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Good Luck with the sales

excellent work,good luck:)

Great work mate., :D

Random Questions, But what brand are the watches in this template?

The Author helped me installing the file via FTP and the site work amazingly well, very professional 5* from me.

Can i add more than one banner to the home page slides if yes how?

Yes You can, in editor in admin panel.

admin panel is big using which all options pls guide

r u interested to help me till now u have clarified my question

Is this wordpress? It’s not installing. Where is the zip file to upload? Help??!!

Hi it is a nice template but can you remove the top bar menus and place the categories to the left hand side on all pages ?

this is my website


i am trying to change footer link and also i want to link it to specific page ie one.php but dont know how to do it. I found tht some variables are used there instead of direct hyper-link

So pls help me to change the footer ink

Pls help me with this its very important

I hope I helped ;)

Hi, I noticed while in Firefox, the slider does not completely load until you refresh the page. Is there a fix to this? I want to buy it, but not with the issue.

Hello, wanted to know the information to send my FTP info for installation and configuration.

Thanks – B

Just confirming this theme is for osCommerce? Because in the footer of the Live Demo there is a link “Powered by Zen Cart”.

Hello? In sub page, there is an error on menu script. Long sub category is blocked.


Please mouse over on Rings. Only can be shown 2 category. How can I fix it? Thank you.

Does it work without a database? i want one that works only with a domain and hosting, i’m new to this.

Hi there, is the theme being updated with new releases? Is it compatible with oSC 2.3.4 ? Does the main menu support drop downs?

I have purchased this theme and emailed the author for free installation but have recieved no response. Please help!

Hi before I purchase, I too would like to know if the template is compatible with OSC 2.3.4, Thank you