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Dareon Purchased

Yes, update for responsive design would be great :) Looking forward to it

Responsive is not in the pipeline :) Cheers!

already TWITTER widgets www.seguilo.com which does not work

@ derlisvargas please look at that image :)

is possible to install this theme in wordpress 3.5.1?

Users reported that it’s working for them, officially it’s not confirmed.

gumtree75 Purchased

Is there a work-around or bugfix for the problem Sydanta is having? as i have the same issue on my site.

Is this theme responsive?


I was checking a demo and one thing i would say that your theme looks awesome in design and displaying clean layout. Very Unique Theme.

Please open this contact page. http://wp-avenue.themesector.com/contact/

I want to know what plugin are you using on your contact form.

Thank You!;)

hankin Purchased

How do you activate the related posts at the end of the post? I am having difficulty with this at creative visual art. Thanks.

hankin Purchased

I deactivated it in the theme settings and re-activated it and it sometimes shows but not always. Strange.

Does this theme allow different fonts?

gumtree what issue?

mygps no

duke it’s custom coded

hankin if you need help refer to the support notice above :)

kevin sure

How do you change fonts? I don’t see that on your screen shots Appearance menu.

Kevin after you purchased the theme you can register in our ticket system and ask for help there :)

The twitter count went wrong in the Avenue theme and the tweet display too. Let somebody refresh the theme. I payed 4 this!

This is not a support issue. I’m very cautious about parting with $45 of my money. It’s VERY hard to get a refund or credit from themeforest if there is a problem with a theme. If you can prove to me there is an option to change fonts then I will consider buying it. Until then, not a chance.

kevincrank by looking at your account it does not seem you purchased the file so apparently you did not “pay 4 this!”

kevin040 you can always use custom css to change fonts ;)

lavinse Purchased

The tweets widget and the social counter widget is out of order!!!! In the tweets widget do not display the tweets and the twitter social counter numerator does not count the following. Please fix the problem, because i purchased this theme. Thanks!