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This is a nice looking theme, but I have two questions I need answers two before I decide to buy this one. I’m sorry if these questions already have been asked, but there are quite many pages to go through.

1. Do the menus support several sublevels? 2. Is this them still being developed?

I have had this theme on a client’s site for over a year. Updating to WP 3 .3.1 broke the lightbox and the portfolio slugs. So I downloaded the latest version to update their site this weekend and it’s an encrypted file?

What’s up with this? What is wrong with your theme files here? This is very suspect. Is the file having a bug in it perhaps? There should be no warning messages unzipping the files before upload unless you’ve put some anti-theft and anti-productive encryption in it or the files are impregnated with something no one wants on their website. Since you allow customization, the later seems more relevant here.

Hey Kriesi,

We just purchased the Avisio theme today and like the theme.

However, we’ve noticed that when trying to put two images next to each other they always end up on the next line. So instead of them being side by side they are below one another.

How do we solve this issue?

A client of mine completely deleted the home page demo code/html from the website. Where can I get a copy of this? Is there any where I can find a copy of it?


I bought this template a while back and never used it, now I have a client who needed it but when I loaded onto their site the front page scroller doesn’t work. Any ideas what my be the problem, I’ve done lot’s of WP blogs so I know the setup is correct.



Is the $45 a one time purchase or is the amount charged annualy.

Interested in this theme, however, I’m concerned at questions not being answered here.

Are these comments monitored anymore?

I bought this and found it buggy and the cs forum was not helpful and took a long time to answer questions and then sometimes they never had an answer. If you go there now you will see it is dead on there. I think people are not using this theme much. I had to stop using it because it had bugs that the owner said he was going to fix and he never did. I was bummed after all the time I spent on setting it up. I still think it is a cool looking theme, but I cannot use it for my clients. They need themes that work.


I have few questons before purchasing this theme

1 – I would like to have a background color of my own, is that possible as none of the dema colors is what I’m looking for

2 – Can Insert a map?

Thanks and I hope you reply by soonest

I was about to purchase this theme, but I see the owner has not responded in months…so I wont be buying this one.

anyone else with this theme contact form NOT sending the email? Please help.

Hi, How to remove footer 1,2,3 and 4 ? and erase text ‘Design by – Wordpress Themes’ ? Hear from you soon. Thanks.

Hey Guys!

If you need support for this theme please open up a thread in our support forum at

Support requests within this thread wont receive an answer, because its impossible for my Team to check all the different Items we have here on themeforest :)

Thanks a lot! Cheers, Kriesi

I had to give up on this theme. So many things did not work. This authors support forum rarely answered my questions and with many of the broken code issues they told me they would update eventually and never did. Very disappointed after spending many hours customizing for a client. I do not recommend this.

Excuse me but what exactly are you talking about? I checked our forum and your last question was 2 years ago? Are you sure you posted to the correct forum? _

Thanks, it works nice with WP 3.8 – no problems so far! :)

Great to hear :)

Your are welcome! ;)


hey Kriesi, I just updated the theme and I am noticing the slider flashing on the home page.

also I am getting duplicate tabs on the homepage

I’m so excited that this theme is still working with 3.9. This was my first theme purchase from ThemeForest and I have since purchased many others including 2 more of your themes. I have always been very satisfied with your themes and service and will always check your portfolio first when I’m searching for a new theme :)

Glad to hear that everything is working as expected and also glad that you still like our work ;)

I was interested in buying this theme but I can see from the comments page that there is very little feedback to questions… soooo I will look else where

Hey! Truth to be told, since this theme is so old I cant really recommend it anymore ;)

If you want something that is easy to work with and supported well for the next years to come I can recommend our enfold theme:

I also have the same questions as this person but it doesn’t look like it was ever answered:

Hi, How to remove one of the footers 1,2,3 and 4 ? and erase text ’Design by – Wordpress Themes’ ?

Please let me know, thanks!

Also, your demo site has a nice amount of space/padding in the top menu bar. The bottom of my menu seems to be running into the main page. You can see here: Is there a way to increase my padding to fix that? thanks

I’ve made a portfolio which I thought would work below my home slider but it doesn’t pull the portfolio images over to the home page:

the only thing i find relating to enfold is a different theme you’ve designed. is it possible to have 3 footer columns instead of 4 on this theme? Is there an area in the custom code where I can delete that extra column?