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cl-audio Purchased

Simple question, how do i change the text (post) color?

cl-audio Purchased

Last one. How can i turn off the shadow on the main slider on homepage. The one above thext box? Thanks!

cl-audio please check the image ^ out :)

cl-audio Purchased

ok… i will… its ok to upgrade to 3.6 ?

dankub Purchased

hello, we upgraded wordpress to 3.6. and the slider at the frontpage doesn’t work anymore. can you fix it?

Please check the image out and do as it says :) Thank you so much!

cloud9 Purchased

Hi, i cant get the sidebar twitter to work. Please help

Is this theme updated to work with wordpress 3.6? I’m considering purchasing but I want to make sure it works with the latest versions of WP since the last theme update seems to have occurred in 2012 and people are commenting they’re having issues.

Hi, how can I deactivate the image link at the featured image in a post? (I need only the featured image displayed without link) Thank you Dominik

Hi, I have a problem. In fact due to a change of the link of my wordpress site in the root folder of my site, while mache well except that when you click on the logo it displays a page listing all my root folder. here is the link of the site: http://africateam.net please look and called me how to correct that when you click on the logo and my key back to the homepage. thank you!

malady no please wait until we have 3.6 in the right sidebar’s compatibility list for WP versions.

cloud9, Photo-Pixel and samdekakre please open a ticket in our ticket system, add your website URL so we can check your issue out :)

Thanks guys!

Thiercae Purchased

HI! I LOVE YOUT THEME! Your twitter seems not to stream on my website… Correct User ID. no other settings there but the number of tweets. Please help! Thanks!

Hi, is this theme compatable with wordpress 3.6?

We will have to officially update the themes as soon as we can due to the twitter API not working anymore all of a sudden. I’m afraid there’s no ETA for the update, but themeboutique posted a solution in that forum thread: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/twitter-api/100525 that might help!

Thanks for the patience!

@ Brendacleo you can find compatible versions in the right sidebar of this page :) Thank you!

DO NOT BUY THIS THEME. This theme has many bugs and is not going to be upgraded anymore.

From support staff:

“I’m afraid we won’t update the theme anymore. Cheers”


We have just uploaded an update. You will be surprised. – TS Team

Everybody please update the theme to the latest version! You can download it in your Downloads section right away!

If I update to the newest theme – will I keep all the changes I have made?? Link to my website: (http://www.skintnation.com)

If I update to the newest theme – will I keep all the changes I have made?? Link to my website: (http://www.skintnation.com)

Varial Purchased

Is there a way to get the logo and article images/videos to resize with the responsive theme update? They still display at full size and don’t look good.

afakouhi Purchased

Hey team, I was super excited to learn that your theme is now responsive but after the upgrade I’m very disappointed…where is the responsive design? It is the exact same thing….

Could you please comment?

Thanks, Armin

PS: Otherwise I really like this theme :)


Go into theme options and press the save button once.