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I pasted the settings and theme options into the text area under options tree. But I am not sure what / why this step is. I need to understand what are we doing in this step. I will maintain my site in future and I need to understand the setup.


Hello, you only import the Settings and Theme Options if you’re also importing our demos. Basically importing both ensure that your website will inherit the settings and options you see in Appearance > Theme Options. So everything like: color, navigation, color settings, typography, and more…

I added pages to the Awesome App Responsive Parallax theme and these pages were not part of the one page template that I am using. These are stand alone pages I created to be separate from the one page template.

The problem I am having with my stand alone pages is that the content I created starts too far down the page although I have it aligned at the very top. There is typically a space of approximately 3-4 inches from the top of the page to the start of my content. I cannot figure out how to remove this unwanted space on my single pages. Please help. —Thanks

Hi, please email us at support@senorthemes.com for support with this. Please send us your website url. Thanks

I purchased the Awesome App Responsive Parallax theme and every time I insert a table or iframe into a page there is always a border around the table or iframe. Is it possible to remove this border around tables and iframes?

Hi, please email us you website at support@senorthemes.com so we can have a look. If you can provide wp-login details that would be helpful too.

I installed this theme along with the provide content but none of the images are showing up. They seem to be coming from a site that doesn’t exist.

Never mind, I figured it out.

Great template and really easy to get set up and customise. Just one quick question – on your demo site, the Facebook ‘like’ (with the big thumbs up icon) I can replicate, but is there an equivalent Twitter ‘follow’ code? I’ve got the twitter icon working, but can’t see a shortcode for Twitter ‘following’ functionality? Many thanks!


We already install the full Demo website and all the pulgin has been activate but the picture still not able to display http://awesomeapp.31app.com/. Therefore, we would like to know for this model never support the pictures or how we can fix this problem. Thank you.

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Hi, I visited your website and I see the demo images did import. Due to licensing we do not supply the actual images you see in our demo. You can replace the “dummy” images provided to you with your own images and text.

Hello! I love this theme, you guys did a great job keeping it easy and simple to get going. I see the setting to turn the darkening effect on for the header sections, is there any way I can make it darker? The text in the parallax sections is especially difficult to read on mobile devices