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not working the responses to comments, how to solve? By answering yes and no answers as publishes new comment.

Hi, according to the online purchase verification you did not purchase this theme, at least not the account you’re logged in to. Please grab the purchase code and open a ticket in our support system and we’ll check it out!


Does anyone know if the theme supports wordpress 4.0. ??? Thanks,

josh80 Purchased

This theme is working fine, but in my posts, nothing is responsive. None of the images or anything. Ive gone through and checked the plugins. The website is thefunnybeaver.com

i brought this a while back for an idea i had but never got round using it,but wanting to use it now i have 2 questions

1 same as PedroPaes does this work for 4.0? 2 does the social counter still work?

PedroPaes we did not test it with 4.0!

josh I replied to your ticket!

nashpixels we did not test the theme with 4.0 and the social counter should work as per our demo!

Pandeli Purchased

Responsive? I think it’s not yet :(

It is! Let me know what exactly you’re referring to by opening a ticket in our system :) I’ll help you out!