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I downloaded this a couple days ago. Great design, well documented and easy to use. I had an issue combining sections outside the scope of the theme and support got straight back to me and helped me out with some code to make it work. Definitely give this guy and this template 5 stars!

Thanks alot :)

I’m very interested in buying but noticed overlapping words below the menu links. This happens in IE 10. A Bug in menu lamp? Also “drop-cap circle” class, seems to be broken in IE. FAQ demo does not work?

Hi. I had fixed all small bug now. Check live preview. Thanks.


Great job on the design and coding. I love the layout! but I have two questions:

1. I edited the .html with my content. But when I open files in the browser the content will only load after I scroll down. It’s a nice effect but I’m afraid some people may think the pages have poor content as only the menu and header load immediately. Is there a way for me to make the content load faster without scrolling down?

2. For the Iphone version the homepage has too much text that looks small and overlaps in the slider. Is there a way I can make that at smaller resolutions less text is displayed in the home slider?

Thank you for your reply, Please let me know if you need to see the link of my project. It’s not finished but I could upload what I have ready for you to see as an example.

Let me know.

Sorry, something went wrong. My reply email did not delivery success. What’s your email? I will send email directly to it.

Thank you :)

Nice theme, bought this because of bootstrap 3.

but this drupal version is not working like html one. If it will work like a HTML version it will be great.

Thank enkuso. If you need help in drupal version, please contact Drupalet – the author of drupalet version. Regard.

Can I disable the content fading effect? It’s very confusing content is loading after scrolling down. Same problem as Macadamia_2013.

Ofcourse you can disable fading effect by remove script in custom.js

Poorly designed. Errors everywhere. Waste of money.

It does not work for IE8. Shipping to developer an image as seen in several IE8 If not solved ..


Do not even think buying this. It was supposed to Themeforest staid. Buy this Template and did not comply with the specifications. The author shows no signs of life and Themeforest has ignored my emails. I lost money in short …

So sorry for late. We do not support ie8 any more.

Very well. Then do not sell this:

Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome deception often!


I purchased this theme a few days ago, and i am working on it now.

I have an issue getting the picture slider to work. When i upload an image to the slider it doesnt show my picture. The preview in the slider management is just an error image as if an empty image was uploaded. I have tried with various different image sizes and file types.

Which type of template you had purchased. I think you’re talking about issue on drupal version, right?

Yea its the drupal version :)

Hello. This is a HTML version. I had forward your issue to Drupal version owner. Or you can contact to him directly via this email:


The contact form does not work. The php form is empty… how do I get the contact form to send to an email address?

Hi there. If you want to send email via php, please visit this for more detail: Regard.

hello, very nice template! Just one question: I need to display next/previous buttons in the Gallery, when image is resized. Could you help me, how to do it? Thank you.

Hello. Which gallery in page did you mean?

sorry, I call it in my project as gallery. In your template it is portfolio. When I click on thubnail, and big image will appear, I need to move through images by next/previous buttons, It would really helpful for me. I read somewhere, there is needed to add into a tag to attribute “rel” name of gallery into brackets, but there is not rel tag, in this template, just data-rel attribute. And in this way: data-rel=”prettyPhoto[group1]” it doesn´t work.

hello, i have question, why i can’t type on name and email textfields in : Thank you.

Nice job. Good luck for sales;

thanks :)

Where is the Shoptantheme???

SHOPTAN IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. It is all busted and now i have to refund $3,000 on a project because I have no responsive on mobile like it said. I cannot download the original files andymore (WHICH I PAYED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks allot for taking my money and a huge headache.


am about to buy this template.I wanna know what kind of format do i get the source. Do they give admin panel with tools?, i have to use only those tools or i can edit the source file?.

Hi. this is a html template, so you can edit with notepad or any kind of text editor. This template do not have any admin panel, you have to custom by file. Thanks


loudon Purchased

Hi, Do you have or can you point me to any documentation for the homepage slider please?

Hi, Revolution Slider documentation has included in your downloaded file.


fabersp Purchased

Hi, how i configure jCarousel (Latest Project from Home) to autoplay.