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bdelanoy Purchased

How do I changes the “Recent Posts” Text on this theme to other text.

DARKF3D3 Purchased

I’m trying to apply a background-image to the body but when i load the page i don’t see it. If i look at the page code i see: background: #CCC url(‘http://www.nome-sito.it/wp-content/themes/Avenue/images/patterns/.png') repeat; It’s possible to ignore or remove that line of code and apply mine background image?

bdelanoy index.php line 55
DARKF3D3 you would need to go to the file that includes the line and remove the line. If you need further help please open a ticket.


Hey there! I’m trying to figure out a way to post an advertising widget in the banner next to the logo on my site, which you can view here www.nuclearsalad.com is there an easy way to go about doing that? Because I sure can’t find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looking to buy.

WP 3 .4+ compatible? Chrome? BuddyPress?


htuk Purchased

Is there a way to get the scrolling ‘Like on Facebook’ & ‘Share on Twitter’ box on full width pages?

jidubinsky Your comment tells me you did not buy the item. Please post from the account that bought the item or buy it in order to be eligible for support.

nimo1 Chrome yes, you can see the versions in the right sidebar, I don’t know about buddypress.

htuk You would have to interfere with the code. If you are unsure how to do that please open a ticket in the support system and I see what I can do for you.



Hi folks,

i’m gonna buy the theme BUT i’ve a question: -how is it possible to change the language to spanish? Any idea? Thanks in advance ;)

I’m interested in purchasing the theme but I’ve 2 doubts:

1) is it possible, in the theme layout, to insert at the bottom a group of 4/5 reviews? Like this (go to the bottom) http://www.altpress.com/ I mean, a group of Lastest Reviews included in the structure?

2) is it possibile to insert a widget with the upcoming events?

thanks a lot alex

thanks in advance alex

bbyrd Purchased

What is the correct pixel dimensions for the images in the slider and the post? My images are all over the place. Great product tho! Thanks!

I am using this theme on my site and I can not get the Featured Image to upload. I click on the set as featured image button and it just sits there. It will work randomly, but that is it. Anyone know why?


alexelia, http://www.appthemes.com/blog/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-theme/
The reviews and the events would need custom coding

bbyrd please open a ticket in the ticket system.

tbetzold please comment with the account that purchased the item.


DARKF3D3 Purchased

Hi, i’m using your theme from about one year but now i have a problem. I need that all the external link are opened in a new window/tab, i have tried some script and plugin but it seems that they doesn’t works on this theme. Maybe there an option in the theme that force to open all the link in the same page? It’s possible?

dim1986 Purchased

hello i ve used this theme for over a year now for my blog, but recently i ve had some problems with the Social Media Support on the left of every post… the facebook button wont work… you press like and it doesnt acceept it…this is a post for example, http://lataerna.gr/2012/10/5-youtube-channels/.


erkib Purchased

I recently purchased this theme and it works very well and am impressed by the design and simplicity of it.

My Question:

How do I get the Slider to work? I need like a quick tutorial or something as I have been trying everything, and searching on google but no help can be found.

Everything works well but the slider? I have no clue in the world how do even get that thing going, Thanks :)

Egneuno Purchased

If any body is thinking to buy this theme, please keep in mind that the support does not cover any issue out of the theme. If you ask something like:

‘How do I add a captcha to Contact Form?’

The response will be:

- Get a programmer to do it for you, we don’t support that kind of inquiries

erkib Purchased


Okay, seems legit. Is there anyway you could help me out about the slider? I mean I believe I am having a regular slider issue, just have no clue how to get it working.

DARKF3D3 Purchased

I notice that around all the image i put on the blog theres 2px of white border but i don’t find where is the style. How can i remove it?

Egneuno Purchased


You only have to use a tag or tags in your posts.

Go to your panel and under ‘Homepage Settings’ locate the field ‘Featured Posts Slider Tags’ and insert there which tags will be used to be displayed in the slider.

Finally use that-those tags in your posts.

Itsi bitsy

yay I got the 1000th post.

DARKF3D3 please re-read your comment, what do you want – open in a new or in the same page? I don’t know a script to force it… you would have to add target=”blank” to the links. Please open a ticket for future requests.

dim1986 please open a ticket.

erkib please open a ticket, we only handle support in the ticket system…

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