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Fantastic, thanks guys!

ekickers Purchased

Hi, as anyone experience this problem? when I try to upload image, I get this error

‘An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.’

I am using the latest Avenue theme

Xammy2000 Purchased

I just realized there is a new version, how do I update? When I look on the sidebar it just gives me the option to purchase but there is no update option.

There is also no option to update via the themes section in my wordpress dashboard.


hey guys, please visit our support system to ask your questions :) I’ll be there for you over here.

Hey there.

Tried to translate the theme into german with the localization plugin but failed to do so. Any ideas?



Hello sry for my bad english.

I need a button on my page site. The button code is:

[button color="black" link="http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/guild/lordaeron/Project_Play_for_Fun" target="_blank"]Gilden Page[/button]

the button is not working. what I do wrong ?



I replied to your ticket kellerloch :)

I’d like to view the theme live, but it just basically shows a cached version. Any idea?

Hi, have you tried another browser or clearing your cache? That’s the url: http://wp-avenue.themesector.com/


ramifrem Purchased

Can i have the content.xml file ? thank you

ramifrem please visit our support system so we can send it to you :)

The Counter Social widget does not work. I have entered all the data required TWITTER but I can see to do everything else except that. What should I do? Can you help me? My site is this: http://blog.idealight.it.

Appearance … please

Hi andrea, the only way to request support is via our support system (check the image :) ) –¬†only there you can safely provide your login details for us to check out.

Cheers! :)

ekickers, can you please specify which plugin caused the conflict?

Hi. I have some questions about your theme.
Is it possible to see a screenshot of the theme options?
From theme options, can feature image be set not to show on single post pages?
From theme options, can meta data be disabled for single pages or home page?
What is the suggested dimensions of feature image for post?
Thanks in advance


a) It’s the regular option tree plugin.

b) can be done with custom css

c) can be done with custom css

d) 640 x any

Has anyone tested this theme with wordpress 3.71? I really want to update, but don’t want to break my site.

I love the look and feel of this theme, but I’m encountering a few issues with plugins and galleries.

1)The logo I have uploaded is no longer responsive when switching mediums: http://www.cavinbounce.com/

2)Several Grid and Gallery/video/plugins are broken.

Whenever I embed the Showbiz Pro Gallery into a page, it breaks. I’ve adapted by using a specific debug setting on the Showbiz Pro Gallery, but doing so pushes all of my post html to the bottom of the page under the gallery: http://www.cavinbounce.com/press-and-media/

Using the popular Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin is also impossible. http://www.cavinbounce.com/recovery-videos/

Any input is greatly appreciated. An otherwise beautiful theme.

I just started using this and on my homepage there are “no images available”? Images appear on all the other pages. Just read through the other comments on this. So the only solution to this is to add a plugin? Does this happen all the time people use the theme or is it only under certain circumstances that can be fixed by changing settings? Or is this just a bug that has to be fixed by using the plugin. And is this the official plugin to use? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/auto-post-thumbnail/


P.S. I am a very new beginner.