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Does this support video?

If mobile device browser supports then yes.


Tjo Purchased

Is there an easy way to add items to the blog-part of this templat? Or is adding to the html-code the only way?

This is only a template so yes, editing HTML is the only way. Perhaps you could buy wordpress version soon.

Hey, I know this works perfect on a mobile device such as a smart phone or iPhone and fits perfectly. But is there a way of making the web pages automatically fit a tablet device screen resolution, such as when used on a tablet device it sort of fills the screen instead of being small? Thank you.

Well, easy to answer hard to make it. AxiaMobile was made for one resolution, so if you show it for example on Android screen (480px wide) it fits perfect. With tablets there’s a problem with layout, I’m not sure if this template will be still looking good on tablet.

Great Template

I do have one problem When I click on portfolio and a picture Is displayed, you can scroll back and forth By swiping the images

If you use 2 fingers to resize image it crashes app You get a black screen and have to reload page

This happenned pn my iphone 4 Can this be fixed?


Great Template

I do have one problem When I click on portfolio and a picture Is displayed, you can scroll back and forth By swiping the images

If you use 2 fingers to resize image it crashes app You get a black screen and have to reload page

This happenned pn my iphone 4 Can this be fixed?


Hello, thank you for purchasing.

Well I tried it again and it works fine. Did you tried it on different browsers?

Trouble is probably in plugin itself. It’s called PhotoSwipe.

is there a direct link so I can preview on my mobile phone?

Unfortunately no, but if you still want to see this template I can make temporary link for you.

I currently have a live Wordpress theme website. But I would like a mobile version of your template for only mobile users when they view the website. how does that work without ruining the current website?

Well, at first I have to say this is not a Wordpress template. But if you’re still interesting here’s the solution, you have to download one plugin and then set path to your static template for mobile devices.

Ok, if this isn’t a Wordpress template, then how can I use this mobile non-wordpress template to work with the current Wordpress website? I know there’s a certain plug-in, but don’t you have steps and procedures for that?

What happens if I have a regular XHTML /CSS website (not Wordpress-based)? How can I make this as a mobile website, without overriding my current website (I still like my website, I only want the mobile version of yours for only mobile users)?

Does your template come with a full-size website and a mobile version of that? Is that how it works?

So I guess that wouldn’t work out with my current website (HTML based), because I like that website…but need a mobile version of yours. How though?

Ok, let me just say it straight. This is only mobile template – that means it’s only for mobile devices. If you’ll use it for your mobile visitors you’ll have two templates. Your desktop one and this one. I recommend to take a look on some tutorials about this issue.

I just purchased another Wordpress theme on Themeforest as well. Can I use your mobile WP template as well for the “mobile version”, not “Desktop version”? Is that really possible? How can I do that?

Any hope of a wordpress version of this one too? This would be a really great theme for it.

Hello, I’m considering it.

Like lillalaika, I too, am interested in working with this mobile template but don’t want to override my current wp website, or clients. The directions seem confusing, but I have to say I haven’t work with a mobile theme yet. Is there a link you’d suggest to read up on how to separate mobile templates and currant wordpess websites?

There’s planty of plugins which provides this functionality, but I don’t have experience with any of them.

3 color scheme, but there is a download only one scheme?!

Hey, thanks for purchasing.

You can change sheme by switching CSS files:

styles/style.css styles/styledarkwood.css – Dark Wood scheme CSS file. styles/stylelight.css – Light scheme CSS file.

Bought it. Loving it. One problem though, the contact form doesnt seem to be working? Every time someone enters information into the field, it disappears.

For eg. In the area “Your name”, once you type a name and click to the “your email” box, the information you’ve just typed disappears? Same of the email and message text? Please help?

I tried this one the DEMO and the same problem happens there too!

Hey ratzbool! Thank you for your information. Interesting thing: you’re the only one who’s noticing me about that :D..
<input type="text" required="required" name="name" value="Your name..." onclick="if(this.value=='Your name...') this.value=''" onblur="if(this.value=='') this.value='Your name...'" />

I thought it said wordpress theme included, did i just but this for nothing? let me know.. this is cool, but i was looking for the wordpress included.

also i have a redirect script if you need it.

Hey, thanks for noticing me. There IS Wordpress version included, but it may have been screwed by ZIP archiver.. I can see it, but folders are bit switched.

actually i seen the immobile at the bottom of the page and got confused….. what can we do about this? thanks.

pista, can you fix this then or update it? then email it to me? i didnt see any directions on how to edit. i’m fluent in editing but, do i just replace or put the buttons icons and graphics to where i want them to show up?

also this is getting spread out on blackhat websites as thats how i found it. But i bought it because You deserve to get paid for this awesome creation. please let me know. thanks Troy.

thank got it..your awesome!

so this i just upload to my current wp wich is already in place, then activate it, then do my editing. will it automaticcly redirect?

Thanks again

will this include a redirect script ? thanks

Template itself does not include redirect script, but you can make your own, it’s very easy. Stay tuned!

make my own…if i knew how :)), if i found how,then,maybe will buy your product… thanks

It’s on the main page of this theme :))

Great work on the template. Like “ratzbool” commented, the contact form didn’t work for me either. So I’ve tried the code that you recommended instead.

Other than that great work. For thos asking, I just put this above my header tag in Wordpress and the redirect works fine. I uploaded the mobile site in a different folder:

<script type=”text/javascript”> <!— if (screen.width <= 699) { document.location = “http://YOURDOMAIN/mobile/”; } //—> </script>

Thank you for your solution, if I may, I’ll post it on theme page for better view, where other customers will find it easily.

Hi Pista42 is it possible to add click to call to the template ?

Hello, yeah sure. Here’s code for that:

<a href="tel:+1800015123">Call us!</a>