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In product page, I have added multiple images. But the arrow (both forward and backward) under big image disappear. Could you help to solve problem please?

Remark – I have enable “Use product scrollbar” but the arrow still missing

I solved it. I must add at least 6 images to make the button appear.

Hello, I need to change font size of main navigation menu, how can I do this? Thank you

Hello, you have to change the css file:

1. Open the file /skin/frontend/default/avanti/css/styles.css

2. Make the changes – line:690

font-size: 21px;

/********** < Navigation */
.nav-container {  }
#nav { margin-bottom: 5px; }
#nav li.level0 { float:left; margin: 0; background: url( no-repeat left center; padding-left: 14px; }
#nav li.level0 > a { padding: 6px 6px 2px 6px; }
#nav li.level0 > a > span,
#nav li.level0 > p > a > span { font-family: 'SCBGothicDemi'; font-size: 21px; color: #000; }
#nav li.level0.block_li > a > span { cursor: pointer; }

3. Reupload.

4. Clear the CSS cache in Magento and your browser cache.

Best regards, First line Support ShopShark

Hello there,

I have a question. Is it absolutely necessary to set up a category ID for a “New Products” slider? I have products in different categories and they don’t show up unless I input one of the categories. Would I have to create a category with “new products”? That will beat the purpose of leaving blank the category ID field, won’t it?

Thank you in advance for your help.


1. Yes

2. If you create a category “new product”, you can have just 1 category ID in the field but you have to set all the new products also for this category. Probably it’s better to write a script that left these products in the “New Products ” category until their expiration data.


1.Can you tell me how I activate the Mega Menu please. 2. in the default setup of the theme what is the optimum image size for a product image?


Mega Menu

1. System -> Configuration

2. Theme Options -> Menu Options

3. Menu Options -> Menu Type -> MegaMenu -> Save Config

For the product images we used: 750×750 px

@Shopshark, thanks very much, great theme BTW

I supose in order to modify the navigation menu I have to access the CSS right? I wanted to do something similar to this:

Hello, yes you need to access to the CSS file.

1. Open the file /skin/frontend/default/avanti/css/styles.css

2. Make the changes

3. Reupload.

4. Clear the CSS cache in Magento and your browser cache.

Thank you for the fast reply.

why do i loose the images like logo and banners when i save the configuration . i am using the chrome browser with magenbto 1.7.02

Are you sure you have set the right directory permission?.


I’ve seen many instructions for web based software that states that files must be 777 permissions (read/write/execute permissions to all). This may be necessary for some directories but is rarely right for files.

Permissions of 666 (read/write permissions for all) are adequate in these cases (if more strict permissions cannot be set).

777 permissions sets the execute bit on files as well which most web servers don’t (and shouldn’t) require in most cases.

Setting 666 permissions simply says “read and write for all users” which isn’t great either but is more correct.

got 500 server error

I imported my products into Magento, but it has several (a lot) subcategories which are being listed in a single column going all the way down. How do you make them to show up in 3 or 4 different columns or how do you make the subcategories more user friendly.

You can take a look at my website to see what I’m talking about:

When Avanti 1.3? :)

Hello! thank’s for your great job i’ve two questions if you can: this is my site in progress;

Question 1 I’would change background color of top header from grey to #FFF i’ve tried to change .header-blue-container in skin/frontend/default/avanti/css but doesn’t works..can u help me?

Question 2 in your demo on the left you show, under options menu, Manufacturer > Prada etc..ok i would replicate the same thin for my dress shop like “armani”,”dolce gabbana” etc…can you show me how can i do the same on my site with your theme?

ps: your theme support multi language version? i don’t find where is flags to switch language..

we are an italian web agency…if we had need to help for some job can you collaborate? thank’s for your answers… regards andrea

Ciao Andrea, in questo momento stiamo chiudendo, domani ti mando tutte le info di cui hai bisogno.

Per la collaborazione nessun problema, solo che in questo periodo stiamo completando diverse customizzazioni, creando nuovi widgets e preparando alcuni aggiornamenti per Milano e non abbiamo tempo fino alla fine del mese.

Se mi mandi qualche info sulla vostra webagency direttamente a rigiro la vs email al management.

Grazie, ciao, Ivan

Hi, Is there a override.css file being used so that i can make changes to css and not lose them in a update ?

You can add an override.css by adding this line in the layout file:

<action method=”addCss”><stylesheet>css/override.css</stylesheet><params><![CDATA[name=”z_last”]]></params></action>

Also i don’t see a hover image change on category page in the demo ? thanks

I the demo this option is disabled, but it is available, you can use it in your website if you want it.


After successfully installing Magento and shortly after, the Avanti Theme – I was excited to start off customizing the website. This is done through System > Configuration. However, everytime I try to save the changes, it redirects me to a 403 error page. I deleted my history and cookies several times, so did I clear the cache in the back end.

Any idea what might cause this?

Hello, could have multiple cause, and it’s a server setting issue.

Please send us an email to with your admin pwd and we will take a look.

Will do, send you an e-mail!

Thanks, right now we are checking your admin panel.

hi, how to charge the product background color to white instead of grey on Grid view mode? Thank you.

This page ->

Hello, you need to access to the CSS file.

1. Open the file /skin/frontend/default/avanti/css/styles.css

2. Make the changes in the line n: 950 = background: #eee;

products-grid li.item { background: #eee; float:left; margin: 0 0 4px 4px; position: relative; }

3. Reupload.

4. Clear the CSS cache in Magento and your browser cache.

Hi, how can I edit the text “ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAX” on shopping cart page? Thanks.

Probably your official translation does not include this term that you can find inside the Mage catalog


1. How to translate “view cart & checkout”, “continue shopiing” and other template specific terms

- With Filezilla or other FTP client open the folder /app/locale/[your language]/

[your language] is en_US for example or whatever languages you have installed.

- Look for a file ShopShark_ThemeConfig.csv.

If you don’t have such a file in this folder you are probably not using the latest version for your theme. If you have such a file, download it and edit it with a text editor (do not edit it with Excel!).

If you don’t have such a file, download and open the file Mage_Catalog.csv.

For whatever file you have opened, add the following line at the end:

“Continue shopping”,”Translation of continue shopping”

This will translate “Continue shopping” to “Translation of continue shopping”. If you need to add more phrases here use the same format.

- Save the file upload it back to the server then refresh all the cache types in :

System -> Cache Management ->Select All -> Refresh -> Submit.


When I disabled “Use Product Zoom” the main product image links to a new page (target_blank).

Any solution?

Thank you! Larissa

This will be fixed in the next release


I also need to add a social media icon for instagram, (as well as ebay). Updating the png social_sprite_n did not accomplish this. Where can I do this?

Thank you again.

Hello, we start to rebuild the new icons for avanti, instagram, ebay, amazon and many other social icons will be added.

how to i link the custom menu. i have created few mega menu but how do i link the main “custom” link on the top.

We sent it to you, please check if you got it.

not till now not in my inbox nor in spam

got it on my spam!

Hello, i have this error when i tried upload a image in pages or static block

error: error in [unknown object].fireEvent():

event name: open_browser_callback

error message: MediabrowserUtility is not defined

Hello Imran, do you install an extension?.

Our support does not include any support for third party software and plug-ins.

Check the link below, it could help.

Is it possible to have multiple “Newest Product” slider pointing to different? Basically what I want is to have a slider for new products and replace the information above that has “Best Sellers”, “New”, “Exclusives”. With another slider for other products like Sales and so.

Yes, but a developer should do this customization work for you. It is relatively easy.