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Looks great, I like the colour and background texture. Welcome to ThemeForest!

Lush design! – Welcome Bamboo

Nice work – a little different to others here. As said previously – very lush. The icons are very good also.


love the design but the contact page seems to be broken….


Thank you! I will take into account your observation in my next templates.


Bamboo WordPress version is now available. There is a good working contact page.

Great and very well spaced layout, nice work and welcome! :)

Nice work!


would buy if it had a portfolio page


Thank you very much for your interest in my template! Unfortunately, there is no portfolio page in this template. But I will take into account this, and will include it in my next templates. Thanks again!


Bamboo WordPress version is now available. There is a nice portfolio page.

For LoewenWeb, babyboy808 and _freshface: thak you so much for your warm hospitality!

For hertzz, sticker, heavennhouse, Flash_Cart, PaulAndMissy, KChristensen and rRomila: thank you so much!

Great Design!!!.... Welcome to Themeforest…


Thank you very much, gogh!

rnewcom Purchased

Great design. Do you have a psd version that doesn’t have the layer elements flattened? It is hard to edit and make color changes because foreground and background elements are combined.


Thank you so much for the buy and for your opinion!
E-mail me please, what layers especially needed?
You can use this contact form
I think that I can help you.

rnewcom Purchased

Thanks for following up with the psd. It is much easier to edit.


You are welcome!

beautiful template. going to buy, but have one question first:

I noticed the wordpress version has a dropdown in the main nav. Can you add this to the html version?

If not, if I purchase the html version, can you send me the markup for the dropdown?

thanks Dominic

Great work


Hello Dominic!
Thank you for interest in Bamboo theme!
That’s right, there are more features in the Wordpress version, like dropdown menu, working contact-form and portfolio page.
In my to-do list – to update HTML Bamboo theme with this features, but after two weeks.
If you want to purchase now, and you need only dropdown – of course I’ll send you the markup, and I’ll help to install it.

Thanks for the quick response! Just out of curiosity, what other updates did you have planned for it? If its easier, I could just wait until your done and purchase the updated version.

Please let me know what you think.

thanks again, Dominic


I plan to update HTML Bamboo template after two weeks.
Next features will be available:
dropdown menu,
working contact-form
and portfolio page.
I think that’s all.
If you send me email, I will notify you, when the updated theme becomes available from ThemeForest.
Thank you for interest.

hi, i set up this theme into my website, can you help me remove home button or add content my main page into home button like your demo site, my site is: tienlenphat.com, there are two “home” page when enter my site


Hello! Please download new version of Bamboo theme. I made many fixes and updates. Thank you!

Monicazf Purchased

Do you have any specific instructions on setting up the contact form for the HTML version. The readme file in the JS folder is not readable. Please sent good notes on how to. THanks. Yes, I purchased the HTML after your update.


Hello Monicazf!
Thank you very much for urchasing Bamboo!
I sent you email with instructions.

libtek Purchased


Thank you for the great design. What font is used in the logo? I’d like to use that font, but was not able to change the text in the PSD . Please advise.