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Hey Chris

I ran into the same problem regarding the contact form. The fix is to edit the template-contact.php page, specifically the lines around ~70 where the mail is sent via php. Add an additional header From or rather edit the existing one. You can check all the possibilities here: http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php

Cheers, Andy

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Hey Alex,

I’ve added pictures to show the images in the portfolio. But I want to show these images in multiple categories. But it seems all categories of pictures that I created as a project. I’d like to see different pages of different portfolio. Is this possible? Please help me.


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Is the theme compatible with WordPress 3.8.1?


I’m sorry but not yet.

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I have issues on WP 3.9

I’m unable to add a simple image in the post/page. Can you help me solve this asap. I really need to add a post with image on the website.