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Why the menus typography is different? I like the typography of web example. Also, the time of charge of the menus is so slow. Can you help me?

My theme is displaying differently in windows internet explorere. There is no style in the text. do you know why?



We are facing an issue with WP 3.5.1 version. We import an image, crop it, save it and set it as Featured image. In admin it shows up correctly, but in catalog page, the image shown, is the original one, in the cropped image’s dimensions. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Having an issue with “Review” feature on Firefox, when having a movie reviewed, I can see the different stars on Chrome but not on Firefox… Here is an example link: http://erwinreviews.com/forgetting-sarah-marshal/

If you click it on Chrome, you will see the different review options but on Firefox, you won’t.

Can somebody please help?

Has anyone good experiences with trying to make the site available on a mobile device, I have tried different plugins but the problem is that shortcodes are displayed as plaintext and thus make it not really viewable on moble.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your suggestions…

voudini responsive is not in the pipeline, sorry!

ligamp can you show me your website so I can see the error? Please open a ticket at http://support.themesector.com and let me see the issue :) I’ll gladly help!

proyectomx I replied to your ticket in the support system :)

ftsakonitis purchase the theme before asking for support :)

Erwin1611 I replied your ticket in the support system. It looks like you did not purchase the theme but in the support system it says you are verified, strange! Anyhow, we did not test mobile device plugins, sorry :(

when i click on the logo the default page loads up with slider and everything, I have created homepage and would like the same default page to load when the homepage button is selected on the menu but that doesnt have instead a blank page loads up, tried to change the front static page still the same, need help in linking the default page to homepage button

please help

Hi Erwin1611,

I saw the link you have posted i need some help, when you click on the home button and logo the default page loads up on your site, i’m trying to get the same setup, on my site when i click on logo it works but when i click on home button on my menu blank page loads, could you help me with the setting you have enabled on your site, i’m new to wordpress.

I added a traffic exchange widget in my right sidebar by simply placing the script of that widget in the ‘Text’ widget. However, there is too much padding between the Text header “Around the Web” and the start of my widget. How do I adjust this to match my other sidebar widgets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc?

hey my wp installation is not on the root and because of this all my home and go to top links are pointing to my installation folder rather than my domain :( My installation folder is like: mywebsite.com/site3/ and the default home link point me there, what can I do?


Just a pre-sales question: Does this template have the possibility for multi-lingual support? Using some plugin perhaps?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, Is there a code I can adjust to make the images all the same aspect ratio? I have my featured images set at 500X250 and they look great on the main blog page, a little distorted on the actual post and all jacked up on the widgets. Can I change the post picture to 500×250 and the widget thumbnails to 100×50 or 80×40 or something like that? Thanks.

syeuddd please post back with the account that purchased the item in order to get support, thanks!

Big10Tens if you could open a ticket in the forum and let me know your website URL I can give you custom CSS for that.

Hamonsaurio in header.php change

<a href="<?php bloginfo(" wpurl="">'><img src="<?php echo $logo; ?>" alt="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" /></a>


<a href="http://YOURWEBSITEURL.com"><img src="<?php echo $logo; ?>" alt="<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" /></a>

Moonwalker you can always try WPML with the theme, we did not test it tho.

bluesixstring You can change image sizes in functions.php:

add_image_size('post-image', 610, 250, true);
add_image_size('featured-image', 516, 340, true);
add_image_size('featured-image-thumb', 70, 60, true);
add_image_size('widget-image', 290, 160, true);
add_image_size('widget-image-thumb', 50, 50, true);
add_image_size('media-thumb', 140, 90, true);
add_image_size('related-thumb', 134, 90, true);

after that run “regenerate thumbnails” plugin over your images to adjust them again.

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do you have the demo content with this?

Is this theme fully supported with the newest version of Wordpress (3.5) ?

My theme has a broken image. Can you please provide it, as your demo is also missing it:


Hello, in the social widget, twitter doesn’t count the number of followers, but the link is good.

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Hi, I have excluded the sidebar from the homepage and I would like to enlarge (width and Height) all the elements such as the “carousel” across the width of the website. How can I do? Thanks.

Two questions.

The images on the image slider don’t fill up the entire image field as they do on your demo site. My featured images are all 500×250. What dimensions would work better for that slider or is it possible to resize the slider to accommodate the images I am already using.

Also, I can’t seem to resize the width of the blog post. I’d like it to match the width of the featured image.

Hey guys,

webdork demo content will be handed out via the support forum :)

mpetro no not yet

suprastan thanks for noticing! I created one real quick: http://f.666kb.com/i/cc4pz8b8icgg96yri.png

lafaipopo can you please open a ticket in the support system so I can check that out?

Simone I replied to your ticket

bluesixstring Your featured images need to be at least 516px x 340px. If we would stretch them they would look blurry. If you want to resize the slider you’ll have to hire a developer since it’s quite some php and css work. If you want you can open a ticket for the css for the blog post width.