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Hey there, could y’all head over to our support system please so you can safely open a ticket with your login details in case I need them? Thanks so much!

Maaark Purchased

Is it safe to update to WP 3.8?

Purchased the theme. No demo content to kick-start using the theme?

Maaark the theme is confirmed to be compatible up to WP 3.6, but we’ve had users reporting that 3.7 and 3.8 works, but it’s on your own risk.

vpn4all you can request the demo content via the support system :)


I like very much this theme, but I have wordpress 3.8. If I buy this theme I can use it?

Are There someone that can’t use this them with wordpress 3.8?

Hi there,

we didn’t confirm the compatibility officially, you can use the versions mentioned in the sidebar’s compatibility list.

But we’ve had users reporting that it worked :)

Excellent Job :D I like it !! Again I wish you Good Luck With Sales :D !!!!

Pre purchase question – does the theme come with full demo content?



submitted a support ticket requesting the demo file.


Pre-purchase question – In this theme ‘Avenue’ does it come with your ‘broadway’ theme where it shows the ratings like with Star indication. http://themes.themesector.com/?theme=broadway. cause the only place i see ‘stars’ indicators are at your Latest Reviews side bar, and not in the main page. I hope you understand what I mean.

By the way, if this theme ‘Avenue’ do not have the ‘stars’ indicator like ‘Broadway’ theme; if I were to purchase ‘Broadway’ theme instead of ‘Avenue’ is it still compatible with wordpress 3.8? and do you still support the theme?


Where can I find the demo content file? Thanks.


submitted a support ticket requesting the demo file.


I just bought your theme again. I really like it!

I would like to change the color of the Navigationbar in css but did not find the code. Can u tell me where I can change it?


Hey guys, can you please open a ticket at our support system so we can help you further?

Love this theme.

I”m changing the setup of my blog to a magazine style. I’d still like to have a “Blog” page that works as the Demo’s blog page does.

How does that page have a “recent posts” widget in the content? (Not sidebar)

I only know to create categorical navigation pages. But, i’d rather just have a myurl.com/blog page show specific posts.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey guys, can you please open a ticket at our support system so we can help you further?

hi, the twitter social counter doesn’t work properly, it shows the account subscriber but when you click on it you just land on the twitter homepage. i created an app and put all the token and auth code. any idea ? thanks

Hello, does it work with child themes? Cheers, Denis

mergorez please hop over to our ticket system so you can transmit your login details safely :)

DenisCGN yes it works!

conidis Purchased

Guys, honestly, it’s by FAR the best theme I’ve ever purchased, or worked on. It’s AMAZING. Neat, clean and very light. It’s sooo flexible

It only took me 4 days to finish a whole website. And it wans’t an easy one

I really thank you George

Wow that’s fantastic feedback! If you didn’t already, please do rate our item five stars, that would help us big time as well! Thank you very much George, have a wonderful weekend :)

Wow really great theme, purchased it about 3-4 months ago, no regrats at all. every day i’m finding somethig new, that i can make with design and offer some novelties to my blog visitors. Only now I have one question and I really hope you guys will help me with this, as I’m not really strong at CSS. I want to make header part (where is logo and banner) transparent, so background on that part could be seen. How to do that?

Here, I will attach picture, of what I’m having in my mind: http://gameblog.lt/backg.jpg Thanks!