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lavinse Purchased

When can you fix the twitter widget problem?

htuk Purchased

How can we fix the Twitter issues? The API has moved to 1.1 now

Resposive Please!

BLKDMNDS Purchased

No matter what I do, I can not get the slider to displayed correctly. I will show the background image of the featured slider but no posts. I’ve looked around for a few fixes but nothing works. I am on 3.5.2. Any help please?

KSiteTV Purchased

Will the Avenue theme be updated to work with the latest Twitter API? I’m assuming that is why my follower count is stuck and my latest tweets aren’t able to be shown… I see some other Themeforest themes have been updated; will this one, too?

Part of what I love about Avenue as a theme is the social counter, though if it’s outdated, it makes my site look less popular than it is :(


We will have to officially update the themes as soon as we can due to the twitter API not working anymore all of a sudden. I’m afraid there’s no ETA for the update, but themeboutique posted a solution in that forum thread: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/twitter-api/100525 that might help!

Thanks for the patience!

Is there a layered PSD file included for the theme?

huastan Purchased

Hey i’m trying to use 6 footer images 3 on top and 3 on the bottom, but it is getting an ERROR! how can i fix that?

@ yopromotions no

@ huastan please open a ticket in our support system with your website url and login details :)

Bought the theme today for my sports blog. How to enable those thumbs in this new theme ??

Check the demo here


@iHelp: Is it possible to get the PSD file provided?

kpleva Purchased

Is there a timeline on an update to WP 3.5.2 or is it even in the works? I have functionality in my plugins that are included in updates but cannot update as they require 3.5.2 and Avenue is not officially supported/verified. There a varying reports of functionality and I dont want to break my site.

Any insight would be appreciated or I am going to have to re-theme to move forward.

Thanks alot for your help.

Teesra please post back with the account that purchased the item, thank you!

yopromotions there is no full psd file of the layout

kpleva we did not have the chance to test it yet I’m afraid. People report that it’s indeed working but we could not confirm that officially yet.


DenisCGN Purchased

Youtube is Not working anymore when i insert the ID in the editor shortcode. HEEEELP!

Hello Just bought Avenue – A WordPress Magazine Theme, but after installation, I saw that the slider is nt show up. Have a look on here : http://www.radiosiriri.org/ Thank you in advance for any help

Guys I need you to open tickets in our support system so I can help you, this area here is only for comments.

Tomi1111 Purchased

Do You plan an update to reponsive version for those who have already bought Avenue?

I’m afraid no.

Can anyone help me change the default Avenue header/banner? I have replaced the .png’s associated with the header with my own image, but it doesn’t change anything. Am I missing an easier way to do this? Thanks.

Hey, can you post a ticket in our support system and attach your website’s URL? I’ll check it out :)