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Is there a timthumbs script used in this theme?

tim9house ad the error says the folder already exists, that means you have to delete the old theme again or rename the new theme’s folder, then zip it before uploading.

samueloh please check out this image:


Hey ThemeSector-Mel

I know you already get bombarded with questions, and don’t mean to add to it but….is it possible to change the background colour on the footer from the light grey to perhaps a darker colour like black? and the layout of the columns are a default 3 is there a way to make it 4 columns?

Thank you very much for your time

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Is the ‘Avenue Theme Social Counter’ widget broken? It doesn’t display the right number of Twitter followers

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Quick question. I updated the theme. Now when I have an article that contains a youtube video and i post the article to facebook, it plays the video in the article when you click the title or featured image on facebook. It is actually hard for the viewer to be lead from facebook to the website now. Is this part of an update? Can this be shut off?

Hello… 1 have a new blog http://musicanueva.es I would like to use this theme…


is it possible to use squared pics and not rectangular in the home structure? thanks!


great theme and you have had much success with this theme. I was wanting to know if the header ad zone can be modified to take a full size 728 x hor banner?


egomagonline pls check the image below.

Egneuno If you are on the latest version of the theme it’s the twitter API that messes up.

joeCE please check the image below.

alexelia yes you would have to edit the code.

cloud9 if your logo is small enough it can fit.

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Well, it may be the Twitter api (and yes, I’m in the latest version), but other themes doesn’t have that problem, so the issue it’s on your theme code.

Hallo.. WTA , why this theme in google richsnippets, now show hatom-entry: like entry-title:, entry-summary:

For more detail, please see this link with avenue theme http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsemangatku.com%2F&html=

with arras theme http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets?url=ridwanaz.com&html=

I am trying to add a second carousel slider on my page and it works if I use “ALL CATEGORIES ” but doesn’t show up if I specify a category.

Can you help me?

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Is there anyway to have more “related posts” under each post?

I accidentally changed the original CSS for this theme. Is it possible for you to look at what it says now and show me the error, or for me to revert to the old CSS ?

Hello – Social counter widget is broken. Is this theme still being supported?

Is anyone else have Twitter problems?

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Guys, if you would move over to the forum you wouldn’t have to wait for an answer so long :)

vickyindo I don’t understand what you’re saying, could you rephrase it?

marcumdesigns check the image below.

erkib yes, please check the image below.

alexparker215 please post with the account that purchased the item :)

rdwheatley download the update.

johnciacci download the update.


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Password Reset: I keep trying to reset my support forum password and it won’t let me. What’s the best way to do this?

Hi MM789 I updated your password to “password” –¬†feel free to change it again once you logged in!


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Thank you! I just posted my question in the forum.