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I like this theme and would love to purchase but there seem to be a few features missing.

1) Footer widgets 2) Author box 3) Related post section under articles 4) Social media sharing integration in articles and social media sharing widget 5) Some sort of visual confirmation you are hovering over links, such as in the title, buttons, etc. The only links with visual confirmation that I noticed are text links in articles which remove the underline when hovered over.



1. Footer Widgets

This particular theme doesn’t really have a defined footer area. But, we can do this. It would just be something custom and require a custom design fee.

2) The author box This is something we could integrate without much issue, I will look into adding this for the next revision.

3) Related posts

This may be something I will incorporate into future revisions, but for now this can easily be accomplished by using a premade plugin.


4) Social Sharing

This may be something I will incorporate into future revisions, but for now this can easily be accomplished by using a premade plugin. Try this link http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=social+sharing there are several to choose from.

5) Visual Link Confirmations

This one I will incorporate right away , thanks for the suggestion.

Hello, love the design on this template! Quick question, what needs to be done to remove some of the blank space at the top? In the preview, there looks to be at least an inch or more of open space before the menu starts. Also, is there a way to remove the open space below the menu so that the menu is closer to the content of the site? If this would be custom work, please send me an email with what you charge per hour! Thanks much. 8-)


This would just require a couple of minor CSS tweaks, if you purchase the theme we can send you an updated version of the CSS files. Just let me know and I can tweak the spacing to your liking.

Looks great!

Are there additional front page layouts?



There are no specific front page layouts, but feel free to make suggestions.

I really like this theme. We are working on an implementation that will require a Buddypress forum. Is this theme compatible with Buddypress?


We don’t currently have any styles associated with BuddyPress. It would work but it may not look pretty. This is something I may incorporate into future versions.

statusd Purchased

hi we bought the theme and could find a way to activate the feature. the post id is set and it has to show on all pages but nothing happens. we also need to expand the navigation menu over the complete width. firbug says says ther is an menu-navigation style but in the css we don´t find. the space on top should also be a bit smaller … what can we do?


In the css/default.css look for #menu ul around line 127

menu {

width: 680px; float: right; margin: 135px 0 0 0; padding: 0; }

menu ul {

max-width: 680px; float: right; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; list-style: none; line-height: 41px; }

in #menu adjust the width and the top margin

and in #menu ul adjust the max-width.

For the header in the same file look for

/* HEADER */

header {

width: 1140px; min-height: 220px; padding: 0px 20px; position: relative; overflow: auto; }

/* LOGO */

logo {

float: left; width: 420px; height: 220px; }

logo h1 {

line-height: normal; }

logo h1 a {

display: block; padding-top: 129px; letter-spacing: -1px;

text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 38px; font-weight: normal; color: #FFFFFF;


in #header adjust the min-height

in #logo adjust the height

in #logo h1 a adjust the padding-top

statusd Purchased

thumbnails does’nt work too … ???


Can you email me the url and access to the wp-admin. I will check it out and see what’s going on.


You can use the form in our profile.

Very good but it has one problem, on mobile devices is getting cut off on the right, is there any way to make it compatible?


Thanks, I hope in a future version compatible that will make perfect, good job


Useful information: I have however solved by adding the meta tag: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=1200px , user-scalable=yes, initial-scale=0”> in header.php

tested in iphone and android is OK


Thanks for the info I will update the zip file shortly, I’m sure others will find that useful.

werbath Purchased

Just bought it and first thing I changed was the background image. But there isn´t any visible change on the frontpage? It´s still just the default background.

werbath Purchased

Perfect! I email you here! Beside this, it is a very nice template! Good work :)

werbath Purchased

Sorry for spam, but I struggle with the “featured”-function. Could you make a “easy setup”-guide? I have choosen to have alle the four featured post, and there is a possibility to choose a post id to have as featured, but how do I get post in all of the four “boxes”? :) Sorry for the language… English isn´t my thing… :)


For the features to work, basically it looks for any posts that are in the category named “Featured” or whatever category you assign to it.

So just make sure that any post that you wish to display there has the correct category.

gietz Purchased

Amazing Theme!!! I am loving working on it. I have a few things I would love some help or direction with.
1. The title of each post on the home page is getting the bottom of the text cut off.
2. How can I remove the date from showing on the Pages?
3. On my Pages with Comments turned off, can I hide “Comments Closed” fromm showing?
4. Is there add a Favicon without messing with the editor or a plugin?
Thanks so much!


You can email me the info thru our profiles contact form.


Just sent you an updated zip, let me know if that works out for you.

gietz Purchased

Your response time was incredible and your solution worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

how to got picture in featured mode? i have only the text and a blank image


Did you add them as a featured image?


how I do

sorry i click on report


When you create a new post, look on the right side of the page. There is a link to add a featured image. If that doesn’t work you can email me the wordpress login for your site and i will check it out for you.

helo i send my information by mail but nothing change i still have blank picture i featured mode!

when i using featured mode i got “Could not create the file cache directory.” what can i do?


I’m still working on it, your server configuration is a bit different than normal, so I’m having to tweak several files.

Error: Could not create cache directory.

yaaps.. me too i’am using MAMP 2 .0.5 as local server


did you add your local url here:

‘localHosts’ => array(‘wpArix.localhost’), // Additional domains to considered local


The script will only work with local images for now.


One other thing, I use WAMP for my local dev. To get the resizurr to work I had to add the wp site as a virtual site in apache, And add that pointer to my hosts file.

  1. localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
  2. localhost
  3. ::1 localhost localhost wpArix.localhost


NameVirtualHost <VirtualHost> ServerName localhost DocumentRoot “I:\wamp\www” </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost> ServerName wpArix.localhost DocumentRoot “I:\wamp\www\wpArix” </VirtualHost>

gojirade Purchased


I have my “featured” set to the “first” option to display one big article image and three smaller, this doesn’t seem to work though, its just showing one big image. I only have three total posts in the “featured” category though, does it need to be filled?


gojirade Purchased

Hmm, well it seems that I am having problems after all; i’m getting too many featured articles, http://pathfinder.io is i thought it only displayed four?

Do I need to remove articles from the featured category every four posts?


Can you open up the /functions/theme-banner.php and go down to line 108 and look for:

if ( $arixwp_featured_display == 'three' ) {
    $offset = 0;
    $show = 3;
} else {
    $offset = 1;
    $show = 3;

If that bottom show is a 4 change it to 3.

Zakhren Purchased

Hello! I purchased the theme to use on a client’s website but I’m having trouble with the featured posts at the top of the page. The thumbnail images aren’t showing.

They also aren’t displaying properly in the ‘read more’ section under single posts.

Thumbnails on the home page post feed are okay.

I sent you an email through theme forest’s messaging system but unsure if you’ve received it.

Hope you can help me out soon!

RRCRAIN Purchased

i am having the same problem where my featured images are not showing up – www.barrington2013.com


If you can pass me the wp-admin info via our profile, I can fix it for you.

Bom dia,

compramos Esse template, mas estamos tendo problemas com as imagens que deveriam aparecer no topo da pagina. Já tentei configurar o arquivo (resizurr), Já mexi nas permissões e nada.


Aguardo resposta urgente.


Você pode me dar o acesso ao wp-admin? Você pode enviá-lo para o meu e-mail através da nossa página de perfil.

Cally79 Purchased

Hi I have just purchased this theme and like it, but I cannot get the features to work on the home page. I have read your instructions in FAQ , but I dont think you have explained what to do properly. I can access the file you have mentioned and find the line ‘cacheDirLocationURL’ => ’/wp-content’ but what am I changing it to?