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Are you planning on creating an update to make this theme responsive?

Hey, I’m having problems with theme. Today out of nowhere the sidebar of the theme is empty. I tried deactivating my plugins, and removing the side widgets to see if that will help, but didn’t. Please help.

I figured out what the problem was, it was the “Avenue Social Counter” widget. Please fix that!

Hey DashNasty, I had the exact same problem too, everything on your sidebar was blank and your footer was also missing too. For me it left my rss logo the twitter and facebook were not showing. Hopefully its a quick fix.


DashNasty, for now until its fix download and try one of these free plugins for a social counter. The rest are not that great to set up and use, or don’t work well with the avenue theme. I spent hours trying to find one for my site and ended up using advance social widget by bizstream, for a cost.

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-subscribers-counter/ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/total-social-counter/


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How would I go about putting menus into pages? Like I want the first page to be static but the ones in the dropdown be like menus which would be category specific. ?

hi, the articles for the slideshow is selected by TAGS or CATEGORY ? If is TAGS you think in the future put also CATEGORY option ?


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Strangely, when I deleted the feed link in Avenue settings, the Social Counter thing started working again.

I’m also still having the Twitter issue. I contacted Support, and was told to re-download Avenue… but then I wasn’t sure what I was to do from there. I tried stepping on old CSS /php files; didn’t want to replace everything as I’ve customized things a bit. It would be helpful if we could be told exactly what files need to be replaced… if the fix is solved at all.

(I know before we were given a coding fix that, when I tried it, the page didn’t even want to load)

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Where do we go to download the update to Avenue? Having the twitter widget issues like everyone else.

Help please!

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How do we update the theme without losing any settings?

agent8 what do you mean with no need for any updates? The theme should look good on any device.

egomagonline thanks!

GavsterL it can, please open a ticket and I will tell you how.

jiggyjargon nope not in the pipeline

DashNasty please install the update

erkib I don’t understand I think, please open a ticket and tell me exactly what you want.

gdf79 tags

gkkck05 simply download it from your themeforest account again

htuk theme options will not get lost if you install the theme update.

THEME SUPPORT ONLY HERE : http://support.themesector.com

No i have not bought this theme with this account. Lost the login and tried to retrieve but nothing came trough so made a new account. So I guess I have to buy this again for the client and get access to the fixes. No worries, understand your situation on the matter.

Hi, i bought this theme (avenue 1.2.1) twice (2X), can i use it for two diferent ways :for (domain) and (Subdomain) .?? exemple : ( www.domain1.com & domaine2.domaine1.com) with the same theme (avenue) and the same property (me).??

hope to had a postive reply and helpful reply ! PS: that’s why I bought it 2 times !!

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In style.css theres: @import url(“css/reset.css”); I would like to remove that import, what is the funtion of that file? I could have bug if i remove it?

Nostradamuss yes you can do that.

DARKF3D3 why do you want to remove it if you don’t know what it’s for? It is necessary for the basic css settings of the theme.


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Because for optimization is better to don’t use @import, if it’s necessary i don’t want to delete it, maybe i can copy all the content in the style.css and after that delete it. In this way the theme works or i risk to broke something in the style?

I tried to redownload the theme from my theme forest account and when i upload the .zip file it says theme install failed” and “Destination folder already exists.”

DARKF3D3 – I understand, yes you can copy it over to the style.css, best do that right above the line that says /* General Styles */

Don’t forget to delete the import line in the style.css file so we don’t get a 404 error.


anyone else having problems installing the update? what am i doing wrong? when i upload the .zip file it says theme install failed” and “Destination folder already exists.”

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I bought this theme and have the latest update, but I’m having a problem with the social widget. It does not show the # of twitter followers, although it does show the facebook fans. The RSS to Feedburner shows “Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘String could not be parsed as XML ’ ”. I have activated the API in feedburner for this feed as well.

Any ideas on when or how this can be resolved? It seems to be working fine on the demo, so I’m wondering why it wouldn’t work on our local machine or sites.