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Beautiful as always! :) Love all the animation. :inlove:

Animation is really Beautiful. Great Work…...

Well, there aren’t unlimited skin choices, there are exactly 2.916.000. :)

Nice style, beautiful theme!

Your Best yet!

You are a talented developer.

May I ask how you handle the menu item descriptions? I wouldn’t want to enter HTML in the menu name area…

Well, yes, I saw that in the description.

All I wanna know is, I don’t need to type any HTML in the Menu Manager “Navigation Label” part, right?

no of course not. The theme activates and uses the description field of menu items to display the second line ;)

Ok, thanks.

Fantastic theme.. question can you reduce the size of the slider ?



of course, only reuires one change of the css code and one property change for image size creation ;)

great & awesome!

...can the design switch on the upper right also be disabled if i’d like to stick with one colour version?

The frontend style switcher is only available in the preview here. If purchased all the options are only available in oyur backend ;)

any chance for html version?

Don’t know yet. If it sells well I could imagine doing a html version as well in 2-3 weeks :)

thanks for the quick response,

one more thing, there is no search option on front page or with in the widget side bar is it possible to add and also what it any widgets come with the theme..

also can you send me what needs to be done to the css file… i will most likely be buying it today,, by the way i purchased your theme in the past and they are great..



I am currently not at my real workstation, can send it to you later today when I am at home ;)

Love the theme. I noticed on Chrome 4 that the “Read More” button on the 3rd picture in the slider was cut off at the bottom. Not sure if anyone else is seeing that.

thanks for the notice, will have a look at it ;)

It is taking a very long time for your server to respond when i change and of the sample options, maybe its just that im located in the UK, but the rest of the site on themeforest load very quickly, i love the design and will definitely buy!

Great Work

Hello Kriesi,

awesome theme!

How (where) can I change the fontcolour for the menue and the footer, because I need a light yellow background and the hover of the menue is now in a light yellow which you can heavily see on a white background (menue). And the footer font is also a light grey on a light yello background.

Hope you understand what I mean ;-)

Cheers, Olli

Hi again,

just found and change all in the style.css. Is there another way to change it?

Thank you, Olli

depending on your skin choice you can edit this option in style1, 2 or 3.css in folder css. the css selectors are grouped already at the very top of the file ;)

Me again, sorry,

I´ve another little problem. I´ve made one site (f.e.: welcome) for the mainpage content page. This one appears also in the menue. How to disable this one. Sorry, but I can´t find something in the documantation …

Thank you, Olli

Okay, I´ve got it … WordPress 3.0 Menue … in the future I try and read first … ;-)

Do you have the documentation online somewhere. I’d really like to see it before I buy this theme.

thank just purchased it… please send the file when you have a chance and please let me know about the search option and widgets.

thanks g

in style.css change the height of line 27 slideshow container:

.slideshow {

you then need to open functions.php and edit the height parameter of the biggest image at the top of the file.

thats pretty much it ;)

Edit: one thing that came to my mind: if you reduce the height by a big ammount, say like 200px the background shadow might look odd. You can either remove it in style1.css at:

.wrapper_shadow .center {
background:url("../images/skin1/bg_shadow.png") no-repeat scroll center center transparent;

pr create a new shadow file with the PSD that comes with the theme ;)

You’re so creative.

This looks simply amazing. Can I ask one question before buying:

Can you tell me if the Portfolio items do or do not show up in the blog. If they’re not included in the Blog posts/categories/archives etc. can you let me know what method your using to keep them separate?

It’s just that with the last theme I purchased the portfolio posts showed up in the blog and I had to install two different complicated widgets to keep them out of there.

Great work, and I look forward to using your theme!

you dont have to worry about that: I am using wordpress 3 custom post types for the portfolio so portfolio and blog posts will never mix up ;)

Can PDFs be displayed in the Portfolio?

@Kriesi I’m having some problems importing the default information you have provided with the theme. I keep getting this error:

Importing attachment… (794 kB) Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 32505856) (tried to allocate 3008 bytes) in /homepages/8/d150497674/htdocs/Weddings/wp-includes/media.php on line 253

Any ideas what this is?

Edit: Nevermind I tried it again and everything worked.

that problem can occur if your servers RAM usege limit is very low. you will then need to run the importer several times since it can only import small chunks of the data vailable. ;)

hi having issues with safari getting the following error

” safari is no longer responding because of a script on the webpage” I have done nothing just loaded theme,

By the way i did try to sign up for support on your site but kept getting errors..


Can you drop me a link to site you encountered the error?

The support forum is currently down. should be up and running again tomorrow (hopefully, since I need to do a cpmlete forum software exchange)