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Looks good. I didn’t realize child themes sold for as much as regular themes. Cool stuff!

Theme looks nice. Good luck with sales!

Very nice and unique!

wow clean and neat template

Simplicity is best :)

Good luck

Thank you all for the kind words. :)

Ace :)

Release it without the genesis framework and it will sell more.


Clicking the ‘Live Preview’ button takes me to your profile page, not the demo site.


Thanks… Demo link is working now.

Yeah I’m not getting a proper link from the “Live Preview” button….

Fixed but if you’re still having problems the demo site is here…

Can you PM me details of your genesis framework? :)

Our themes are built to run as a child theme of the Genesis theme framework from StudioPress.

You can find out more about it here:

I wonder when StudioPress will release a “Responsive” theme. Probably not anytime soon.

yeh you got a sale!

congrats :)

i don’t think people realize just how good the genesis framework is, yeh it cost a bit more upfront, but only a one off cost then buyers can use any genesis child theme they want.

and the backend of genesis is coded beautifully, sites are very fast to load and easy to maintain, with built in SEO

I’m a web design/developer myself and use genesis framework exclusively for all client work, clients are very happy.

hope this helps.

Thanks James. I totally agree and that’s why I’m starting

I really think Genesis will become even more popular for the average developer building out sites for clients. Once you spend the $60 to get this awesome framework… all of the sites you create on top of it will take you a fraction of the time to produce.

Also, sticking with a solid framework like Genesis means you don’t have to go digging around files to figure out how a theme works every time you use buy a new one to use for a project.

How can I replace the blog title with a logo? I’m not used to Genesis, can I do that from the Theme Functions file?

Answered via email. Thnaks

1- i purchased it yesterday, good theme for one specific client…

2- you forgot a detail… translations…

3- use the capabilities to switch from text to image for the site title on top left, please… you answered to bmore in email… not good… update your theme, it will be better for future clients

4- the ability to have change of color themes… would look great

The theme has been updated. Thanks for your suggestions/feedback.


What’s the best way to change the logo? I noticed it was asked a few months ago but the answer was emailed.


To add your logo you simply use the Custom Header option. You’ll find it under the Appearance section.

How to center my page?

Will this work on Genesis 1.8 and up and would it be responsive if I purchased it (being that Genesis 1.8 is responsive)? Thanks.

Hy, i just purchaset your great theme, but, in changelog i see newest version 1.1 bud file what i downloaded show Avett 1.0 and i do not see updates like * Added custom logo upload option. Where can i download newest version 1.1? Thanks for answer.

I’m having issues with your theme and being paid I don’t want to have to mess with your code and css…. The main page doesn’t display the text the way the sample does. In mine the text goes from side to side and I can’t make it to work. Also is there no support for these theme in the forums?

Hi! Do you have the PSD project file? I bought this theme and wanted to edit some pictures and fonts of the site but the PSD file had just one simple layer. Could you send me the PSD project? thx

I downloaded this theme and it BROKE my website. The code referenced a file that didn’t even exist. This is a fucking scam. I want my money back.