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Hi there, any word on when the Wordpress version of Banda should be available? Thx.

:) I thought we’d be ready by last Sunday, but something unexpected occurred. Anyway, a couple of days the most.

Same question :-)

so how can I set the counter as I want the date. for 14/02/2014? i cant register on your support page? my purchase code doesnt work…

Please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page with the purchase code, so I can check this out (you need your envato username btw when registering, don’t know if this could be the issue).

The counter is looking for your latest event, and will “countdown” to its starting date and time. Hope this makes sense.

quick question. Can I change a script to make the sticky player auto start when opening a page? Thanks


Currently no, but since it is a really popular demand, we’ll make this feature. If you’d like send me an email through the contact form (and anyone interested) to get this patch earlier than the theme release.



Hi mate,

Please send us an email through the contact form on my profile page, so we can keep track, and not forget anyone :)

is there a way to put a playlist on the bottom player?

Yes, just check the HTML of the index page, and you will see the div.gumm-audio-player-playilst, which contains the data of the playlist. By default, there is actually a playlist set to the bottom player.


Hi mate, there is no way to display a list of the tracks that are part of the bottom player playlist, if that’s your query.

Great theme!

Is the red accent color changeable?

Thank you. Yes, there is a color setting in the admin for that.

Is it possible to make the main content area have a level of transparency?


It actually has. But if you’d like to increase it, you can add something like:

.content-wrap .main-container {
    rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);

in Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Theme Skins > Edit > “Additional Inline CSS”

You can change the 0.5 value of this declaration to get the desired transparency.


I’m having trouble finding the mailer file – or whatever is needed to make the forms go to my email.

Also – having trouble having all of the countdown timers on the pages work – they all restart every time I click the page

Sorry for all the questions.

Any word on the Countdown Timer?

Also – was there supposed to be a php scrpit in this pack? IF not, can you direct me in the best place to get one, most of my templates usually have them already

Again – I am on a really tight time-constraint and this contact form is killing me. I’ve tried 10 different ways and none of them are working.

There should of really been a .php file attached to this template, as that is usually the case.

Hi again,

As stated, Banda is an HTML template, not an installable theme. It is intended for web developers to “dress up” their code with the designed template.

Adding a send functionality is not a hard thing to do. We don’t want to restrict this to send via php, as well, this is again HTML template which should be able to use with any scripting language, Python, Ruby .. whatever needed by the developer.

You just need to make the form post to a url that a script will pick up, and do the sending. I will see how I can help you in reply to your mail.

Hi there,

I’m still looking to resolve the issue in my last post. It’s kind of time-sensitive and I was hoping you could help me urgently.

Apologies for the confusion again, was thinking of the WordPress version of the template. You’d use a backend script for this.

Another problem.

Once uploaded online there are 2 major problems.

1) The countdown just straight up doesn’t stays at a static number, doesn’t countdown.

2) The sticky player doesn’t play, or even let me go to previous or next.

Both of these things work locally on my desktop.

The countdown will start counting down from the values in the HTML file. If you are using static HTML – these values would not change and on each refresh the countdown will start from the same values. You need to calculate the remaining time with a backend script again. We could not make this with javascript, as a user from Amsterdam will see different time remaining to the event than a user from London for example. Again – this is HTML static template – to be made dynamic you need to wrap the design in your backend code.

The sticky player – as long as you have your playlist set up correctly, there should be no issue. If this is working locally, and on another server it is not – I’d guess there is a javascript error somewhere. Please send me a link to the live environment so I can check this.


Hi, where do I find the playlist or media that the music player is playing so I can redirect it?


If you’re referring to the footer sticky player, you need to look in the index page html code for the

<div class="gumm-audio-player-playilst" style="display:none;">

Further below each item is declared as a div with specific tags. Just follow the structure.</div>

How do you get the countdown timer working from an event date?

The proper way is to use a backend scripting (like PHP, Ruby etc) to set the proper date for your event, and its timezone. But as in your latter comment – I’ve made modification for this to work in static HTML too.

I like the template but frustrating for you to tease with features to find out they are static with no supporting code. Kind of dishonest to me. Not cool.

Hi mate, I am real sorry for the confusion … but well, this is an HTML template with included (as stated) HTML, javascript, css and less files – again – because this is HTML template for coders to wrap up their background logic with the design.

I’ve made an extension for the countdown countdown to work even if used as static html – but this is really bad practice … users from USA will see something different from users from Europe .. anyways, please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, so I can send you the extension.

Not sure what you regard as “fake” comments section .. that there is no database connection with it, to write the comments to or?

Then if a working comments section is not part of the code package, don’t show it! Don’t show what you will not give. That is what I am saying. Nice design, none the less. Here is my hosting of it – simple but nice.

This is a site template. Template means .. well template, designed and styled HTML template. Users can extend the functionalities to their liking after that. If you need full blown backend functionalities – maybe a WordPress theme is more suitable for your needs.

As for the comments – as seen on the preview – these are not facebook comments. These are designed comments to integrate in your application after that. We cannot provide working comments, as this needs backend scripting with working database connection, creation of tables, users login and users registration … this is now WordPress-like functionality, not a template one :)

As I can see, you’ve added a different contact form, as in my previous comment, please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, so I can send you the extended fix for the contact form php script and the countdown timer working on static HTML.


The audio player at the bottom of the page updates when a different page is clicked (the audio stops). I want this to be constant and uninterrupted during a page change, how do i “float” it ontop of the website to stop this ?


You need to implement a javascript asynchronous page reload with HTML5 history API solution, so that the page does not refresh, but just the needed by you components get refreshed. Here is a bit more on that:

Im unsure how to implement this. Could you do this for a one-time charge?


Right now our hands are really full so unfortunately we won’t be able to do this customization for you.

Hi !

I want purchase your theme but in demo mode, audio player don’t work ! He have a problem ?


Thank you for noticing that. Will take a look into this, but the template uses the same javascript as the WordPress theme, so you can check the theme demo

I will fix the template demo asap.


Thank you for your reply. So you confirm if I buy the template html5 audio player works?

Yes, I will check this out, and fix it for sure if you encounter an issue.


Once editing the mobile menu, it won’t refresh to the designated page. Could you please help?


Can you please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page with a link to the site in question, so I can take a look at what’s going on.

If your working locally – please still send me the email, so I can send you a file to check if that’s the issue.


Hi there. Great template. Do you have an updated script to make the sticky player auto start when opening a page? Also, how do I make the slider on the homepage automatically slide through the images when the page is loaded? Thanks for your help!


For the slider autoplay, you can add the “data-autpplay” attribute to the slider container like so:


As for the footer player autoplay – please send us an email through the contact form on my profile page, so I can send you a modified javascript file, where you’d be able to use:


to enable autoplay, and


to enable autoplay of next track.



What is the easiest way to add/change the social media icons? (the ones at the botton of the page)

Thanks in advance!


Never mind about this question. I figured it out :)

Great :) Let us know if we can help with something out.