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I have been asked to setup this theme for a client that has paid for the theme. I do not see a sample .xml file in the zip.

Do you have an .xmp for (3.5 WP ) to manic the demo site?


Submit a ticket at http://support.themesector.com/ and they’ll send you the XML.

Posted support ticket days ago and havn’t heard anything? PLEASE help.

hi .. Template beautiful .. But supports RTL?

hookedonweb please open a ticket with the account that purchased the item. Note that Avenue is not compatible with WP 3.5 (check the right sidebar on this page)

larismedia thanks!

multicolor I replied :)

new1tech1 I have seen users having RTL, yes.

kkanedaa Purchased

Hi, will there be an update for WP 3.5? Because now I have updated to 3.5, and it seems to mess up some codes.


Hey there!

The developer definitely announced updates, but I don’t know about the timeframe I’m afraid.


Theme currently has issues with JWPlayer for Wordpress v2.0.1 (pretty much JWPlayer 6). JWPlayer for Wordpress (1.7.2) with JWPlayer v5 works fine in WP3.5.1, but install the latest version of the plugin and the theme inserts

html tags into the JWPlayer javascript.

Tested on a QA site: ll plugins disabled and theme active – problem exists, Disable all plugins and use WP Twenty Twelve theme, problem gone. Enable all plugins and use WP Twenty Twelve theme, problem gone.

Could this be looked at too if there is a 3.5+ fix coming?

We are currently using this theme but I need a slider for the home page and can’t get anything to work. Can you please recommend one that I can easily use with this theme? I just need a slider (5 images) with links.

Thank you,


Briesh Purchased

Hi there, I wanted to tell you that the carousel widget is not working. Any fix ? :( My site www.teksociety.com

Hey there pmckenzie_csu, thanks for letting us know! If an update is coming we will try to consider the plugin!

fxslider please log in with the account that purchased the item so we can entitle you for support, thank you!

Briesh feel free to open a ticket with your wp-admin login details and website URL (and a description of your problem) and I’ll look into it right away!

Can you add an upcoming announcements section?

Hi JackMagic, you can probably achieve that by using a plugin, yes :)


malcoolm Purchased

Hello, How to make full width post on this theme? I see this is possible regarding the static page, but the post? Please help me.

malcoolm that’s not built into the theme at the moment. Cheers!

flowmam Purchased

How i can see the image on post ?? i only see “no image available”

Hey there! You need to add your image as “featured image” in order for it to be seen.


buzzmoica Purchased

Hi there !

I fell like the related posts generated in single.php are not very accurate and i would like to improve the results if possible, based on the keywords. Could you tell me what to change please ?

Cheers !

Hey buzzmoica!

You can find the code for the related posts in the single.php file inside the theme folder. I’m afraid there’s no way I could tell you “how to make it more accurate”. The posts relate on tags so the more tags match the “more related” they will be :) Cheers, Mel

Can you tell me which are the problems I’ll have if I install this theme on my current 3.5.1 wordpress installation. I read that is not yet fully compatible, however this theme is what I’ve been looking for.

Other question: Can posts ans pages have different background images?