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The AviaSlider height and width do not seem to change when I ‘apply changes.’

Does the homepage AviaSlider require the distinct size or can it be made smaller?

Thanks, rad theme.

the height and width option apply to the small rectangles and boxes that cause the transition not the overall image size, if that is what you mean. To change the size of the image slider itself you need to edit one line of code in functions.php and one in style.css :)

not running on my IPAD ! KG

haha, yet another device to check ;D what exactly is not working?

Kriesl, the slider is not running touch on the small slider pics no effect and so on

Hi Kriesi,

first of all, congratulations for your great work and excellent design. I have one question before buying this theme or the Cleancut theme:
- In the Cleancut theme, there is a "Testimonials" section in the home page. Is it a widget or is a tab done with shortcodes? Is it possible to implement this Testimonials section in the Avisio Theme?
Thank you for your answer and I see you in your support forum :-)

In my Ipad the theme works: slides, menu navigation… I did not find any error.

Hi, i am having some trouble figuring out how i translate this theme. Could you perhaps assist me?

Is it possible to add some new stuff in the home page ??

I would like to add testimonials, twitter widget, the last works, and remove the tabs, and just leave the 4 columns….

would it be difficult to change the size of the slideshow?? It’s too high for my needs

Maibe my questions have obious answers but I’m pretty new to wordpress so I would like to know it before purchasing

By the way Congratulations for the theme, it looks awesome and very well coded, so I’d pretty happy to know that it can feed my needs for purchasing it….

thanks in advance

Hi Kriesi (Servas from Munich/Bavaria),

great work, as ever, and very easy to deal with!

Only one question: Any chance for me to add Cufon fonts to the Navigation?

Thanks + Baba, Joerg

Hi Kriesi,

The box with the slideshow in it is showing to much to the top for me. It is overlapping the menu and also the description in the menu is not showing.

Can you tell me what went wrong?

This is the site:

Great work by the way!

Nice theme,

Have not found away to disable your default widgets that show up in the footers. Found where to turn them off for sidebars but not for the footer. I want to set my own.


An absolutely marvelous theme with more real versatility and backend options than any other premium theme I have ever seen… (And I have seen a lot of them!)

I will be purchasing this theme for sure. Big thanks for sharing your incredible talent for all of us to enjoy! =)

Do you use timthumb on this theme.

I want to add this to a site using a domain, but Im not sure if timthimb will work on this.

Second question. The portfolio images are vertical, I want to use horizonatal images (book covers), so i would need to change the height on the portfolio dimensions, Can this be done?

I’m looking for a theme that can publish posts (not only pages) on full-width (without side-bars)...

Is it possible to do that with Avisio?

Thanks for any information and for such a nice design!

I would like to change the color of the current-page-item.

How can I achieve this? If I set #top .nav .current-page-item a {color:#xyz;} nothing happens.

.current-menu-item a doesn't work either.

How can I change the color of the of the current page item then?

Nice work… so please tell me, is it translation-ready? thank you very much.

Very, very nice work!!!

Two presales questions (excuse my ignorance if I should have guessed the answers to these):

1. Can there be more than 5 items in the top menu bar? If so do they themselves automatically to fit on the line or do they skip to a new line?)

2. Are there any predfined widget areas.

Thank you very much.


Love the theme.. as always amazing job… one thing though…

cufons wont work for me in IE7 .. any idea how to fix this ?

thanks in advance!

This is my first attempt at using a Wordpress template.

I had been thinking about redoing my site for awhile when I came across someones website that I absolutely fell in love with. After viewing the source code and following some links I found myself at Theme Forest and more so, on your profile.

I will admit I was very hesitant in making the purchase. After reading through all the comments I was thinking that this thing was going to be very difficult to manipulate. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Being the gambling man that I am I decided to roll the dice. I figured it’s only $40 bucks, I’ll let this be a lesson to myself if it blows.

This is one gamble I am glad I made!

I can not believe the ease of use of this thing. I started off looking at all the code and breaking it down, after a couple hours of doing that I realized that I didn’t even have to? Everything I need is right there on the control panel. Amazing!

I have gotten more done with this website in the last 12 hours than I have with any other site in a week!

For shits and giggles I decided to take my fresh new site to W3C and see what they had to say about it. I’m thinking no way is this thing going to validate. Well I was right, it had 5 errors. All of which were made by ME. (easy fix)

Anywho, I can’t thank you enough for this template. You have opened up a whole new world for me.

What is the policy if I wanted to use this on one of my clients sites?



that is a really great testimonial, thanks for writting it down. Its cool if people appreciate what I do, thanks a lot! :)

You can use the template for your customers as well, but you need to re-purchase one template for every domai,. or get an extended licence (you can switch between regular and extended above at the purchase button)

Best regards Kriesi

Hello. Congratulations!

I have two questions about the theme: DISPLAY theme? choose the language which display on any area of the header of the page. Is this possible?

2.I need to add a multi languaje module buttons to

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi there and big ups for another great work! One question, any way to add a custom cufon to the preset fonts? Pa

I would like to know how to make the front page entirely a blog page, instead of the tabbed setup that it currently is. Is this possible?