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this is such an amazing theme man. Well done and I love it :)

Does the portfolio support html5 video players?

hm didn’t really test that. Guess you have to check if the prettyphoto lightbox supports it:

Very nice! You shouldn’t have a problem selling this one :)

Looks great – just a short question: what are the big differences to your previously published CleanCut theme?

LG, Andreas

They share a lot of backend code, but this one should be much easier to use, got a different base styling and some seriously improved layout option settings (as you can probably tell by yourself from looking at the frontend styleswitcher)

Kriesi! You rock! I love this theme. You are SO good!

Very nice theme…i already have newscast and see this one doing even better.


Are there different front page layouts available through the admin? Basically, trying to find out what we might have to modify in order to display a custom flash file on the home page in place of the default home page slider.

Thanks in advance. tf

yes, he options you can see at the demo-style switcher as well as others. to use a custom flash file i would recommend to just edit index.php and replace the function that outputs the slider with the embedd or javascript code for your flash file.

Is the jQuery Mini-Menu on the live preview a widget or only for demo purposes?

Make this a plugin on Code Canyon bro.

Remember to take breaks to eat, sleep and live…


its a demo widget only. unfortunatley a release on codecanyon isnt very likely since it works only with the self written wordpress framework I am using.

And thanks for the advice. I definitley tend do forget #1 and #4 these days ;D

In all do respects another bada$$ theme. Between you and webtreats i dont know who to crown as the king of super sweet magnificent shortcodes!

Thanks a lot! :)

Hi Kresi, Im sorry if this is a stupid question, i have replaced the logo on the logo is a jpg file and the same size as the doc states, but the menu is moving up, i must be doing somthing wrong because i shouldnt have to touch the css in it, also i have noticed that the menu has changed font compared to your demo on themeforest, do you know what i have done wrong or if it has got anything to do with me setting WP up wring?

P.S I love this design its so easy to set up!! Top marks!!

hey, sorry, must have missed the question ;)

The menu items changed font? sounds strange. Did you use the menu manager to setup a menu as stated in the documentation? If thats not the case the menu will only list some pages and then will not display the names bold, thats default behaviour.

As for the logo, this seems to be my mistake sorry. Forgot to update the size within the documentation, I am sorry about that. The real size should be:

160px * 85px

Thanks Kresi for the fast response, I want to remove “Avisio 1.0 by Kriesi” and “A sleek Business Theme by Kriesi – Update notifications available on twitter and facebook: Follow me on twitter – Join the Facebook Group” in the “Available Themes” section am i allowed do this or can i remove it, i am using this theme for a client, im not sure if i am allowed do this but i i am what file can i locate it so i can edit this section?

Thanks for the help, Darren

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This theme stole my heart. :inlove: Will definitely buy it! It’s just a class apart! But, the whole nav link ain’t clickable, only “Home”, “Portfolio” and not the text under!?

Bookmarked :)

thanks, glad you like it! which browser are you using? everything works fine for me :)

I mean the description text ain’t clickable (eg, the start page, our workpieces). Only Home, About Us are :) Again – :inlove:

Great work! Just one quick question before i buy this theme: -would there be an option to select different columns for different pages? Just like from your demo site, different pages uses different columns.


yes, multiple columns like in most other themes nowadays with wordpress shortcodes :) Everything described in the documentation if you are not familiar with those ;)


I have one question, is installed cufon fonts support accented characters ?

Thanks, you job is awesome :)

the theme comes with quite a few font choices that support different character sets. you can test most of them at font squirel. The main font for example can be found here:

jus tuse the test drive option and type the characters you need to check ;)

It’s seems to work, so I buy Avisio :) Great job

Hi Kriesi, You still havent replied to my question about the design?

Can you please respond when you have the time?

Kind Regards Darren

hey darren, sorry must have missed it and responded ;)

Please excuse my above comment i sorted it, Thanks

bought your great theme. use is awesome.

just would like to add TAGS at the end of posts in the blog and also in the blog homepage. would you please tell me where to add the tags code snippet?

add it in single.php line 54 after the_content(); and in template_blog.php at line 67 again after the_content();

Hello! I’m sorry for my bad english. I have a question: I would buy this theme, but I would know if it work with NextGen gallery or only Media gallery of wordpress default….

Wait the answer Bye, Kiwi

Should work fine with both of them :)

The portfolio section hoewever is created by “portfolio entries” a wordpress 3 custom post type

Best thing ever. Purchasing soon. Thanks for all your hard work.


running into a issue with edit media.. when go to make changes to a image ie crop or scale image none of the changes save.. I’ve clicked sane and update media none of them working.. Im using Chrome and Safari


does this happen with other themes as well? Those tools are wordpress default tools and I didnt toch any code that should affect them…

Also did you try deactivating other plugins just to check if one of them is maybe interfering?

one more thing are there any bullet point option cant find it in the documentation. gary

Beautiful theme. Any chance of having a non-Cufon option for the heading fonts? Just the standard Arial, Georgia, Times, etc.

of course. if you choose to select the first entry in the cufon dropdown list (that is called “select…”) then cufon doesnt get a font applied and therefore gets deactivated ;)

Amazing work as usual Kriesi.