ThemeConfig/brands" name="catalog.product.brands" alias="product_brands" template="catalog/product/brands.phtml" />

Comment it like this:

<!-- block type="ThemeConfig/brands" name="catalog.product.brands" alias="product_brands" template="catalog/product/brands.phtml" / -->

Save the file, reupload it, then refresh the cache.

That’s for Milano. I need to know how to do it on Avanti. Thanks.

Prices for grouped products are showing up as 0.00 on the home page:

However, they DO show up fine on the details page:

Any suggestions?

Also, we would like to arrange the products in a grid on the home page instead of the slider. Do you have any suggestions as to how we could do that?



The price for grouped products show the minimal price for any combination. Since you have products with price $0 in this group it is showing, perfectly correct, minimal price of $0. What you want here is probably a bundle product with some free gift products inside.

The grid view is possible using the same module, changing the view template. Please send a support ticket at

Nice design you have and that is why it caught my eye. I have had some experience with designs and there is always something that is bugging me or that I do not like and always end up contact developer which sometimes does not respond. So I have decided to only buy themes that are working 100% before I buy as I am no coder. this shows Pink/makeup theme when viewed in iphone as you can see it does not work 100% as the text overlaps. I will look for more bugs but is this something you will be able to fix before I buy?

And do you have a new update coming up so we can install the new update directly instead. This is for a new site.

Sure, we’ll fix this and upload a new release. Which version of iPhone is this?

This occur on iphone 4 but also on browser when resized to same size as iphone.

We will fix that in the next release. Thanks!

The customer support it’s closed for the weekend. We’ll be back answering queries on Monday

Have a wonderful weekend!

ShopShark Team :)

hi i cant add products at the new products i already did “Show as new from date” or “Show as new to date” but nothing happens can u gus give me a hand?


1. You must add to the products the date or they will not be visible. “Set Product as New from DateSet Product as New to Date

2. Go in System -> Configuration

3. SHOPSHARK -> Home page Options

4. Set the “Limit to single category” with the Category ID

Please, do not forget to set first the “Current Configuration Scope:” with the store you choose.

Hello, How can I change the height of the homepage slider to put bigger photo?

Thank you

Open the file /skin/frontend/default/avanti/css/slider.css, on line 7 change height: 335px; to the height you want. Reupload. Clear the CSS cache in Magento and your browser cache.

Hello, the images in the slider and footer are appearing as broken images. I have tried refreshing the cache and that did not work.

Thank you!

I have upload the images in the slider and everything it’s working fine.

For the images in the footer do you mean the newest slider? If so, this mean that no image is added as newest.

1. You must add to the products the date or they will not be visible. “Set Product as New from DateSet Product as New to Date

2. Go in System -> Configuration

3. SHOPSHARK -> Home page Options

4. Set the “Limit to single category” with the Category ID

Please, do not forget to set first the “Current Configuration Scope:” with the store you choose.

I will try to add few to show you.

Ok, i check and everything it’s working fine. Main mistakes you have done:

1. You have just 1 product set in “out of stock”

2. No category selected

3. No ID insert in the Shopshark options

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You are the best!