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Awesome work :)


Thank you :)

Awesome theme blacksand, glws mate! ;)


Again Thanks you much

Lovin It <3


Thank you JokerNik

congrats for you 2nd theme. another fantastic clean design.


Thank you too Designmonstr

I love this theme… I think it can capture the feel I want for my online store. Will there be a responsive version to this in the future? If so, how will the upgrade affect the use of this current theme for a store…


Unfortunately At the moment I do not have plan to make theme’s responsive version.

Hi blacksand, nice skin you’ve got. I’ve got some concerns about those ‘not nice’ thick box to show the subs, and sub subs I guess.
  • Would be posible to have ‘em in “plain” mode, just textual?
  • Another question is about the ‘related’ products, would’nt be nice to have those instead of the related category’s products, would you skin allow this>?
  • What about the logo room, is it possible to increase width and height?
  • And very last : css talking why went you for a single piece and not fort usual X repeat and Y repeat ?

King regards , hoping to hear soon from you


Hi Lorenzocoffee,

Thanks for interesting with my theme. -“thick box to show the subs” – As I understood you mean subcategory images. I love to show subcategory images if customer does not want to show images, I can delete them. -I did not understand what you mean by related products, Can you give some more information? -Maximum logo width can be 330px and max-height 75px. If customer’s logo is bigger I can make some changes and logo will fit theme. -Give some more info what you mean by “single piece and not fort”? If you mean background I loved it therefore I used it ;)


Hi, sorry for many misunderstaing, it was late. for thick I do meand the checkmark in sub sub category, Is it possible to have thes just as in plain text?

In product’s page, is it posibl to have a ‘carousel’ with Related products?

OK for logo

About bg in css my question was: would it be possible (and easy) to have the usual tile background, the ones you give the x and y command?

many many thanks



Mainly, products in same category are the related products. it is easy to change background, moreover if you face difficulties you can contact with me and I can support you. For more details information I advice you to contact with via email, send me email from my profile then we can discuss briefly.

Hi, is this template compatibile with PS 1 .4 ?


Unfortunately theme is not compatible with PS1 .4+

I have recently installed this theme on a prestashop 1.5.2, I have just started to add products but the details and prices are not showing up on the products? I have catalogue mode turned off. here is an image of this http://oi45.tinypic.com/5tyz6f.jpg



I think you problem source is language related. I added test product and it works normally. Please contact with me via email and send me required login details I will check your site.

Hi, also following the already sent email,

Inside folder named “Library” there is “theme setting module” screenshot, that one show the bg tiles selection, where shall it be located once Theme is installes?

Many thanks


“Theme setting module” is not available for theme at the moment. I forget to delete it from documentation. What is available is demo, zip package includes them.

ok, Many thanks :)

One of the Best Customer care here on Themeforest really Great. I’m really lookingforward to deal with you Again Mr. Z.H. !



Thanks for your nice words :)

I will try to help my customers to make their works easy.

I’ve bought your work and it’s very good . i nedd just 2 mod :

can i select a category in carousel home page ? can i add add to cart button for the items in home page ?

thankyou very much


If you have knowledge about coding of Prestashop, you may change it like your needs. To get more details please contact with me via email.

I have exactly the same problem like carlliver. On other languages the details and prices are not showing up on the products.

There is another problem with facebook block in the footer in IE and Chrome – Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) .


Thanks for your comment. Did you check your problem with default theme whether you have same problem or not? For details, you have to enter product details for different languages.

Can you check my demo with IE and chrome whether it has same problem or not?

Thx! It seems as if no description, then nothing is displayed, no price and no add to cart button, nothing.

Here is the demo: http://i48.tinypic.com/282jj0n.png

Hi, I checked it again and it works normally. http://i47.tinypic.com/2s1p25x.png If you have any filtration for facebook, it will not displayed. Please check your wireless. send me your URL and I will check it.

Hi, nice theme!

Which is the way to work for filtering sidebar? (colours, price range, features…)

Thanks a lot



I did not understand what you mean. But Filtering sidebar is Prestashop default module and (colors, price range, features) depends on your product details & creation of filtration. Also you may create all kind of filter for your products. Hope I answered correctly otherwise please give more information about your requirement.


Hi blacksand,

I would like to buy your theme. Before that I want to know some clarification. I want “Get A Quote” button instead of “Add to Cart” Button. Is it possible…?

Regards Jerin Nath



What functions you will need by a “get a quote” button? Does add to cart button do your job just changing word? we can hide price and customer can make order then you may contact with your customer.

Hi, If a customer click on Get a Quote button then it should go to a application form. In that customer can add details like name, mail id, phone number, description etc. After that we can contact the customer manually.


In this case you have to hire custom developer for your needs.

Another option: After adding product then customer must register by adding his/her name, mail id, phone number, description etc. to finalize order. Then you may contact with customer.

For that how much I have to pay you…? Can I redirect my customer, when they click on Get a Quote button..?


Firstly I can advice you to install prestashop theme and check “One page checkout” option whether it will useful or not.

Secondly if you want custom module I can advice you 2 modules. 1. http://goo.gl/g2sTw 2. http://goo.gl/AfrxJ

Please check that modules.