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Great work done, GLWS!

Thank you Alex!

Congrats , looks wonderful. Wish you the best with sales!

Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros!

Wow! Thanks for uploading at the right timing. I was about to give up on the template search here.

I think this is both functional and beautiful!

I have very specific needs in mind and am trying to look for a theme that requires lesser tweaking, so please pardon me on the pre-sale question:

On the front page http://themeforest.net/item/avena-responsive-premium-prestashop-theme/full_screen_preview/6134117

1. Instead of tabs, possible to separate the FEATURED PRODUCTS, NEW PRODUCTS, SPECIAL PRODUCTS and BESTSELLERS into their individual rows easily?

2. Does it work with “Add to Cart” button instead of “Details” button?

3. Able to add “wishlist” and “compare” below all the product images easily?

4. For the products images, possible to control the timing of slide?

5. What is the difference between “add to bag” and “add to cart”?

6. http://themeforest.net/item/avena-responsive-premium-prestashop-theme/full_screen_preview/6134117 I don’t have many images to show, is the horizontal banner image (The man with title Gloves) optional?

7. http://themeforest.net/item/avena-responsive-premium-prestashop-theme/full_screen_preview/6134117

Possible to switch the position of description/details/accessories/terms box with the two rows(Qty, size, price..etc)below?

8. Can the “minus” sign for the quantity box be added via CSS?

9. Is the theme built on default Prestashop or it involves installing additional customized modules?

10. I need to make some personalization for branding. Is the presentation layer separate from the core files and is easily editable with CSS?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I have the same error while registering at your support forum. Can you advise an easier way to register? I’m using Chrome. Alternatively, can you help me to open a ticket instead of additional time to repeat at two different places while talking to the same team?

You can check your live demo with IE8, the product comparison is not working. The checkbox is not highlighted when checked and hence, it shows no products comparison. This works fine in Chrome though.

When you view the products listing in list view with IE8 (Example page) http://avena.promokit.eu/en/35-shoulder, the icons are misaligned.

The cart issue seems not fixed yet in v1.1. It works on the demo site. Do you have the fixed version uploaded at themeforest?


Hello. We don’t provide support via comments. Give me your email, and I’ll help you to register you in our support.

Finally able to register with another computer. Look forward to hearing from you.

Awesome Theme, Good Luck!

Thank you!

Such a powerful theme! GLWS ;)

Thank you Sergey!

Nice work,

The theme has a fresh new air just as your previous theme. GLWS :)

Thank you!

Grear work.

May i add a menu fixed toolbar? or is dificult?.


Yes, it’s possible. This feature is not available through back office, but I can enable it for you directly in menu file.

Hi! You have an error in the subject when you add items to my wishlist!

Fatal error: Class ‘CartCore’ not found in /home/prestath/public_html/demos/20_avena/modules/blockwishlist/cart.php on line 28

Hello apelsinoviy. Thank you! Just fixed.

errors a thing of the module. When you add does not show in photos of the products, you can not remove the wishlist. If you create multiple lists, add items to only one by default.

great work, GLWS

Thank you!

I need a template autoinstalable with all modules running. + + Sql Prestashop Theme The issue is not configured. Also missing avenathemesettings module. Can you send me a complete kit download?

Hello gesdi. Avena comes with all modules mentioned in the description. Have you installed Avena theme like described in installation video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc-qXuO4MhE Please write to our support and we will help you very soon, if you still have some problems http://support.promokit.eu/

I am experienced developer. I have done exactly as in YouTube and displaying the home, only keeps the menu. Everything else is blank. It keeps the footer functionality, Sliders. Product is right. But not shown Blocks Right. Pop-up does not work: My Wishlist (0) My Favorites (0) to register. Prestashop Version New default installation. Default languaje: Spanish. They can send full + Mysql data files. Please. Please.

Please write to our support and we will help you very soon http://support.promokit.eu/

Sorry. My server is windows, and the import worked fine theme. In my other Linux server worked perfectly. Good job! Very nice and easy to use. Thank you.

Thank you!

Hi, I have no experience in prestashop. I do not see the newsletter module

please could tell me where it is located

Hello. Go to your back office > modules and use search to find it

Hello, Facebook module and tweeter script do not work properly. Up menu and text logo does not appear correctly in IE9. I tried 3 versions of prestashop (1.5, 1.5.3, 1.5.6) but it is still the same problems. I love my theme works as your online demo. What version of prestashop used? When I look at your demo in IE9 it works. Why this is not the case for me? A problem with the French language? I do not understand. I posted my problem on your system online help. Thank you to answer me because it is really problematic for me.

Hello mandrake62. At the moment we have some problem with our hosting provider. When our website will be online I’ll reply to you. Please give me a number of your ticket in our support.

Hi, I have a problem with flex menu. I can’t create a new item ( I just have the button “back to main screen” Can you help me?

Thanks best regards

Hello. Our support should start to work in nearest time http://support.promokit.eu please register and create a ticket there.

Hello, I opened an account on your support. It no longer exists. There is no support for the theme Avena. My ID and password no longer work. I posted my problem on your support and it no longer appears. What’s going on? I paid $ 65 for a theme that does not work. I tried OVH and in NUXIT, it never works properly. The top menu is out of service in IE9. Facebook module does not work, same for tweeter. Some sliders are not displayed with the correct font. Most translations are not present. I am very disappointed. I used to install themes, the second does not work correctly on ThemeForest. I have enough to pay for beta versions of themes. I hope you will help me make this topic 100% functional. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Cordially.

Hello. I’m sorry for that. As you can read in comments above, we has some problems with our hosting provider. They restored whole their server, and few latest days has been lost. Please register in our support once again and we will help you to solve your issues. Avena is not a beta version, it has been tested about two weeks. Maybe we need to advice you some settings.

Hello,the registration system does not work. He does not want to save the entries. It does not validate anything and puts an error message …

registration seems working, because some customers has been registered during one hour.

hi,? want buy this theme but ? guess you have some problem abouth this theme,? can see that on some comments abouth your theme.and why the “demo” is not work anymore??

Hello. Avena theme does not has problems mentioned in the comments. The issues was in some customers because they didn’t configure theme correctly. In our support you can read about problems with our hosting: http://support.promokit.eu/

Marek, I have been working with Avena last four days. I haven’t finished a complete set up but I have very few questions – more aesthetic things I would like to add or change. I would like to email support but only when my full upload is done so I can ask all at once. I just want to say that of all the themes I’ve used and been disappointed with or frustrated with due to my lack of experience, this is the first one that I really could set up a website quickly! I watched your video, followed the detailed instructions. I tried Alysum because I like the look – this is even better! Its a great theme and I just wanted to let you know how much someone who isn’t a programmer has enjoyed working with it.

Thank you. We are working to make our customers happy. If you will have any questions, please write directly to our support: http://support.promokit.eu

Only one problem I forgot to ask about – I suspect the video links in the documentation that are supposed to be embedded in the instructions are missing because of your server problems?

When I go through the documentation and it tells me to watch a video “here”, there’s no video player image or link or anything.

Thank you, we will fix that today

Marek, I found the videos I needed for Flex Menu, etc. on your Youtube Channel. They still aren’t working from within the documentation for me but it doesn’t matter since I have what I was looking for now.

Hello. Please write to our support http://support.promokit.eu