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Hi, I saw that it is easy to change the general background colors in the settings but can I also change the color of the header/sliders/boxes backgrounds + fonts ? I need a dark theme… Thanks !

Sorry, I missed that. You can see dark skin in the description images on this page http://themeforest.net/item/avena-responsive-premium-prestashop-theme/6134117 at the very bottom

Yes, I’ve seen that skin, but what I need to change is the color of all the rest, the central part that is under each box (everywhere where it is white !) and I will have to change also the font color for “my account”, “login” etc. Do you think it is possible ?

Of course it’s possible, but require some changes in css file.

Hello, I just wrote to support http://support.promokit.eu. I really apreciate your help. thanks

fill the info you were asking me in my profile http://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile with my private information

Ok, that’s good. We will help you in nearest time.

thanks you

Hello, you have not checked the malfunction of your theme with IE8 and IE9 : it does not work correctly. I made the css compression in prestashop , but the menu is not clickable, you can not reach the links for the menu disappears before . Entire bottom of the theme is not displayed correctly. It is not very aesthetic. Fonts modules slide can not be changed with the module “theme settings” (except the bottom one , we do not know why … ) , etc … So I requested a refund of my purchase Envato because your theme is not compatible with IE8 and IE9 in the state , contrary to what is indicated on the plug of your theme on Themeforest . Besides it is necessary to manually translate half of the theme in French … I bought a theme that should be 100% functional , which is not the case, even after your work on it on my hosting . This is not the first issue I bought but it is the first with whom I have so many problems . Do not say I’ve not installed the theme because this time it is you who have the theme installed on my hosting … I just wish Envato credited my account to buy a functional theme on ThemeForest . Cordially.

Hi. I’m absolutely not agree with you. If you will check our demo in any IE you will see fine working menu.

Maybe you need to configure the modules in the bottom, add products, put your data to twitter/facebook, etc…

How to work with fonts you can read in our documentation http://avena.promokit.eu/documentation/#!/theme_configuration.

Where did you read about the theme is translated to French? I don’t know French, and I don’t know anyone who speak French, so sorry, but yes, you need to translate theme yourself.

Regarding refund, yes, it’s your right, but all what you wrote above are not a bugs.

Hello, I do not agree with you. You have installed the theme on my hosting . It does not work properly. If you indicated on the form of your product: ” Attention must be developer of modules to properly operate the theme ” then I would never have bought it. I know, the theme works nly with your demo, but I’m sure you’ve touched the code for Remple consistent because it is impossible to be like that when it is installed . This is bad faith. Ok for the French language , that’s my problem . If there was that as a problem, that would be ideal . If it is so easy to install, then why you did not get on my hosting ? You say ” Are you a newbie prestashop , we offer a free installation service ! ” I asked this, but the theme is not functional in IE8 and 9. You do not call this a bug? I call it a problem. Clearly the problems that a buyer will meet with your theme when he goes to buy it, then it will be honest. Tell me in what web hosting is installed your theme on ThemeForest visible demonstration , I’ll pay a fair accommodation to see if your theme is installed correctly by default. I then install the theme as it is shown on your instructions. So I’ll see if it’s me who does not know to install a theme. In the meantime I want to be credited with $ 65 because I think that this theme is not functional in the state, let alone a beginner install prestashop theme !

So you thinks I’m lying? You can download archive from themeforest and install to test hosting to make sure menu works fine in IE. Avena is not only for developers, anyone can use it. Theme has been sold 22 times and working fine for all except you. So maybe the reason in your hosting, I don’t know exactly. If you really need a help we always ready for that. Our support team already wrote you what you need to configure http://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=details&task_id=2227#comment11003


I’m interested in buying this theme. Before that, please be kind and answer the following questions:

1. When PrestaShop 1.6 is out, do you plan to update the theme to make it compatible?

2. Once I buy the theme, do I have lifetime access to future theme updates, or there is a limit?



Thank you for the interest. Yes, we will update Avena for prestashop 1.6 as soon as prestashop 1.6 will be released.

Of course all updates are free and available for all buyers.

At the moment we are implementing blog and google rich snippets.

Thank Envato has refunded my purchase after my claim. I deleted the theme Avena course. I’m sure those who have installed your theme have not checked their installation with IE8 or IE9. I am hosted by OVH, this is a historic partner prestashop. Note that I have no problem with other themes installed on my other sites. Even if your theme works with IE10, I remain convinced that it is not suitable for IE8 and IE9 (unless the buyer makes changes in the theme or in modules to suit. Originally it n ‘is not compatible with IE8 and IE9), even if you say otherwise. This is not the first theme that I installed, but it is the first that works as well with these two versions of Internet Explorer.

Ok, I’m glad you now satisfied. Please remove your rating of Avena, if you don’t use the theme.

Hello, ratings are also designed to indicate that it is not satisfied with a product, which is the scenario for your theme. I am also very happy to have got my money for this purchase. I let my negative rating to indicate my displeasure, as I can also give often very positive notes on other purchases made on Envato. We must take good notes as bad notes, that is the whole point of this evaluation system. Cordially.

Hi Marek! Great work. I’d like to know a couple of things before purchase your theme: 1. Is it easy to integrate a payment gateway like Paypal or Mercado de Pago (Latin America)? 2. I’m a newbbie with Prestashop, so do you have a good documentation for the installation/configuration? 3. How works the currency tool and how many currencies can be used? 4. Is it possible to integrate OLARK (online chat)? Thanks in advance! Best regards.

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our theme.

1. Yes, it’s easy, you just need to enable Paypal gateway module in your back office.

2. You can find our documentation here: http://avena.promokit.eu/documentation/

3. You can add as many currencies as yo want.

4. Yes, you just need to download OLARK module from there http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/112472-free-module-olark-livechat-for-prestashop/ and install it in your back office

Best regards Marek

Hello, First I wanna congratulate you for this nice clean theme and works perfect without any errors on a fresh install of prestashop. I cannot wait to implement it in my new project. Wish you a lot of sales!

Thank you! You can also support our theme and rate in in your account http://themeforest.net/downloads

I’d just like to point out that this developer is very helpful. Very good communication and fast responses and it’s great to know you are constantly developing and improving the template with new features at no additional cost to the buyer

Thank you!

Hi, my account on the support forum is disappeared, so like all posts. It’s a joke?

25 nov 2013: After serious technical incident our hoster, who turned to be very careless and untrustworthy, lost all our server data since 7 nov 2013. So now we cannot restore our customer’s tickets posted after the 7th of November. Really sorry for that. We put too much trust in our hoster and were wrong…
If you have not resolved your problem please re-create the ticket again and we will help you ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for your understanding.

Ok, no problem.

Hi, sorry if this question is very basic. How I update to the new version of the Avena theme?

Hello. You can find the file readme.txt in the archive.

Ok, Thanks

You can write all questions to our support http://support.promokit.eu, we always ready to help

Hi, i have some problems, the modifications with the sliders seems doesn’t works. Can you help me?

Hi, of course we will help you! Please write to our support http://support.promokit.eu

I’d just like to point out that this developer is very helpful. Very good communication and fast responses and it’s great to know you are constantly developing and improving the template with new features at no additional cost to the buyer

Thank you!

Thank you so much, with my bad english, my “newbiestyle” you can exactly respond at all my demands and resolve all my problems. Thanks for your patience and your skills.I recommand your theme and congratulation for your support very very helpfull when we have some questions. Thanks again Marek and Alex.

Thank you!

Thank you for a great theme, quick & helpful support! +1 Happy Customer :)

Thank you!

Today I have tested this theme several hours with no glitches and no technical issues. This theme is the cleanest and easiest to use. These guys have put together a product that covers every aspect you would need when creating a e-commerce. The features are incredible.

Thank you, we are working for our happy customers!

Hi, good theme!. Module Blog for Prestashop no rewrite SEO and that is bad. I like know how rewrite SEO Posts and categories, and you can update this module. Thank!

Hello. We are working on that, I think this feature will be available soon.

Thank is very important!!

hi, installation is OK on prestashop and the theme appears but when i apply another config with your Avena Theme Settings with “apply setting” > no change is enabled (ex:font, color button or background) it doesn’t work..


Hello yanouska. Please register in our support and create a ticket and we will try to solve that issue soon. http://support.promokit.eu

Hi, On prestashop, i try to use the module ‘isotope Filter on the homepage’ but i have some troubles trying to manually add products to the homepage. When i click on a category, i don’t have the list of aviable products in the second select box. Thank you.

Hello anthonyherrera. Please write to our support http://support.promokit.eu

Hi Marek, I really like the look & customization options of the theme, and the others (Alysum / Arundo). My question is what are the minimum server requirements regarding memory to run these themes? I ask as I have had trouble with a different theme.

Also, there seems to be a server problem with your demo’s, they’re not loading up today.

Regards, Matt.

Hello. Thank you, yes I know about the issues with our hosting, hope it will be fixed soon.

The requirements are the same as for default theme. But yes, Avena includes additional modules, and they can take more resources then default theme if use all of them.


Theme BUG in total command when i put default theme total is ok http://modehommes.fr/commande with your theme Products 39,90 € Livraison 5,90 € Taxes Included TVA 5,20 € Total 40,60 € ????

without your theme

Total produits TTC : 39,90 € Total frais de port 5,90 € Total HT : 40,60 € Total taxes : 5,20 €

Total 45,80 € the bug is only on command page not in the card


PS : your support site is “Resource Limit Is Reached 508” so i can’t post anthying

Hello. Yes, we have some problems with our hosting, at the moment I’m trying to solve it. Please try later to write to our support. As soon as we solve our problems with hosting, I’ll start to work on your issue. Thank you for the understanding Marek

Thanks for the answer , i already posted in your task board “2664”

I forgot to say it’s a great prestashop theme compare to what i’m used to see on this CMS

Thank you! I’ll try to help you with the issue today, if will solve our issues with hosting