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Is there a way to add a portfolio items to the home page? I created a 3 column portfolio and assigned that page under Mainpage Options “Select the pages you want to display on your front page here.” It displays a blank page on the home page, it doesn’t pull the portfolio items over. Do you know if this isn’t an option?

FYI wp 4 update on WPEngine seems to have broken menu for avisio theme sites. i fixed it by removing all but one menu from menu system under appearance. that solved the problem. somehow the code could not find the right menu – it could only use the first menu in the menu system.

Hm weird. Could not reproduce that yet. and after deleting those menus everything runs fine now again?


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How do I edit the styling of the “Our latest work” button under the slider? For example, if I wanted to change the color of the text or make it bold, etc. Where might I find this code?

Thanks! Awesome theme. :)


I am interested in purchasing the Avisio theme. Question/s:

Is it fully mobile /retina ready? I do not see any reference to this. Is it an old theme?

Is it compatible with latest WP version?

What is support response time typically ?

Can contact details be put somewhere on header (near logo)?



1.) I am afraid it is not. It is indeed an older theme

2.) Yes

3.) We usually respond to requests within 24 hours

4.) No

Since the theme is not mobile friendly I can only recommend you to use one of our latest themes, in particular Enfold, which also allows you to add a phone number or some other small contact details to the header:

Hi there,

I have a client whom I used Avisio for a few years ago and they have not updated their Wordpress… I would like to update to Wordpress 4.1 but want to make sure there are no major compatibility issues before I attempt to do so.



Hey Matt! We have no reports about 4.1 not working with the theme, updating should work fine :)


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Is your theme fully compatible with php 5.5?