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Please provide us solution about your Bug on blog module … Your blog feature is the reason i buy your theme [ remember my question before i buy your product ] .. but when i found the problem on your blog module .. I’m not happy .. :(

yes ..fix soon please i have client waiting ..

it’s been a week I’m waiting ,,,still does’t have any Solution … WHY !!!

We are working on update theme to prestashop 1.6, when it will be finished, new blog module will available there

Hi Marek

I just purchased your PS theme. I’ve installed the them successfully but for my surprise is a huge work to customize the theme and mainly to a Spanish version. Can you help me on this? Otherwise, I’ll be completely lost. The main issues: 1. The main menu has disappeared. Can you help on this? 2. Is it possible to delete the login/wishlist/my account/watch list/my favourites functions? My store only have 20 services, so I’ll get the data from the payment gateway. If not, how can I label this features? (spanish version) 3. I want to have disable your LOOK AT ALL OUR DEMO SHOPS module. Can you give me a hand on this? 4. The footer section has disappeared. I’ve updated the label of terms, secure payment and so on, and the home submenu changed. Crazy. This is the url of the shop. http://bodasvips.com.ar/tienda/index.php

I’m overwhelmed, I’ll wait for you reply. Thanks mate. Cheers from BA!

Hello. Thank you for purchasing our theme. Please write to our support http://support.promokit.eu and we will help you soon

Hi great theme, but Im getting this error on the blog article page: Warning: Function displayHeader() is deprecated in /home/allyfash/public_html/dev/modules/pk_blockblog/blockblog-post.php on line 49 in /home/allyfash/public_html/dev/classes/Tools.php on line 2147.

I also cannot get the Banners Carousel to show even though its selected in the theme config and is setup in the corect position with images in place. Please can you help.

Hello. Thank you. At the moment we are updating blog module for Avena, and it will be available soon.

I also cannot get the Banners Carousel to show even though its selected in the theme config and is setup in the corect position with images in place. Please can you help.

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon


It has been a while since I last work on your theme. After a browser update, I lost the password manager plugin and am unable to login to your support forum. Will fix this soon.

For the time being, I’ve a very quick question if you can help here. Where to disable the slide in box that shows your demos? I disabled the ’ setting panels on the front page ’ but it doesn’t disable the demo slide in panel.

Avena 1.3, Prestashop 1.5.6


Hi, I found the module to disable the demo slide in panel. You can disregard the first post.

I’m having the same problem with superpafu, bxSlider is missing. Can you provide me the support link if it is already fixed? Thanks!

Sorry, please disregard the bxSlider issue too. Got it fixed.

For those who are having the same issue with bxSlider, below steps helped.

1. Re-name and Re-install theme 2. Reset bxSlider & 3. Configure bxSlider

I’d guess step 2&3 will fixed but since I did 3 steps at one go, I’m not sure if re-installing is really needed.

Hello. Please try to reset your password on our support, and create a ticket there. We will help you soon

i just found out we must wait from Prestashop 1.5.6 to 1.5.7 then 1.5.8 then 1.5.9 .. until 1.6 .. you better forget offering something to your customer like this ,, MarekMnishek .. is not good POINT of selling service .. :depressed: i have client complain to me cos of your product not working like you tell us .. its been almost half month waiting from you ..

i did

Thank you … thank you it works now .. finally my client smile .. you gave us solution .. its wonderful,,, my apologise of what i have said about this theme .. again thanks

Glad to help!

Hello, The theme is compatible with PrestaShop Because when I install the theme in the store I see the following error:

Warning: require_once(/web/htdocs/www.giannilimuli.com/home/shop/modules//favoriteproducts/FavoriteProduct.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /web/htdocs/www.giannilimuli.com/home/shop/modules/pk_customlinks/pk_customlinks.php on line 76 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/web/htdocs/www.giannilimuli.com/home/shop/modules//favoriteproducts/FavoriteProduct.php’ (include_path=’.:/php5.3/lib/php/’) in /web/htdocs/www.giannilimuli.com/home/shop/modules/pk_customlinks/pk_customlinks.php on line 76

Hello. We are working on update, and it will be available soon.

when it will be 1.6 ready?

We are working on that. I suppose about 2-3 weeks.

ok, thanks

JavaScript Function showOrder() doesn’t work

when I tried orders and viewing orders in MyAccount section, clicking on “Details” at a order doesn’t work

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you soon

Hello and thank you very much for your work, it’s certainly one of the best template I ve bought for prestashop.

I had a question about the module pk_bannercarrousel : https://www.dropbox.com/s/33wjzddeqibv26a/Capture%20d%27%C3%A9cran%202014-03-26%2008.12.47.png

Is it possible to show 4 elements ? As it is, we can only show 3 elements at the time, I would like a slider with 4 blocks (25% each instead of 33 )

Thanks a lot and have a nive day! Florian

Hello. Please write to our support and we will help you as soon as possible

Hi~ I have one question about FlexMenu. I want to put my CMS link to flexmenu, my CMS’s structure is CategoryA->CategoryA1->PageA,B,C…, but when I add new item in flexmenu: select CategoryA, and content select Links:CategoryA1, then go to the Front office, flexmenu doesn’t show, the page’s content disappear from “logo section”. How can I fix it? Thank you.

Hello. Please write to our support http://support.promokit.eu and we will help you soon


Any date when the 1.6 is coming out. I need to purchase it urgently.

Hello. I suppose about 2-3 weeks, but I can’t tell you exactly.

Hi, i would also like to have the 1.6 update urgently as well! :) Have clients waiting….

I understand, but I can’t give you update urgently. We are working hard on that.

About one month seems too long :( any chance of putting more priority into updating this theme first instead of the others?

I understand you, so can offer you to send alpha version of Avena, if you really want to get buggy theme

Hi ! can i put my own logo ?

Hi, you can upload it in your back office in the “Themes” section.

Hi, could you inform us about how much time you will need in order to release the version of avena which is compatible with the current 1.6 prestashop version?

Hello. It’s hard question, I suppose about one month

Hello, Please, how add a product tab to list the tab accessories, is a module, what name? Thanks

Hello. Please write to our support, and we will help you soon

I purchased this module over a month ago because it was supposed to be updated for prestashop 1.6. When I bought it, in the comments you said it would be updated within 2 weeks, that has kept changing and being postponed. I am holding on upgrading to prestashop 1.6 due to this theme. Is making this update available a priority or should I start looking for another theme.

We are working hard on update, and I want to release the theme without bugs, but if you really ned, I can send you alpha version, when it will be ready.

Will Avena for prestashop 1.6, use bootstrap development ?

Hello. No, Avena will use his own css styles for mobile devices


I have a few quick presale questions about Avena and the recent update to Prestashop 1.6:

Is there ability to make SEO modifications to the blog postings (TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, ETC)?

Will it be possible to replace the included slider with a different slider module? I currently use revolution slider and have many premade images that I would like to continue to use with that slider.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate that you take the time to release a quality theme and is tested and as a bug-free as possible.

Hello. - You can read full description of blog here: http://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-simple-blog/6717465

- yes you can put your own slider

I bought the theme. set to all is well. Support works fast. Recommend to anyone who doubts.

Thank you!


I am interested in buying your theme since I saw its now ready for 1.6!

I checked out documentation and the link you gave for the blog module. Is there no function to link to products in a blog post? I think about something like text link with a mouseover or something like that. Is it not possible to have little page for every author? I want to set a picture and a little description text for all authors of the blog. If author writes a blog post, the name of author should be linked to this site or the information should be at the end of the blogpost.

In documentation I read that width is 1000px. Its easy to make it 1200px right? Or will the template crash if I use higher width?

Is it possible to have mouseever effect also in category view? I like the mousover on this homeslider (new products, special and so on), want to have the same for category page.

I like your eazyzoom picture. But i want to combine it with jq-zoom. Is thiss possible? I think this would be an amazing feature.

Last but generell question. If people have such improvements suggestions as I do have now. Do you listen to them and implement them in future or will I need to hire a coder if I want this features?

Best wishes ;)


Thank you for the interest to our theme.

There is no such function to add a link to product, except to do that manualy.

In the current version it’s not possible to have a personal page for each author.

Yes, you can change the width of the image without any issue.

Hover effect is available for category page as well

to combile easyzoom and jqzoom, I suppose it’s possible, but require some additional work.

last question: we don’t implement each customers requests, but some interesting features can be added to the theme.

Best regards


Thanks for your fast answer!

Will we always have the newest blog module? I see that this blog module is improving. At the moment I am missing some features, but I see that developer is implenting new ideas from time to time. But will we get these updates with this theme?

If you say it requires some additional work. This means extra pay right? How much would it be? Or is it planned to implement this in future anyway?

Best regards Emanuel

We are using the module http://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-simple-blog/6717465 in avena.

Regarding the additional work, at the moment we don’t have a time for any customization.