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When I make changes to the top bar settings under head builder in theme admin changes do not show it keeps displaying the demo data that was initially installed I would like a top menu bar to the right of the top bar how would i do this?

hey we have just began our support, will be replying you shortly

can you please respond to my support ticket i still cannot get the top menu to function


on your contact us page where you have a full size graphic behind the page title (http://demo1.artillegence.com/axension/pages/about-us/) i cannot get a full size image to display all the images i upload do not display fully they are either tiled or only show a portion of the image what are the correct settings to display full image?

i can adjust the size in the css code it looks like the default is 30px where would i change this in theme options like in all your demo examples?

to change the title stylings , please goto edit page where you want to set background, on the right side on title text field you will see a gear icon please click on it. A settings lightbox will open , click on background tab , click background image add your image and set Enable Full Background Stretch to cover that will make image stretch to full width.

Similarly to set for all titles, goto enigma styler -> Advance stylings tab, select behind title sub tab and use same process to set common background image.


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Hi – hoping you can help. The active highlight color for the mega menu items is #f26822. This is your defaullt color. I cannot seem to change this.

What control in the visual styler updates this? I cannot find it. If it does not exist – then please provide urgent fix.


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sorry my apology it seems to be the fade color for the active menu. it seems all of your inbuilt colour schemes all fade the active mega menu to this blue colour?

hey in enigma styler -> Skins , you can access hover fade color in head area styles tab. The color palette Link Hover color controls it.

how do you remove the numbers beside the menu items, it’s appearing on the top menu and main menu

please contact through profile we will send you a solution for this.

When installing, I get the following message:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/bestmobi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/themestudio-content/metaboxes/metaboxes.php on line 26

can you please disable the plugin themestudio-content and try again , the error is generating from that plugin. I think its try to get themes post types.

No other plugins are installed. it’s a fresh install.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled wordpress and then uploaded/installed the theme manually. It now works.

I got this error when trying to install plugin:

Fatal error: Class ‘TGM_Bulk_Installer’ not found in /home/bestmobi/public_html/wp-content/themes/axension/backend/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1579

hey can you please contact through mail with wp admin details, we will check it up whats causing that issue

I’ve now installed Revolution Slider and Contact 7 one at a time.

However, I received the following error when trying to intall Layer Slider WP>

Downloading install package from /home/bestmobi/public_html/wp-content/themes/axension/backend/plugins/layered_slider.zip… Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

I therefore uploaded this plugin supplied in your zip package and installed manually.

Everything works now.

is it possible to add background images to sections with the content builder without having to separate all sections with rows If i apply an image or gradient with out having separate rows the images span across multiple sections I see the add row button on the bottom but find it difficult to rearrange the rows and get the individual content pieces in the rows the way i like Also submitted support request for this

hey you can either put all containers in a single row or add custom css to set bg image for the page content area. I cant see your ticket , can you reply with wp admin details and page where you want to achieve it , I will help you out ;)

ok adding a single row and trying to rearrange on page and put other elements in it is proving very difficult

can you show me the page , you can use the custom css method it is easier.

Hello mate, congrats about your good theme but we got a pre-buy question, we got some but for now, ill type only 4!

Here is:

1. In about us, its possible increase more one person on Our Team? 2. could u help me with some problem after purchase for eg: installation and everythings up? 3. comes with demo data? 4. The Mega Menu comes together for free?

Thank you!

Hello guys, its me again!

I tried to run the installer but the http://jgcapital.com.br/JG-Capital/ dont look the same like http://demo1.artillegence.com/axension/

How to apply it to looks like that http://demo1.artillegence.com/axension/ ?

Thank you!

hey the installer didnt completed fully thats why it is showing like that, contact through our profile with wp admin details we will add fresh content for you :)

thank you! Ill do that right now!

Hey there,

is there a demo of the backend to test? I am interested in some elements, for example the header builder.

I donĀ“t want to change anything, just watch without saving

Oh I forgot… I can not click any of the menu links (links with ”#”)... so, maybe you can fix that to make things work

hey sorry backend is not accessible , you can check out the videos or I can give you the documentation if you want. menu with links #, # is added so that links cannot be clicked .. like in menu items with sub menu items :)

Hello :) Is it possible to make language switcher look in standard WPML way? My client is a big fan of flags %)

hey mate contact us from profile with the link to this comment , we will give the necessary things ;)

Thank you guys :)

I sent message. Please check it. Thank you :)


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Hi there, I love the theme !!! It’s really awesome. Got only one question is it possible to make the live search a bit slower ? Or I have tried the Search Bar option , but that’s not seems to functioning .

Many many thanks

Iva :)

Hi Iva, thanks for the nice words. We can’t make the ajax loading slow since its server dependent, as for the search bar can you please tell me the issue.. is it not showing ? Bar will not show live results.


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Can you please advise how I change the font size and weight for posts shown in the small thumbnail blog lists?

Also, the sidebar widget titles as well.



Can you please show me the page link.


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hi – how can i stop the primary mega menu page from being navigable? I only want the drop down menu items to be navigable?

you will required to make a custom menu with link set to # , that will do the trick :)


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hi am trying to install layerslider get the following error

Downloading install package from /clientdata/apache-www/a/v/avatarbrokers.com/www/wp-content/themes/axension/backend/plugins/layered_slider.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

hey layered is also available in theme zip you have download from themeforest you can add the plugin from there directly.

Hello, i cant change the blog page. I have pages and one is for entrances, but i still cant change it. I tried this: Bloge-> modify the structure, remove the title and a lot of things more, but when i save the page and reload the blog page is the same.

Thank you )

Have you set bolg page in readings, if yes please remove it from there. It will diasble the setting from builder

Revolution Slider causing server error. Help please. :) Otherwise AWESOME theme :)

contact through profile with wp admin details, we will take a look and fix it asap ;)

On iPad (Landscape & Portrait) aspects, the header looks weird & menu is pushed down to second line. Logo size is 250×62px , with about 6 many items in header. Desktop & iPhone looks fine.

A ) How do we make sure they stay on the same line on iPad? B ) Or how do we force, iPhone-like menu toggle?

Please advise.

hey can you please show me your, if possible I try to adjust code so menu stays in one line .. else I will enable mobile menu for ipad

Hi, thanks a lot for the support, trust and using our services. To keep on building trust and new way’s to improve our customer relations we’ve shifted to our brand New support forums. Please register yourself by using one of your purchase ID’s and we will see each other on the other side ;).

Hi, I have a few issues I need help with.

1/ top bar/ Main menu font size: I have already adjusted the font size via the Visual Styler> Typography> Set Font Size, but the change does not reflect on my page.

2/ I added images with links through the page builder and it works on my computer but it doesn’t work on some other computers. A user of mine clicked on the picture but nothing happens.

3/ The Tab widget doesnt display correctly on some computers as well.

kindly advise. Thanks!

hey to answer your questions ,
1. Can you please show me the page link , I need to see the page
2. Do you know which browser the user clicked and also please pass me the page link
3.Regarding the tab widget also , do you know which browser. Note that below IE 9 is more supported

For furhter support , please go to our support forums. Please register yourself by using one of your purchase ID’s and we will see each other on the other side ;).

i have some difficulty logging on there. can I send you an email instead?

yes you can contact through profile, also pass me wp admin details