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Very creative work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

Great theme, I love it. Good luck!

Thank you!

Excellent work. I want to buy this theme. Just a query. Does not the menu have sub-menus?

Currently it doesn’t, we are planing to add this feature in a future update in the next couple of days.

very nice, gud luck :)

Thank you, you’re awesome!

Beautifull but why is it so slow ? is it possible to customize the blog view to grid view style pinterest?

Thank you for your interest, we’d be happy to assist you through the setup via our email: And yes we can take care of your idea through our premium support.

How do you change the hyperlink to the button on the first page. It leads you to the about us page and I would like to change it to another page. Please instruct. I have look everywhere for this one piece of code to edit and can’t find it.

Feel free to mail us via: Our folks will help you on that!

Looks great. I wish it was built on Bootstrap!

Thank you for the hint!

Sent you an email a few days ago. Did you receive it?

It must be a problem with the support, Please resend your email and Our folks will help you on that!

Hi , I have a problem , project links in work.html are not working , why would it be?

You need to upload your files to your server, it’s mentioned in the documentation :)

thank you very much

Hi, am having the same problem as killazceee, can’t get the work links to target the div like the demo shows. Can you give a quick instruction?

Thank you for choosing Babel, we are glad to have you read the documentation :) For any further requests feel free to mail us at

yeah…that’s not actually how i found it but…love the theme ;)

Awesome! we’d really appreciate a rating :)

? just bought the template but i have a question.Can i have a chance to change size of “infinitive symbol” loading animation ?

Thank you for choosing one of our templates, And yes, We’d be happy to assist you through the setup via our email:

hi, i like the theme , but there is one thing I would like to modify, how can I change the cover backgrounds to sliders ,


We can help you with that! feel free to mail us at: Thank you for choosing our template!

Is there a working demo? Account seems suspended. Thanks

Thanks for the tip.. Problem fixed!

The work section does not function at all on safari Version 7.0.6, totally breaks up, please advise.

We are issuing an update for Babel later today, we’ll keep you posted!

Hi I’m having an issue with the work/project section. even when uploading the untouched versions of the provided files to my server the project page appears misaligned and does not show the grey background as in the demo. Any ideas? Thank you

We are issuing an update for Babel later today, we’ll keep you posted!

I am also having issues with the Work Section. When uploaded to my server the projects don’t expand correctly (text and images aren’t properly aligned). The projects that contain a slider and allow you to flip through the images instead just shows all of the images one after the other.

Any input would be great.

We are issuing an update for Babel later today, we’ll keep you posted!

Thanks you! Looking forward to it.

Hi there,

I recently purchased the babel template. Could you please tell me how to change the hyperlink on the main (home) page? It always goes to «about», but I need to lead it to another site.

Thanks for helping me.

You will need to tweak the babel.js file for that

Good morning.

Yesterday I sent you a mail with a final doubt about your template, I am quite happy with it and I’ll rate * when this final question is answered.

Very grateful.

our support folks have responded back already :)

Thank you very much. Solved with your help. So happy with your template and service, thanks!