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Thanks @olivah but I solved this problem :)

Right now my problem is with Internet Explorer, has solved some issues, but my client continues to claim that the site gives problems when used with Internet Explorer.

For those who have poblemas with Internet Explorer, use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/respondjs/ solves most problems, but apparently not all.

Since the creator of this theme should have gone on vacation :) let help eachothers ;)

olivah Purchased

@empresa87 – Have you noticed that the colours are downgraded and look really awful in IE9 ? and the Social buttons don’t roll-over in IE either. They’re just static and only change colour.

Can you share it if you found a way to solve these issues.

How about displaying the theme on mobile devices? Have you noticed that the login pre-header is automatically released?

@olivah – Yes, I’m having the same issues.

Yes, if I find some solution I share here. I advise that all other buyers to do the same, since it is the only way to get help.

In mobile devices devices I do not have the same problem. In my case the main color theme becomes black.

To the creator of this theme: When I bought this theme, I read that it was compatible with IE, but it seems not. So what happens when we buy something and not working properly? and there is nobody trying to help resolve the situation? Think about it! Please respond to these problems!


olivah Purchased

Hi, Does anybody know the hex value for the colours used in this theme? The orange in particular


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How do I switch off / remove the recaptcha form on the contact page?

Great theme BTW :)

@empresa87 i am having problems too.. should we report this Seller to ThemeForest??? How it is possible that we don’t get any help??? :(

How can i take off the site “Download the 30-Day Free Trial Version of Bapia Framework” ? Anybody Please???

I alreay solved the other stuffs.. but i cannot make work the contact form or Newsletter… any idea?? already customized some stuffs but nothing happens, like if no “function” exist…. Pleaaasee HELP !!!!!! :’(

olivah Purchased

The capcha doesn’t show when I install the theme on WP 3 .4.2 Is anybody experiencing this issue? Have you solved it?

@ olivah… i had several problems with contact form and Newsletter form, but as empresa87 told me, i had to uninstall everything from the server, and install again Wordpress trough the CMS server installer… Now everything is working just find. I never knew what happened really…

btw this support sucks… only users are helping each other..

olivah Purchased

Thanks nicolecurione. The support has been awful. Maybe the creator of the theme is dead or is taking the longest holiday ever.

I’m trying to add Google analytic code to the source code but I can’t find the HTML all I see and can edit is PHP . Anybody knows where the HTML code is stored on WP?

olivah Purchased

Never mind, I’ve found the file I was looking for. If anyone else is looking for the html for the theme, it’s all stored in header.php

Hi, To add Google analytic code, no need to directly edit the header.php file, simply enter the menu “ST Bapia” – “general settings” and add the code in “Tracking Code” should work fine ;)

Does anyone know the size the images need to be for the “meet the team” page?

Support is terrible. If I would have known how terrible the support was, I would have never bought this theme.

olivah Purchased

@empresa87 yeah I figured that out later after I edited the php file.

@gemini5designs to fit exactly the sizes need to be 130×130 pixels. The outer white/grey are built-in

If you recently purchased this theme and are not satisfied with the Support and the rest of the problems, contact the ThemeForest, explain the situation, it may be that they understand and return the money. We bought something that does not match the description.

Unfortunately, I found the most problems after submitting the site to my client. Now it’s too late for me, but you guys can try to speak with ThemeForest.

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Hi there…

How to add some alt tag information into the flexslider ? it shows some alt tag alt=”” but only empty tag… But´ll need to fill in some information ´bout these pictures which i used inside that flexslider :)

Plz give me some advise and sry bout my lame english knowledge ;)

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Hello, nice theme. How can I change the height of my flex slider? thank you.

aritzbm Purchased

nevermind. just changed the size of the images.

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Hello i have problem with the encoding of the contact form . When i receive the message in english Character it works fine but in arabic Character it shows the message like this : ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???

i checked the encoding of the blog it was “utf-8” and this one should work fine with arabic but it doesn’t work

so please tell how to solve this problem

thank you