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I have a question, How can I add specific posts under specific pages like in the preview of the theme? Like when you press on Movies, all of the posts related to movies pop up?

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TWITTER not WORKING ! FIX doesnt work, too :-(

error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /www/htdocs/wac41/M/wp-content/themes/Avenue/framework/widgets/social_counter_widget.php on line 75[/code]

The fix for the twitter is in our knowledgebase (this fix works in our demo, it also works in your installation if you edit it correctly):


Everyone else, please open a ticket in our support system.
This place here is only for item comments, not for support.



Can anybody tell me why the w3 total cache is not working on this theme?

erkib Purchased

I already fixed my issue with the posts/pages but have another question that came from that.

I was now able to get my site to the similar system that Avenue theme uses in the preview, where under menu you see different posts with specific categories.

Is it possible for me to have Menu on the main navigation and pages as well? And/If can I have menus inside pages or pages inside menus?

Hopefully someone understands what Im asking for. Thanks.

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+1 to the Twitter Problem. Any answers?

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You can have menus and pages on main navigation. To do this you go to Appearance > Menus. Then create your menu items you want on the main menu by using Categories as your menu items (remember to add pages etc into categories so they appear under this category field) and/or Pages to add a page directly to the menu.

You can then order them and make a parent > drill down as required.

I’m not 100% sure what you are asking for Menus inside pages.

But you can have categories that link to a “group of pages” and direct links on the menu to a specific page.

You can also create two navigation menus called Top and Main.

Also – Links can be used so you can link to other sites or a file or something else you require to be added to the menu.

Basically this theme use Categories to filter info to be grouped – working with categories and linking posts, pages etc to a category displays it in the menu field.

Hope this helps?


Yester why are you shouting at me? You did not even buy the theme.

erikb you can pull categories and pages into the custom menus, no problem.

simokya the fix in the knowledgebase is the current fix, it works in our theme, but the developer will issue an update that should be available within around 48 hrs.

Support system: http://support.themesector.com

ThemeSector-Mel, It’s true that i havent buy the theme. Thats because i bought a whole website. The website is a bit slow, so thats the reason why i like to install the w3 total cache plugin.

And i’m not shouting at you, i`m using caps because youre ignore my question…. I can send you the invoice from the website, so you can see that i have bought the theme indirectly

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Hello. I got an error with twitter widget.
Warning: array_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given in /home/www/wp-content/themes/Avenue/framework/widgets/tweets-widget.php on line 48
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/www/wp-content/themes/Avenue/framework/widgets/tweets-widget.php on line 50
Can you help-me?

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@simokya – Thanks a bunch for the detailed information, Been trying hard to google it but no luck, I will give it a go later today and let you know on this comment board if it worked, seems legit though :), I greatly appreciate it.

@Themesector – Ty, Good to know it works, Was getting worried after not being able to find answers.

Hi Mel I have bought your theme twice. I have tried to fix twitter and FB isues with both solutions given (changind files by hand and FTP upload, or upload the files previous download from you site. None of them have solved the isue. Can you help us ? Best regards, Pedro Paes

Yester where did I ignore your question? I did not reply to the others after you commented, so that’s not ignoring, that’s just that I have probably not been online because I am in a different time zone? Heck…┬áchill. Also, purchase the theme, I need a verification.

bruno please check out our knowledgebase in the support system. We will also issue an update for this soon.

Pedro can you please open a support ticket with your FTP login details? If you already opened a ticket please don’t write an additional comment, it only confuses :)


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One more lil question (Yet to try method given by Simokya, will be trying it today).

Can you have menus withing pages?

For some reason the Twitter widget just stopped working. Same issue like the rest. Been working for a long time and now just stopped working. havent updated the theme or WP.

erkib yes.

deejaymdm You have no purchase badge. Support only for buyers.

at all: this is the support system and questions will be answered faster on http://support.themsector.com

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hey themesector – so no need for any theme updates? just lookin…I noticed on my phone the sidebar gets pushed down…anyway to keep this static on the side?

We use this theme for our men’s web-zine. Take a look at how we have manage to tailor the site to our liking. The possibilities are endless and it is extremely simple to use once you get a hang of the options and plugins. Certain plugins by third parties don’t work well and affect avenue theme based plugins. Just do your research, make sure you are not downloading a lemon. The only thing I recommend to change about the theme is to give a gradient background colour option, possibly give two sidebar sections instead of one. and lastly a better footer, possibly darken the background colour or give it a bleeding footer that goes across the page. All in all the theme is awesome, come check out our site and see for yourself. www.egomagonline.com



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I agree with egomagonline regarding proposed updates – the footer section certainly requires greater contrast and background options could be enhanced.

Another very important enhancement would be to have two columns of articles rather than just one under the categories/tags.

I would like to know whether the excerpt length can be adjusted for the main homepage widgets?